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Denne artikel omhandler Glatorian Arena. Måske leder du efter Glatorian Arena 2 or Glatorian Arena 3.

Skabelon:SemiCanon Skabelon:Online/VideoGame Glatorian Arena, or GA, is a 3D online fighting game released on February 25, 2009, produced by Serious Games Interactive. As of March 11, the game was made available for download on The web-based version requires the Unity3D plugin, a third-party software item which can be downloaded from a link on A new version of the game, Glatorian Arena 2, was released on September 16, 2009 utilizing characters that appear in mid-2009 sets.


Navigation Area[]

The area where the player starts off is the main navigation area. Here, the player is allowed to choose and upgrade the select Glatorian, view his status for each character, see his awards list, or go to one of the three other areas. The areas where the player can upgrade are Strength, Toughness, Agility, and Mind.

  • Strength increases power.
  • Toughness increases attack resistance.
  • Agility increases the parry and healing ability.
  • Mind decreases time needed to charge the Thornax, and increases its power.

Challenge Game[]

Fil:Glatorian Arena Tarix vs. Gresh.png

An arena match between Tarix and Gresh

The core gameplay is one-on-one, 3D, hand-to-hand combat fighting in the Arena Magna during the Great Tournament. In order to win the fight, the player must reduce the opponent's health to zero. The health gear will shift to a lower number if the health bar is completely depleted. In each match three Thornax can be fired. After matches, a statistics sheet is displayed detailing the Glatorian's gains and a match summary.

There are five different Glatorian Leagues - Rookie, Veteran, Copper, Silver, and Golden. The player has to work through each, battling tougher opponents, until finally, he has become the Glatorian champion. Each of these leagues can be played with the different characters, and progress is tracked individually for each one. The player starts out as Gresh and after completing leagues, more characters are unlocked. Each character has his own unique fighting style.


  • X - Light attack which is quick but deals little damage.
  • C - Heavy attack which is powerful but requires a few seconds.
  • V - Thornax, which is the most powerful attack depending on how much it is charged. The charge is represented by a blue meter.
  • Space Bar - Parrying and healing.

Spikeball Game[]

There is an additional "Spikeball" game in which the player, as Gresh, is paired with a likeness of the Glatorian and faces off against two Skrall. The goal of the game is to get the ball in the other team's goal to score a point. The matches are one minute long.


  • X - Pass the ball and switch player.
  • Space Bar - Shoot and steal the ball, which initiates a tug-of-war like game. Repeatedly pressing space until the bar reaches green will allow the player to possess the ball. However, if it reaches red, the ball is lost to the Skrall.

The Outskirt Area[]

The player can also travel to the outside of the arena to talk with several Agori. The only Agori the player can initially talk to are Raanu, Atakus, Tarduk, Berix, Metus, and a Zesk. There are a selection of topics that the player can choose from to discuss with each Agori, save for the antisocial Zesk, who wishes to be left alone. The mouse is used to navigate the area.


Fil:GA Gresh.png

Gresh victorious

  • Gresh is the default character.
  • Tarix is unlocked after the Rookie league.
  • Malum is unlocked after the Veteran league.
  • Strakk is unlocked after the Copper league.
  • Vorox is unlocked after the Silver league.
  • Skrall is unlocked after the Golden league.

Awards and Medals[]

The game features 45 different achievements to earn. Below is a list of the achievements.

  • Brawler - Winning a Challenge fight.
  • Street Fighter! - Winning ten Challenge fights.
  • Melee Master! - Winning twenty-five Challenge fights.
  • Spiker! - Winning a Spikeball match.
  • Blaster! - Winning five Spikeball matches.
  • Master Spikeballer! - Winning ten Spikeball matches.
  • Chatterbox - Having talked to all Agori.
  • Scholar - Having exhausted all topics with all Agori.
  • Medal of Exploration - Having talked to three Agori.
  • Punching Bag - Losing ten Challenge fights.
  • Jabberwocky - Hitting with twenty light attacks in one fight.
  • Heavy Handed - Hitting with ten heavy attacks in one fight.
  • Blaster's Badge - Hitting with three Thornax attacks in one fight.
  • Sniper - Focusing on Mind and Agility.
  • Tanker! - Focusing on Strength and Toughness.
  • Destructor - Focusing on Strength and Mind.
  • Defender - Focusing on Agility and Toughness.
  • Bulldog - Focusing on Toughness and Mind.
  • Medal of Heroism - Taking severe damage and still win a fight.
  • Medal of Honor - Completing all head-to-head fights.
  • Legion of Merit - Having won five other awards.
  • Medal of Resilience - Winning a fight without losing heath.
  • Medal of Power - Taking down an opponent with five hits.
  • Medal of Resistance - Winning a spikeball match without opponent scoring.
  • Rookie - Completing the Rookie League.
  • Veteran - Completing the Veteran League.
  • Captain - Completing the Copper League.
  • Master! - Completing the Silver League.
  • Champion! - Completing the Golden League.
  • Elemental Destructor - Beating the same opponent three times.
  • Dehydrator - Beating Tarix ten times across all leagues.
  • Jungle Shredder - Beating Gresh ten times across all leagues.
  • Fire Extinguisher - Beating Malum ten times across all leagues.
  • Ice Breaker - Beating Strakk ten times across all leagues.
  • Molder of Clay - Beating Vorox ten times across all leagues.
  • Rock Smasher - Beating Skrall ten times across all leagues.
  • Skrall's Bane - Defeating Skrall in single combat.
  • Medal of Faith - Spending fifteen points on Mind.
  • Medal of Hardness - Spending fifteen points on Toughness.
  • Medal of Nimbleness - Spending fifteen points on Agility.
  • Medal of Titan's Strength - Spending fifteen points on Strength.
  • Mentalist - Spending twenty-five points on Mind.
  • Ninja! - Spending twenty-five points on Agility.
  • Pain Dealer - Spending twenty-five points on Strength.
  • Unbreakable - Spending twenty-five points on Toughness.


The player may enter the B.I.O. Code of any Glatorian into the activation area, and the player will unlock that character for play. Gresh's code, however, unlocks Malum as they have the same B.I.O. code.


Fil:GA Gresh vs. Skrall.png

A promotional image of Gresh fighting a Skrall

  • A teaser of the game was released on after it updated on January 6, 2009. The movie begins by showing a few images of Gresh waiting to head out into the arena. A gateway opens, and Gresh proceeds forwards. He is seen fighting a Skrall, who then slices the camera and the movie shifts to a shot of the game's logo.
  • Two demo versions of the game were released at the International Toy Fair 2009 and LEGO World.
  • Due to the Legion of Merit award, it is not possible to have five awards, as one directly skips to six awards.
  • A downloadable version was available on for both PC & Mac.
  • The Spikeball game in Glatorian Arena can only be played as Gresh.
  • The original game was also posted on along to promote the Glatorian Legends.

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