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Glatorian Product Commercial[Videos] is a partly CGI-animated video advertising the Glatorian sets of 2009.

Plot Summary[]

The narrator begins by asking "Ready to rumble?" as the Glatorian and BIONICLE logo appear on the screen. The camera moves on to an animated Gresh, with the Arena Magna in the background, as he splits his shield. It pans to a tangible Malum, and a hand from off screen lifts his Flame Claw. Following Malum are quick shots of Strakk, a Vorox, and Tarix.

The camera then moves on to the Arena Magna, with a non-animated Skrall and Gresh facing each other. Gresh's Thornax Launcher gets loaded, and somebody shoots it. Someone else moves the Skrall so the Thornax is deflected by its shield. Someone then builds Atakus in front of the Skrall as the Skrall shoots a Thornax. When the camera returns to Gresh, Tarduk is seen in front of him. As the Thornax shot by the Skrall bounces off Tarduk, Gresh shoots a Thornax, which bounces off a stone and hits the Skrall on the back. Then a CGI Gresh is seen receiving applauses, as the narrator says "That's round one to Gresh". Finally, the six Glatorian and Agori canisters are seen with the Arena Magna, and as the Glatorian BIONICLE logo appears on the screen, a Skrall smashes it with his fist.


  • Legal issues forced the web team to remove the movie from the website. It was, however, still available on the Hungarian version of the website, but it was removed when the site was updated to promote the Glatorian Legends.
  • Like in the Glatorian Mini Movie, the end of the video shows the Skrall smashing the Glatorian logo with a mistakenly black hand. The set in question has red ones.

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