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"I have uprooted mountains, Toa. I have ridden the tornado and filled the earthquake with fear. When you were still toiling at your mundane Matoran chores, I and others like me were holding your universe together. Do you really believe your puny powers can threaten a member of the Order of Mata Nui?"
— Brutaka to Toa Inika Hewkii, Power Play

Skabelon:OrderofMataNui Brutaka is a giant warrior and member of the Order of Mata Nui. After the Great Cataclysm, he lost his faith in Mata Nui, but regained his sense of justice after being sent to the Pit.


Early life[]

Brutaka originally resided on his homeland with the rest of his kind, where he was considered a prominent figure. He later served as a lieutenant and soldier within the ranks of the Brotherhood of Makuta, though grew weary of the regimented lifestyle and left. He was then recruited into the Order of Mata Nui with a reputation of being a warrior-scholar, known for his abilities in both analysis and sword-fighting. After a series of adventures, including teleporting a Tahtorak from its home island to the city of Metru Nui for his own amusement, Brutaka was teamed with his friend, a powerful and famous warrior named Axonn. The two were posted near the village of Voya Nui to serve as the Kanohi Ignika's first line of defense. At the same time, they also secretly protected the region's Matoran.[1]

Voya Nui[]

Brutaka and Axonn survived the Great Cataclysm and the resulting earthquake that tore Voya Nui and the surrounding area from the Southern Continent and sent it rocketing up to the surface of the planet. Brutaka was shaken by the event and believed that the Great Spirit Mata Nui had either died or else abandoned the universe. Axonn argued that Mata Nui had only lapsed into a coma and would make all things right when he reawakened, and Brutaka continued to perform his duties, though he remained convinced that Mata Nui was no longer protecting them.[2]

Fil:Comic Brutaka's Power Returned.png

Brutaka regains the power that Hakann and Thok stole from him

When six Skakdi calling themselves Piraka came to Voya Nui in search of the Ignika, Brutaka aided them, dispatching the Toa Nuva and the Voya Nui Resistance Team with a single blow from his Rotating Blades and fighting Axonn. He found that he could increase his own power by absorbing Antidermis, a mysterious substance the Piraka brought with them, and made a deal with their leader for access to it. He also harbored desires to claim the Ignika for himself.[2] During a battle with the newly created Toa Inika, however, two of the Piraka, Hakann and Thok, stole Brutaka's powers with a Zamor Sphere that contained a portion of Vezok's ability to absorb a foe's powers. When confronted by the two, Brutaka was forced to divulge the location of the 777 Stairs.[3]

Fil:Comic Brutaka and Axonn with Antidermis Vat.png

Axonn and Brutaka fight near the Antidermis vat

Brutaka's powers were returned after another special Zamor Sphere hit Hakann and Thok. Upon reviving, Brutaka engaged Axonn in combat. During the fierce battle, Brutaka summoned an interdimensional portal to teleport Axonn to the Field of Shadows. Shocked by the extent of his friend's disillusionment, Axonn flew into a rage, defeating Brutaka and knocking him unconscious. At that moment, Botar appeared, taking the defeated Brutaka to the Pit despite Axonn's protests.[4]

The Pit[]

Brutaka awoke in the Pit, and was confronted by the Barraki, who forced him to realize that he had been mutated by the Pit Mutagen and could breathe underwater. Upon hearing of the Ignika's appearance in the Pit from the Barraki, Brutaka formed an alliance with the warlords and demanded to be taken to the Ignika. The Barraki led him to Dekar, who was in possession of the mask. Brutaka cited his prior membership in the Order in an attempt to convince the Matoran to give him the mask, but as neither he nor the Barraki had ever heard of the organization, he was not believed. Kalmah then had one of his Giant Squids drag Brutaka away.[5]

Fil:Promo Art Brutaka with Magma.PNG

Promotional artwork of Brutaka

Brutaka eventually killed the squid, and swam off.[6] Due to the mutagen, his transformation accelerated and his physical appearance was altered. He found Teridax, the Makuta of Metru Nui, in the body of the robot Maxilos, attempting to recreate the Nui Stone with the Staff of Artakha. Recognizing a similarity between the Makuta's actions and his own, Brutaka intervened, attacking Teridax and snatching the staff. He then called on Botar, who teleported into the ocean and took the staff, staying briefly to express his gratitude.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Ordering Matoro to return to the other Toa Mahri, Brutaka began a fight with the Makuta and drove him to a stalemate. He ended the battle by informing his foe that the Ignika was in the hands of Hydraxon's replica. Forced to break off the engagement by this news, Teridax left, and warned Brutaka that their fight was not over.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Return to the Order[]

