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Bohrok-skjolde (eng. Bohrok shields) er redskaber båret af af Bohrokerne. Hvert medlem af Bohrok-sværmene bærer et par racespecifikke skjolde gennem hvilke den kan kanalisere sine kræfter. Bohrok Shields are tools wielded by the Bohrok. Each member of the Bohrok swarms wields a pair of breed-specific shields through which it can channel its powers.[1][2] The shields may also be used defensively or for melee combat.Skabelon:CN

Liste over skjolde[]

Name Picture User Function
Fire Shield Fil:Set Fire Shield.PNG Tahnok Melt any substance on the island of Mata Nui[3]
Water Shield Fil:Set Water Shield.PNG Gahlok Draw water from any source and then redirect it at a target[4]
Acid Shield Fil:Acid Shield.png Lehvak Secrete a special acid that could eat through any substance on Mata Nui in a matter of seconds[5]
Stone Shield Fil:Set Stone Shield.PNG Pahrak Generate seismic energy strong enough to cause stone to crumble[6]
Earth Shield Fil:Set Earth Shield.PNG Nuhvok Weaken a structure from below, causing it to tumble down[7]
Ice Shield Fil:Ice Shield.png Kohrak Freeze anything, including open rock or open flames[8]

Example Usage[]

In Skabelon:ComicLink, a swarm of Tahnok used their Fire Shields to melt handholds into the wall of Tiro Canyon so they could climb out of it.

Set Information[]

The six Bohrok sets released in 2002 each contain a pair of Bohrok Shields. Each shield is composed of a single LEGO element.


  • According to the non-canonical The Coming of the Bohrok booklet included with BIONICLE: Bohrok Swarm, the shields of the Nuhvok and Lehvak are known as Hammer Shields and Crushing Shields, respectively.


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