"Heroes of Mata Nui... brothers... it is time you knew the truth -- you are not the first Toa!"
Turaga Vakama

Skabelon:Comic Secrets and Shadows is the fifteenth comic in the BIONICLE series. It was part of the November/December 2003 LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary[]

After the discovery of Metru Nui, Kopaka, Tahu, and Gali (along with Nokama) say their goodbyes and remember their memories of Mata Nui.

Meanwhile Turaga Vakama tells Takanuva and Jaller the tale of the conflict between the Toa Nuva and the Rahkshi Kaita, as an example of why one should not judge an enemy's power by appearance.


Kopaka, Lewa, and Tahu are chasing the Rahkshi when they encounter a part of Le-Wahi devastated by some unknown power. They then find two Matoran whose masks have been infected. After trapping the Matoran in an ice wall for the moment, the Toa find a Shadow Kraata, which infected the Matoran's masks. Lewa exerts his power on it, but the Toa realize some other enemy felled the trees, so they give chase. As they search for the enemy, Tahu becomes angry and Kopaka becomes intimidated, until Lewa realizes their mysterious enemies are the Rahkshi Kaita. One of them creates a tornado and pushes Tahu and Kopaka out of the way, and the other starts to drain Lewa of his energy. Kopaka manages to make mirrors of ice at the last moment, which reflects the Kaita's attack at the other Kaita. The Toa then retreat to find their fellow Toa Nuva. Before they leave, Tahu brings the mountaintop down on the Kaita.

Present Time[]

The Turaga then gather the Toa Nuva to tell them the secrets of Metru Nui, explaining the importance of the past and that they had intended to tell the tales earlier. Vakama then reveals to the Toa Nuva that they were not the first Toa.


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