"Who am I to deny fame and glory, even if I do not last to see it?"
— Hafu, Mata Nui Online Game

Status Diminished
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Hafu is a proud Po-Matoran native to Metru Nui, renowned for his carving skills.


Metru Nui[]

Hafu initially lived in Metru Nui, and was a carver in the district of Po-Metru.

At one point, Hafu saw his fellow Po-Matoran Ahkmou speaking with two beings he could not recognize - one really huge being and a being on four legs. After the Toa Metru Onewa arrived in Po-Metru in search for Ahkmou, Hafu commented how Ahkmou had been falling behind in his work and kept talking about a secret that would make him the most famous Carver in Po-Metru. He then directed the Toa to the warehouse where Hafu had last seen his fellow carver.[1][OTMMPCD]

Some time after the destruction of the Morbuzakh, Hafu was summoned to the Coliseum along with the rest of Metru Nui's population. Upon arrival, however, he and his compatriots were sealed inside Matoran Sphere by the Vahki, and put into a deep sleep prior to the Great Cataclysm. Some time later, they were rescued by the Toa Metru, who took them to the island of Mata Nui and awakened them, becoming Turaga, only to discover the Matoran had lost their memories and had had their forms diminished.

Mata Nui[]

In the beginning years of the Dark Time, Hafu worked for the construction of Po-Koro, under Turaga Onewa, using recycled pieces from Airships which had been used by the Toa to transport the Matoran to Mata Nui.[2] On Mata Nui he was renowned as a master carver in his village of Po-Koro - a fact he rarely passed up the opportunity to flaunt. Hafu also gave carving lessons to anyone who wanted his services.

At one point, Hafu replaced his Kanohi Rau with a Ruru.

Onewa assigned Hafu to be a member of the Chronicler's Company because he felt his talents would be ill-suited for the expected attacks on Po-Koro. Hafu helped by clearing an avalanche that had blocked the path with Taipu, and created a giant statue of himself in its place. He also participated in the Battle for Kini-Nui, defending it from Rahi. The temple was besieged by great numbers of Rahi and Hafu and the other Matoran were nearly overcome when reinforcements from the villages arrived and saved them.

During the Bohrok Invasion, Hafu's village was attacked by swarms of Tahnok. With limited options, Turaga Onewa grimly noted that the only way to protect Po-Koro's gate was by toppling the statues flanking its entrance. Appalled, Hafu refused to destroy his beloved creations, but Onewa pointed out that there was no alternative. Eager to help his friend, Huki went to prepare a military escort for Hafu, leaving the despondent carver with his thoughts.

Mere moments later, a lookout from the Po-Koro Guard shouted that the Tahnok had pulled a sneak attack, and were already at the gate. Before the swarm could break through the barricade, Hafu selflessly intervened, sacrificing his beloved statues to protect his people from the marauders ... and leaving him trapped outside, at the mercy of the Bohrok. Fortunately, he was saved by Pohatu just before he was hit by a Krana, and with Huki's help the two were able to return to safety inside the village walls. Despite his personal sacrifice, more swarms came and Hafu was forced to evacuate to Ga-Koro with the other Po-Matoran. After the Pahrak swarms attacking the floating village cornered the Matoran in Ga-Koro, Hafu made a final stand along with all the other Matoran present, before the Bahrag were defeated by the Toa Mata. He later left the water village to return to Po-Koro. After the Bohrok-Kal crisis, Hafu was rebuilt into a form similar to the one he had on Metru Nui, with the other Matoran.

Fil:MoL Hafu.PNG

Hafu in Mask of Light

To celebrate the new period of peace, the Turaga of Mata Nui decided to hold an island-wide Kolhii Tournament. As Po-Koro's Kolhii team, Hafu and the newly-renamed Hewkii reached the Championship in Ta-Koro, ultimately taking second place to Ga-Koro's team. Only minutes later, Hafu bore witness to a far more momentous event: The revelation of the Avohkii. He was still in Ta-Koro the following day, when three Rahkshi attacked the village and tore it apart in search for the mask. Hafu later evacuated with the other Matoran before the destroyed Ta-Koro sank beneath the lava. After the defeat of Makuta Teridax sometime later, Hafu helped in the construction of Boats, so that he and the rest of Mata Nui's population could return to Metru Nui.

Upon returning, the carver helped reconstruct the part of the city that had been damaged as a result of the Great Cataclysm. He temporarily stopped his work of reconstruction on order of Jaller, to pressure the Turaga into revealing where the Toa Nuva had gone, but he eventually returned to work.

