"Written upon these walls and tablets are the great Prophecies. To understand even a fraction of what they speak takes years of mediation and patient decryption."
Jaa, Mata Nui Online Game



The interior of the Sanctum

The Sanctum was a building where the Wall of Prophecy was kept, and thus was among the most significant landmarks in Ko-Koro. Here, Ko-Matoran took part in the Seeking, studying and translating of the prophecies on the Wall in an attempt to understand them and discern the future.


Nuju stayed at the Sanctum most of the time, with Matoro more often than not by his side. The Sanctum was guarded by Talvi and Pakastaa. On his journey around Mata Nui, Takua traveled to the Sanctum to speak with Nuju. However, Nuju's translator, Matoro, was unavailable to translate Nuju's words, and so Takua was redirected to the Drifts if he wished to find him.

The Sanctum was eventually destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms.

Wall of Prophecy[]

The Wall of Prophecy was a massive wall of ice within the Sanctum, where many prophecies were recorded and stored. The Wall took up the entire building. Most Ko-Matoran here took part in the Seeking, utlizing the Wall. It was later destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms.


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