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Fil:BH GBA Select Screen.PNG

The Level Select screen

The game begins as the Piraka face the Toa Inika. While at first the Toa are winning, the Piraka knock their masks off, defeating them and scattering the masks all over the island. A Matoran, having witnessed the events, runs off into a cave, and trips on a rock, causing him to fall into a pool of Energized Protodermis. He emerges, now transformed into a silver Matoran, and finds and dons a Kanohi Hau, transforming him into Toa Mata Tahu. He then frees a Matoran and travels all around Voya Nui, freeing Matoran, finding masks, and defeating Piraka. He eventually reaches the Temple of Light, where he faces Vezon and Fenrakk. The Toa triumphs, and the Matoran in the temple celebrate.

Toa Powers[]

  • Fire - The special ability of Toa of Fire is three fire blasts.
  • Water - The special ability of Toa of Water is a stream of water.
  • Earth - The special ability of Toa of Earth is an exploding sphere of earth. The earth sphere flies toward the closest enemy when upgraded.
  • Stone - The special ability of Toa of Stone is two diagonal rocks that ricochet off of objects or walls. The ability can eventually be upgraded to 4 rocks.
  • Air - The special ability of Toa of Air is a powerful stream of lightning that is attracted to the closest enemy.
  • Ice - The special ability of Toa of Ice is a dart of ice that can freeze enemies.


There are six different zones on Voya Nui which the player has to pass in order to get to the next zone. Each zone is made up of three sub-zones. First are Progress Levels, adventure-like zones in which the player must journey through the zone and defeat enemies along the way. The second sub-zone, officially known as an Arena Level, is a chamber where enemies appear. The final sub-zone is the level's boss. In the case of the Lake of Lava zone, there is a fourth sub-zone, the Temple of Light, where the player must fight and defeat Vezon.

The Ring of Ice[]

This is the territory of Thok. The enemies are Bohrok, Nui-Rama, and Rahkshi. All enemies must be defeated and all Matoran rescued in order to move on. Then, the Hau Nuva can be acquired. After defeating Thok, the Kaukau is collected. Also, after getting the Akaku Nuva, a player can return with Kopaka to get the Iden. Levels:

  • Ring of Ice
  • Mountain Stronghold
  • Thok's Cavern

Desert of Sorrows[]

This is Reidak's domain. This level is played through as Toa Mata Gali, with the Kaukau Nuva being obtained after defeating all enemies and saving all Matoran. After getting the Pakari Nuva, a player can revisit with Onua to get the Kadin. Levels:

  • Desert of Sorrows
  • Chamber of Truth
  • Reidak's Outpost

Voya Nui Bay[]

Fil:BH GBA Vezok defeated.png

Vezok defeated by Hahli

This water area is controlled by Vezok. As Toa Mata Onua, the player must defeat Visorak and other spiteful creatures to advance. Here, the Pakari Nuva can be found. Later, with Gali Nuva, the player can come back to acquire the Elda.

The Green Belt[]

Zaktan's domain. Using Pohatu, the player must defeat many Rahi to continue and find the Kakama Nuva. Later, the player can choose to return with Lewa to get the Suletu. Levels:

  • The Green Belt
  • Sky Fortress
  • Zaktan's Temple

Nui Caves[]

These underground caves are controlled by Avak. Playing as Lewa, the player must travel through numerous tunnels to finish the level and find the Miru Nuva. After getting the Kakama Nuva, the Sanok may be obtained by returning as Pohatu Nuva. Levels:

  • Nui Caves
  • Cavern of Records
  • Avak's Throne

Lake of Lava[]

Hakann's territory. The player controls Toa Mata Kopaka on his way to Mount Valmai and the Shrine of Hakann, where they will battle the last Piraka. After this, they will face Vezon himself in the Temple of Light. The Akaku Nuva can be found here. After getting the Hau Nuva, the player can return to take hold of the Calix. Levels:

  • Lake of Lava
  • Mt. Valmai
  • Shrine of Hakann
  • Temple of light


Enemy Description
Fil:BH Brown Bohrok.png Bohrok - The weakest enemies along with Visorak. They roll around and shoot at the Toa. The three types, in order of difficulty, are Pahrak, Gahlok-Kal, and a brown and lime green Bohrok.
Fil:BH Black and Brown Visorak.png Visorak - The weakest enemies along with Bohrok. They jump from the ceiling and attack the Toa. They can also dodge attacks and pounce. There are three types: Oohnorak, a blue-green and gray Visorak, and a brown and lime green Visorak.
Fil:BH GBA Nui-Rama BrownBlack.png Nui-Rama - Weak enemies. They fly around the screen. The three types are brown and black, light blue, and green and red. They are the enemies in the Rank 1 Minigame, and can shoot downwards and swoop.
Fil:BH Dark brown rahkshi.png Rahkshi - Somewhat strong enemies. The advanced types (lime green and red) can deflect attacks. The three types are Panrahk, Guurahk, and a red and lime green Rahkshi resembling Turahk.
Fil:BH black and brown Vahki.png Vahki - Stronger enemies than Rahkshi. They can generate shields. There are three types, each more difficult than the other: Zadakh, Bordakh, and Nuurakh.
Fil:BH GBA Bahrag Brown.png Bahrag - The strongest enemies. They can teleport, and the two latter types can turn intangible, the first only intangible occasionally, and the second always intangible unless attacking or when on the rainbow circle in the Temple of Light. The three types are brown, brown and green, and blue.
Fil:BH GBA Nektann.png Nektann - Somewhat weak enemies. They stay in one place and shoot at the Toa.
Fil:BH GBA Mounted Zamor Launcher.png Mounted Zamor Launchers - Weaker versions of Nektann. Commonly found on the track platforms.
Fil:BH GBA Mobile Zamor Tank.png Mobile Zamor Tank - A large, four-legged Zamor Tank. Slowly walks around and shoots at the Toa.