The Order of Mata Nui rescued Brutaka from the Pit and gave him a Breathing Helmet so he could survive on land again. He was also declared a probationary member of the Order.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Soon afterwards, Brutaka went to Metru Nui with Helryx and Krakua, where he shrunk a sundial and gave it to Krakua, who in turn gave it to Takanuva. He then captured the Dark Hunter Dweller, and brought him to Helryx, who later had him transported to Daxia. He also attempted to use his Olmak to send Takanuva to Karda Nui, after Takanuva was told that Brutaka would be working with the Toa Mahri to protect Metru Nui in his absence.[7] However, slight damage to the mask from the Pit resulted in Takanuva being sent to another dimension instead.[8] Soon afterwards, Helryx approached him with a new proposal, one with the potential to restore his status in the Order.

Mission to Rescue Miserix[]

As the Order of Mata Nui began to openly engage the Brotherhood of Makuta in combat, they turned to Brutaka to lead a team in what could potentially be a suicide mission against the Brotherhood; to rescue their former leader, Miserix. The team consisted of the insane Skakdi clone Vezon, the treacherous Vortixx Roodaka, the rogue Makuta Spiriah, the Dark Hunter Lariska and the Barraki Carapar and Takadox. The team headed to one of the southern island chains, where they were to attempt to find Miserix.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Lariska traveled behind the group, and was not introduced to them.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

When the team traveled to Stelt to purchase a boat for their travels, Brutaka bluffed a trader using Roodaka as payment, due the people of his homeland wanting her because of her involvement in Sidorak's death. Before he handed her over, he told Vezon to attack the trader on the head so it would look like there was a fight. However, Brutaka then knocked the trader unconscious and had Takadox hypnotize the beings on the ship and have them jump overboard so they could steal the ship.Skabelon:OnlineCitation He also sent a message to Lariska, ordering her to make contact with Ehlek's species.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

After Brutaka told the team where they were heading, a Zyglak fleet appeared under Spiriah's command, with the Makuta using his weather control power to hold the ship in place. Spiriah explained that he was taking the ship to Zakaz, so he could exact revenge on the Skakdi.Skabelon:OnlineCitation For three days, Spiriah acted as captain and gave harsh orders to Brutaka, who made no attempt to stop him. As the Zyglak armada was about to attack Zakaz, they were ambushed by Ehlek's species and the fleet was destroyed. Brutaka then attacked Spiriah, knocking him down, and revealed Lariska to the rest of the team. Brutaka regained command, and they continued on their journey.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Later, they arrived at Tren Krom's Island, where weapons had been stored by Botar and Trinuma. After Brutaka had distributed the weapons, the group was attacked and Brutaka taken by the legendary entity Tren Krom.Skabelon:OnlineCitation After failing to learn of the current status of the universe from Brutaka's well shielded mind, Tren Krom turned his attention to Lariska, probing her mind with more successful results. Disgusted with the state of the universe, Tren Krom killed Carapar, discarded Brutaka, and permitted the team to escape.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Before arriving on Artidax, Lariska expressed concern for Takadox, but Brutaka brushed it aside as nothing. When they arrived, Brutaka and Spiriah disembarked first, the latter setting off a trap sensitive to Makuta, and was almost taken underground and suffocated by the living sand. Brutaka, unable to pull him free, had Roodaka launch a Rhotuka at the sand, transforming it into Fireflyers. Spiriah attempted to leave, but Brutaka convinced him that if he stuck to the mission and they succeeded, Spiriah stood a chance to gain ultimate power as leader of whatever remained of the Brotherhood. Lariska later approached Brutaka, knowing that his claim was a lie, but Brutaka insisted it was the only way to distract him from the fact that he might perish in the course of the mission. The team continued on, with Spiriah walking ahead to set off any more traps, thus protecting the others. When he nearly stepped on a vine and set off a trap, Brutaka was stopped by Vezon, and they entered the only passageway through the island. Upon entering the tunnel, Brutaka realized that Takadox was missing, only to find the treacherous Barraki severing the vine rigged to set off a cascade of boulders, trapping the others inside the tunnel.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

