Dette tilfælde af Skabelon:IKSK er ikke konfigureret korrekt. Kig venligst på dokumentationen for instrukser. Skabelon:EraG1 Skabelon:SemiCanon Skabelon:Tool The Griffin Gauntlet was a tool manufactured on Xia.


After the Great Disruption, Miserix came across a prophecy which predicted a faction probably as powerful as the Brotherhood of Makuta. To keep the other Makuta from focusing on the probable battle, Miserix kept the prophecy secret and designed a weapon which he kept inside Knowledge Crystals, and asked Toa Hagah Gaaki to take it to Xia for manufacturing in return for ten vials of Energized Protodermis. The manufacturing of the weapon, however, was postponed after Miserix was overthrown by Teridax shortly afterwards.

Tens of thousands of years later, Gaaki discovered a laboratory in a ruined factory on Xia, and found herself where she had been sent to by Miserix so long ago. The Toa, who had just fought against the Tahtorak and Kanohi Dragon, along with her comrades, discovered ten sets of gauntlets with blue talons, though they did not take them.

Iruini later found the initial plans for the weapon, and was astonished when he found the tool could be used to fight against as powerful a foe as a Makuta.


The gauntlet works by having the wielder of the weapon making physical contact with the enemy. When they do, the talons create a matrix, encasing the enemy in a ring of crystal-like Protodermis. The crystals will then increase the pressure of the ring and crush the enemy.


  • The Griffin Gauntlet was created by BZPower member Toa of Kenn in the BZPower Storyline and Theories Contest #4: Xian Weapons! contest, in which the entry placed first in the Description category and was canonized. Book author Greg Farshtey has stated that only the functionality of the gauntlet is canon; the weapon's storyline aspect has been retained in the article solely to show the entry in its entirety.

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