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The original Flame Sword

The Flame Sword is a weapon used by the Glatorian Ackar.

After an attack on Tajun by Bone Hunters and Skrall, Mata Nui repaired[1] and enhanced the Flame Sword using the power of the Kanohi Ignika, granting Ackar the ability to channel his new Fire powers through it.

Example Usage[]

In A Hero Reborn, Ackar used the Flame Sword to parry a blow from Kiina during a practice arena match.

Set Information[]

The Flame Sword was included in the Ackar set of 2009. It consists of three pieces: a silver hilt, a translucent orange flame piece, and a red connector.


  • A sword of the same design was commissioned for Ackar, and was inscribed with his name on it. This sword was stolen by Malum, who kept it after his exile. The sword was eventually stolen from him by the Bone Hunters and sold to the Skrall, who briefly kept it in Roxtus, until it was recovered by Gresh and Strakk.

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  1. The Legend Reborn, p. 59.