After the team recovered, Brutaka convinced them to continue instead of trying to free themselves. On the way through, Brutaka explained a little of the history of Artidax, how it is normally a raging volcano, but Tahu and Kopaka had since quelled it, as part of their own mission. After leading the team across a bridge, Roodaka questioned Brutaka's motives in wanting Miserix. Brutaka explained that his employers needed him as a tool to use against the Brotherhood. Ignoring Vezon's ramblings at first, Brutaka eventually noticed that thousands of insects had gathered in the chamber the were in, penning them off from escaping or going forward.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Brutaka intimidated Spiriah to try and control the insects, but the Makuta failed in his attempts, revealing a much more powerful will than his own behind the insects. Roodaka used her Rhotuka to escape the chamber, mutating the insects so they fought amongst each other, creating a large opening which the team rushed through, into Miserix's chamber.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Brutaka approached Miserix with the intention of freeing him. Vezon interrupted, but was blasted with Heat Vision by an annoyed Miserix. The former leader of the Brotherhood absorbed Spiriah, and was convinced to go with Lariska pointed out that the chains holding Miserix used his own power to contain him, and Brutaka ordered them to be broken. Upon finding the weak link, Brutaka and Roodaka fired at it until one of the chains broke, causing the Klakk to attack the team. Brutaka parried the streams of sound they created, until Miserix freed himself from the other chains and unleashed a power scream upon the Klakk, knocking them, along with Lariska and Vezon, unconscious. Brutaka denied Miserix the knowledge that he wanted, and instead requested for the former leader to shrink to an appropriate size. Amused, Miserix broke the side of the volcano so that he could escape, and keep his size. After Roodaka failed to convince Miserix to be her ally, Brutaka loaded the rest of his team onto Miserix, who had since sprouted wings, and had them exit the chamber, flying north.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Miserix took them all to Daxia, and Brutaka was told by Helryx that the Order was coming out of hiding. He soon after passed this message on to Axonn after he had been brought to Daxia as well.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

War against the Brotherhood[]

Brutaka accompanied Axonn to the island of Zakaz, hoping to make an alliance with one of its warlords, Nektann. He and Axonn were confronted by an army of Skakdi warriors, and were soon backed into a corner. Though Brutaka found amusement in the battle, his former partner did not, and Brutaka soon dragged them both out of their hiding place, seemingly to surrender.Skabelon:OnlineCitation When they were taken to see Nektann, the pair convinced him to ally with them against the Brotherhood of Makuta. They then left to convince the other warlords to align themselves with their cause.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Successfully organizing a troop of Skakdi to attack an army of Rahkshi on a southern island, Brutaka and Axonn then headed towards a location on the island where the Makuta were created, which turned out to be a large pool of greenish-black substance. While discussing the destruction of the pool, the pool exploded, blinding the two warriors, and causing them to stumble into it.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Brutaka was heavily affected by the Antidermis. His power increased to a massive degree, and his mind was linked to the essence. He pulled Axonn out and began muttering about Spherus Magna and the Shattering.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Soon, he used his Kanohi Olmak to transport Axonn and himself to the Core Processor alongside the Toa Hagah, Miserix, Zaktan, Helryx, and Keetongu. The latter two had just exited from a portal themselves, though Brutaka denied having anything to do with it, instead stating it was the doing of another Kanohi Olmak. Makuta Teridax's voice then resounded from around the room, and he shot a bolt of energy at Brutaka, destroying his mask, and seemingly killed Zaktan.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Teridax caused an increasingly loud hum, which Brutaka stopped by striking at the machinery in the room. Miserix then tried to destroy the machinery, but Brutaka blasted him back and explained that they were within the mind of Mata Nui. Miserix tried to attack again, but Teridax immobilized him by turning him into a picture. Soon after, he banished Brutaka, Axonn, and Keetongu to the southern edge of the universe.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Teridax's Reign[]

Brutaka met up with Axonn, and they returned to the Core Processor using Brutaka's new teleportation power.[9] There, Tren Krom, in the body of Lewa Nuva, was beginning to manipulate some machinery in order to send a message to Mata Nui. Brutaka warned Helryx and the other beings in the chamber that Tren Krom should fulfill his mission, as the Matoran Universe had to live so it could help a far away world. Helryx, Miserix, and Axonn argued against him, believing Teridax should be stopped. As Tuyet and Tren Krom joined Brutaka, he threatened to kill the others should they attempt to destroy the universe.Skabelon:OnlineCitation In the ensuing fight, Brutaka combated Axonn, but the chaos was soon stopped by Artakha as he teleported into the room.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Artakha returned Tren Krom to his island, and spoke with Helryx before being stopped by Teridax, who transported them all into space.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Spherus Magna[]

Lewa grabbed onto Brutaka so he would be teleported too. After the group considered their various options, Vezon appeared and transported the entire group into Bota Magna, in the cell of the Great Being who had touched the Ignika.Skabelon:OnlineCitation The Great Being bid them free him, and the group immediately began arguing over whether or not to do so.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

When Mata Nui reformed Spherus Magna, he used the Ignika to cure Brutaka's mutations and render him amphibious.[10][11]

Velika rigged the fortress to explode and destroy everyone within.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Brutaka and the other biomechanical beings managed to escape the fortress.[12] Unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.[13]

Alternate Universes[]

The Kingdom Alternate Universe[]