Teridax's Reign[]

When Makuta took over the Matoran Universe, Hafu and the rest of the Po-Matoran were ordered by their new "Turaga," Ahkmou, to create statues for the Makuta. Macku later sent him a coded signal, guiding him to an unguarded entrance to the Archives. There, he, Macku, and Kapura made their way into a subterranean chamber, where they met Toa Tuyet. The Toa of Water showed them the Nui Stone and began to describe a plan that could help overthrow Teridax, despite Hafu's suspicions of her. They encountered Toa Lewa in the Archives, unaware that he was possessed by the mind of Tren Krom. Hafu sensed something odd about the Toa's behavior, but did not mention it. They traveled to the surface, and were told to go to the Coliseum, where "Lewa" desired to send a message to Mata Nui. Hafu questioned the possibility of it, and was not assuaged by the answer Tren Krom gave them. When they reached the Coliseum they traveled beneath it, to the chamber that formerly housed Mata Nui's spirit. They encountered Helryx, who warned them to go and make peace with their friends and their lives. Hafu attempted to argue, but was stopped by Kapura. They were soon joined by Brutaka, Axonn, and a freed Miserix. A disagreement arose as to whether or not Teridax should be allowed to live, and Hafu and Kapura watched as they divided into sides. As the battle began, Artakha quickly appeared and halted it. Scolding the group, he informed Tren Krom that his mission was successful and it was no longer necessary to keep Lewa's body. Tren Krom willingly agreed and the two minds were restored. Teridax demanded that the assembled party leave the chamber, and the nine beings were teleported into space as the Matoran Universe continued its journey to Bara Magna.

Spherus Magna[]

Lewa managed to create air bubbles around the party's heads (except for Miserix), and before Artakha could create a portal, the whole group was dragged through a portal by Vezon to a tower on Bota Magna. They were greeted by a Great Being who had been cursed and maddened by the Kanohi Ignika.Skabelon:OnlineCitation He bid the assembled beings free him, and they began arguing over whether or not to do so.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Outside, Velika rigged the fortress to explode and destroy everyone within.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Hafu and the other biomechanical beings managed to escape the fortress.[3] Unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.[4]

Abilities and Traits[]

Hafu is very proud, and often boasts of his many achievements to anyone who comes by. However, he does have tremendous talent as a carver, and his artwork is hailed by others to be some of the greatest in existence. Hafu is also a prankster who enjoys sending others to look for plants, animals, and treasures which don't truly exist.

He is rumored to have amazing disk-throwing skill, throwing disks so they return to him like a boomerang. He is also an excellent Kolhii player, and so eventually became the defender for the Po-Koro team.

Like all Po-Matoran, Hafu is comparatively stronger than Matoran of other elements.

Set Information[]

Fil:Set Hafu.png

Hafu in the 8546 Power Pack


The 8585 Hafu set

8546 Power Pack containing Hafu was first released in 2001, consisting of eight pieces. 8585 Hafu was also released in 2003, consisting of twenty-five pieces, as one of the six small sets, which that year were the Matoran of Mata Nui in their rebuilt bodies.


"Another Hafu original!"
— Hafu, Mata Nui Online Game

"This is a place of beauty, and also of sadness... there is no greater craftsman than Mata Nui!"
— Hafu, Mata Nui Online Game

"By Pohatu! Horrid stuff, water. I wouldn't swim in it if Makuta himself were at my back, and I don't know how besides!"
— Hafu, Mata Nui Online Game

"Like the statues of Po-Koro I stand! I am not as stout as Taipu, perhaps, but far more clever!"
— Hafu, Mata Nui Online Game

"Unfair! Impossible! Unbelievable! It was all Hewkii's fault!"
— Hafu, on losing a Kolhii game to Ga-Koro, The Final Chronicle


Fil:BH Hafus Mask.png

Hafu's Ruru in BIONICLE Heroes

  • In the Mata Nui Online Game, Hafu and Taipu had their Kanohi switched. This caused confusion, as Hafu wore a Ruru in CGI images, but a Pakari in the game. He still had his Kanohi switched in the Bohrok Online Animations and the Bohrok-Kal Online Animations. The error was eventually fixed in the Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, with both Matoran wearing their respective Kanohi.
  • Hafu's Ruru also appears as a collectible in the console versions of BIONICLE Heroes. Its description states that Hafu did previously wear a Pakari as seen in the Mata Nui Online Game and Bohrok Online Animations, and explains that he switched to a Ruru after the Pakari was damaged. Though the game itself is non-canon, the information for the collectibles in BIONICLE Heroes is canon-accurate, so the veracity of the information it gives regarding Hafu's mask is potentially ambiguous.


Fil:MNOLG Matoran Hafu.png

Hafu as he appeared in the Mata Nui Online Game

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