Boss Description
Fil:BH GBA Thok.png Thok - Thok first stands on platforms above summoning devices. After the platforms are destroyed, he shoots at the Toa and tries to freeze him/her while summoning enemies.
Fil:BH GBA Reidak.png Reidak - Reidak fights normally, shooting three consecutive drill blasts and summoning enemies, but cannot be harmed by any normal means. Instead, the four crystals in the room must be destroyed.
Fil:BH GBA Vezok.png Vezok - In the beginning of the battle, Vezok will emerge from a pool of water and shoot at the Toa, fleeing back into the water whenever he is damaged. After a long duration, he loses his energy blast attack, but gains a water disc and does not flee as quickly. Also, he gains the ability to heal himself by a small amount.
Fil:BH GBA Zaktan.png Zaktan - Zaktan has the ability to split into two, but the duplicate can be defeated in one shot.
BH GBA Avak Avak - Avak can fire an exploding energy blast, summon enemies, and eventually jump into the background, where he controls 3 Nektann.
BH GBA Hakann Hakann - The beginning of Hakann's battle is like that of Thok's, but this time has 4 platforms instead of 3. Also, his energy blasts explode, like Avak. He then comes down to face the Toa, teleporting and shooting multi-directional fire blasts.
Fil:BH GBA Vezon.png Vezon and Fenrakk - Vezon can change his color to match an element of one of the Piraka, and does so 3 times during the battle. With elements, he has the special ability of one of the Piraka (Freezing for white, four energy crystals for black, healing for blue, duplication for green, controlling Nektann for brown, and multi-directional fire blasts for red). After his health is depleted, Fenrakk will eat him, and the player must fight him. Fenrakk has the ability to teleport and charge at the Toa, but can be defeated in a few hits.


When the player gains their rank at the end of the game, they will get a reward for rank four and up.

  • Rank 4: Guardian - The Toa, reverted to their Toa Mata forms, must fight waves of enemies that increase in difficulty as the player progresses, gaining two lives every five waves. If the player is hit, they lose a life. Every ten waves, the music will change.
  • Rank 3: Protector - The player must play a pong-like game where there are always three bricks blocking the way. If one wins seven times, the count is reset.
  • Rank 2: Vindicator - The player must play a game where they must break all of the bricks with a ball.
  • Rank 1: Champion - A game is played where Jaller must defeat waves of Nui-Rama.


If all letters are collected on each zone, a word can be completed that will unlock various bonuses.

Fil:VoyaLetter T.pngFil:VoyaLetter O.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.png (Toa): Paints the current Toa gold.

Fil:VoyaLetter V.pngFil:VoyaLetter O.pngFil:VoyaLetter X.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.png (Voxa): Unlocks the Music of the Game.

Fil:VoyaLetter K.pngFil:VoyaLetter R.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.pngFil:VoyaLetter N.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.png (Krana): Unlocks a New Mask and a Sombrero Hat.

Fil:VoyaLetter P.pngFil:VoyaLetter I.pngFil:VoyaLetter R.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.pngFil:VoyaLetter K.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.png (Piraka): Changes Toa Weapon to a "Cluck Gun".

Fil:VoyaLetter M.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.pngFil:VoyaLetter T.pngFil:VoyaLetter O.pngFil:VoyaLetter R.pngFil:VoyaLetter A.pngFil:VoyaLetter N.png (Matoran): Makes Toa invulnerable.

Fil:VoyaLetter B.pngFil:VoyaLetter I.pngFil:VoyaLetter O.pngFil:VoyaLetter N.pngFil:VoyaLetter I.pngFil:VoyaLetter C.pngFil:VoyaLetter L.pngFil:VoyaLetter E.png (BIONICLE): Makes Toa able to defeat most enemies in one shot (exceptions are Thok, Reidak, Avak, Hakann, and Vezon).

Differences between Game Boy Advance version and Console version[]

In the Game Boy Advance version, the player begins as the Toa Mata, eventually upgrading into the Toa Nuva. Additionally, the player can return to a completed level to find the Toa Inika's Kanohi and play as them. Unlike the console version, there is no Hero Mode, and all Toa can create objects instead of just Hewkii. The Toa still have special abilities, but they are not needed to complete the game.

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