In this alternate timeline, Brutaka survived the destruction of the Matoran Universe, and emigrated to the Kingdom of the Great Spirit. Takanuva later sought him out to re-attempt his journey.Skabelon:OnlineCitation However, he instead ended up in yet another alternate universe.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Toa Empire Alternate Universe[]

In another alternate universe, Mata Nui never fell asleep, and thus Brutaka never lost his faith in him.Skabelon:CN However, while on Voya Nui, Brutaka was confronted by Toa Bomonga, Gaaki, and Pouks. While he was distracted by Gaaki and Pouks, Bomonga struck Brutaka in the back and killed him. His Olmak and Rotating Blades were then taken and stored in the Coliseum.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Abilities and Traits[]

Brutaka possesses immense strength and power equal to that of all the Piraka combined, being able to incapacitate six Toa and six Matoran with one swing of his weapon.[2] Brutaka's mind is shielded against all forms of telepathy and mental assaults through rigorous training with the Order. Reputed as a scholar, Brutaka is very intelligent, and has powerful analytical insight. This reasoning ability led to his belief that the Great Spirit had abandoned them, though he has since changed his views.

Brutaka has multiple powers, including being able to emit raw energy, either from his blades or his hands.Skabelon:OnlineCitation He can also dissipate stasis fields.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

A natural ability of his species is a slight resistance to the Pit Mutagen.Skabelon:OnlineCitation[5] After being exposed to the Mutagen, Brutaka gained the ability to breathe water instead of air.[5] After a period of time, sprouted a large dorsal fin on his back, as well as growing spikes all over his armor.Skabelon:OnlineCitation His fin and spikes were lost when Mata Nui reversed his mutations, and he has now become amphibious.[10]

Another trait of his entire species is the effect of Antidermis, which strengthens them. Since absorbing a large amount of the substance originally used to create the Makuta, Brutaka's armor has cracked in various places, with enlarged muscle breaking through at some parts. He refers to himself as "we," having a mind link with the substance, and a green aura of energy now surrounds him. He can also levitate with this power.Skabelon:OnlineCitation He has gained several abilities of the Makuta with this new power as well, such as teleportation[9] and worldy knowledge, such as how to create Rahi.[14]

Mask and Tools[]

Brutaka wore a Kanohi Olmak, a Mask of Dimensional Gates. The mask allowed him to open portals to other dimensions and places. The portals could stay active even if Brutaka was unconscious, and would only disappear once someone or something passed through them.[4] During his time in the Pit, the mutagen damaged his mask, making it harder to control. It was later shattered by Makuta Teridax.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Brutaka also possesses two Rotating Blades, swords that produce a powerful electric current if someone other than him tries to hold them. These were given to him as a gift by Axonn. Additionally, two Protosteel throwing knives are attached to his mechanical arms.[15]Skabelon:OnlineCitation

After his mutation, Brutaka had to wear a Breathing Helmet to survive on land.Skabelon:OnlineCitation It was fitted over his mask, but later covered his face after his Kanohi Olmak was destroyed by Teridax.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Now rendered amphibious by Mata Nui, he no longer requires the helmet.[10]

Set Information[]

Fil:Set Brutaka.PNG

The Brutaka set

Brutaka was released in mid-2006 as a large boxed set. He contained 193 pieces. He and the other 2006 Titans were the first to utilize the new shin braces, using the new ball-joints and a piston for added support. Brutaka's parts could be combined with those of Axonn to build Botar, whose instructions could be found on The pieces from Brutaka, Axonn, and Vezon & Fenrakk could also combine into the Kardas Dragon using either the instructions on or those packaged with the parts of the three in a special edition Vezon & Kardas set available only at Target or a LEGO store.


"My name is Brutaka — I know that has no meaning for you. But, at one time, it meant a great deal ... to myself, to my homeland, even to an axe-wielding comrade I called friend."
— Brutaka to Hakann, Dark Destiny

"I fell a long way from the light, and I can never find my way back. But the darkness is not so complete that I can't recognize a monster when I see one."
— Brutaka to Teridax, Into the Darkness

"Meet Brutaka, an Order of Mata Nui member with a somewhat less than sterling record."
— Helryx, Swamp of Secrets

Animation Brutaka

Brutaka in the 2006 Titan Commercial

"You can walk out, Roodaka, under your own power, and carry out a mission for some friends of mine, or I can carry you out, plant you in a hole outside, and we'll see if anything grows."
— Brutaka, Federation of Fear

"Excuse me, oh brutal, blade-wielding, lover of gardening."
— Vezon, Federation of Fear

"Knock on the front door. Great strategy. I think all that time in Mahri Nui left you with a waterlogged brain."
— Axonn to Brutaka, Destiny War


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