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LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One is a Netflix animated series developed by Canadian studio, VOLTA, that depicts the 2016 BIONICLE storyline.


"The new storyline takes place on the mythical island of Okoto, where the forces of darkness are on the move and the evil Makuta is working to cast the world into darkness. The desperate island inhabitants enlist six heroes - called the Toa - to help save their beloved island. Only when the heroes are united, will they be able to battle the forces of evil, defeat Makuta and save Okoto."
— Official synopsis


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Season Episodes Originally aired
1 3 March 4, 2016
2 2 July 29, 2016

Prologue: The Legend Begins[]

Narmoto tells some young Okotans the story of Makuta's Betrayal, the arrival of the Toa, the reawakening of Ekimu, and the defeat of Kulta This episode is a quick recap of the 2015 Online Animations.

Episode 1: Quest for Unity[]

The episode begins with Melum fleeing across the Region of Ice using his elemental powers to get away from Umarak. Just as Melum disappears, Umarak orders two Shadow Traps to capture a creature by the end of the day as Makuta ordered. The scene changes to the City of the Mask Makers, where Ekimu is telling the Toa of their mission still to come. The Toa, seeing visions of the Elemental Creatures, set out to find the Creatures. Although the Toa and the Creatures initially conflict, the Toa learn that to achieve their mission, they must make peace with their Creatures. Umarak the Hunter captures Uxar and manages to unite with him, but before he can learn the location of Makuta's the Mask of Control, Lewa saves the Creature and defeats Umarak. The Toa journey to their Temples, retrieve the Golden Masks of Unity, and unite with the Creatures who show them the location of the Labyrinth of Control.

Episode 2: Trials of the Toa[]

Unified both with their Creatures and with each other, the Toa set out for the Labyrinth of Control. On their way, they are attacked by Umarak who discovers Pohatu’s refusal to cooperate with Ketar, the Creature of Stone. The Toa were disrupted by Umarak on their path to the Labyrinth which is situated on an island off the coast of Okoto. After a race to the island, the Toa journey to the center of the maze where they use the Elemental Creatures to gain access to the chamber where the Mask of Control resides. Pohatu hesitates to unite with Ketar, allowing Umarak to attack, force Ketar to unite with him, and access the Mask of Control's chamber. The Hunter steals the Mask of Control and escapes. Pohatu makes up to Ketar and the Toa swear to recover the Mask. At the same time, Umarak replaces his mask with the Mask of Control, inadvertently letting Makuta take control over him, transforming Umarak into his Destroyer.

Episode 3: Destroyer's Game[]

As the Destroyer, Umarak is ordered by Makuta to gather the pieces of the Mask of Ultimate Power. Umarak uses his new powers to turn his Shadow Traps into Elemental Beasts. After the Toa discover a decimated village in the Region of Jungle, they quickly travel to the City of the Mask Makers and find Ekimu in his forge, only to discover that Ekimu already knows of what has happened. The Shadow Horde then assaults the city. Due to the beasts' unique powers and their ability to regenerate, the Toa are clueless at first in how to defeat them. Tahu's mask is then stolen. As they recover it, the Toa discover that the weakness of the Horde is to break their individual masks and use that information against the beasts. Splitting into groups, they begin to push back Makuta's forces. In the midst of the battle, Onua slips away to find Ekimu, who briefs Onua about the imminent freedom of Makuta and summons Agil, the Creature of Light. As Onua goes to inform the other Toa, Ekimu summons the power of the Temple of Light which lies beneath the city and transforms into a light-bearing figure resembling a Toa. As the Toa beat back a wave of the Elemental Beasts, Onua arrives to inform them of Ekimu's news. Leaving the Elemental Creatures and Okotans to defend the city, they race to the site of Makuta's disappearance, which they learn from Agil is the spot where Umarak plans to free Makuta from the Shadow Realm. However, Umarak has already arrived at the Black Crater and begun to summon a portal...

Episode 4: The Dark Portal[]

On their way to the Region of Stone wherein lies the Black Crater, Ekimu tells the Toa of the story of Makuta's betrayal, the forging of the Mask of Ultimate Power, Makuta's unveiling of the mask in the Capital City, the final battle of the mask makers, and the Great Cataclysm which pulled both the Capital City and Makuta into the Shadow Realm. The Toa battle waves of the Shadow Horde, but eventually make it to the top where Umarak has already begun using the shards of the Mask of Ultimate Power to open the portal to the Shadow Realm. Umarak temporarily traps the six Toa with shadow powers, but Ekimu weakens Umarak by combining with Agil and unleashing a blast of light. Ekimu is then returned to his normal form and Agil disappears. Gali makes a break for one of the mask shards, but her spirit is seized by the energies of the Dark Portal and she is drawn into the Shadow Realm. The Toa continue to fight Umarak who destroys their weapons and reveals that, now that he has absorbed Ekimu's light powers, he can now complete the portal. The Toa continue to fight him, but Umarak des Gali, meanwhile, finds herself wandering the Capital City in the Shadow Realm, watching Makuta gloat to his minions. She finds the Prophecy of Heroes which shows her the means of defeating Makuta once and for all. As Makuta sacrifices Umarak to complete his portal, Gali escapes the Shadow Realm. She reveals to the Toa that they are the source of the elements. She says that, to defeat Makuta, they must combine their elements, even if it means they must return to the stars from whence they came. The Toa agree that the sacrifice is too important not to make, and after a brief struggle, they send Makuta back to the Shadow Realm even as they are sent back to the stars.

Later, Izotor tells the legend of the Toa and the defeat of Umarak and Makuta to the Okotans and states that the Toa will return to protect them once more should the need arise.


Actor Role(s)
Nolan Balzer Tahu
Paolo Bryant Pohatu
Jacqui Fox Gali
Quinn Greene Kivoda[1]
Geoff Hughes Lewa
William Jordan Ekimu / Onua / Makuta / Narmoto / Izotor
Michael Strickland Umarak
Corny Rempel Kopaka/Narrator[2]


Fil:Labyrinth Entrance Concept Art.jpg

Concept art of the Toa entering the Labyrinth of Control

The series was first announced at the end of 2015 as part of an upcoming slate of children-oriented television programming for the video streaming service Netflix, with a projected release date of early 2016.[3] The January-February release of the LEGO Club Magazine claimed a release window of February, 2016, consisting of four episodes.[4] However, the release date was finalized as March 4th for the premiere.[5]

Matt Betteker, one of the artists for BIONICLE, did concept work for the series.[6] The episodes were produced by Canadian studio VOLTA.[7]


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