"No one, not even the legendary Manas crab, has ever been able to break those bonds."
Karzahni to Toa Lesovikk, Dreams of Destruction


Fil:Flaming Chains Set.PNG

The Flaming Chains in set form

Fil:Set Karzahni Battles Sarda and Idris.png

Karzahni using a chain to capture Idris

The Flaming Chains were Karzahni's tools and his preferred weapon. They are lengths of chain that burn with such intensity that they can continue to burn if taken underwater. They are also strong enough to restrain even a Manas. In addition to being used in melee combat, Karzahni could also channel the powers of his Kanohi Olisi through the chains.

Toa Lesovikk broke one of the chains in a fight with Karzahni, and the other was taken from him when he was captured by the Order of Mata Nui.

Example Usage[]

Karzahni used the Flaming Chains to trap Toa Lesovikk in Dreams of Destruction.

Set Information[]

The Flaming Chains were released in the Karzahni set in 2007. Each individual chain used nine of the set's 372 total pieces.

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