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Skabelon:Society The Prophecy of Heroes was an oration whispered from the body of Ekimu after he was knocked unconscious during his battle with Makuta. Intended to be recited at the Temple of Time, the prophecy foretold the coming of six Toa, who would find their Golden Masks of Power and defeat the evil threatening the island of Okoto.

When the Skull Spider threat appeared, the Protectors traveled to the Temple of Time, their sacred retreat, and performed the invocation, sending their prayers to the stars. As a result, the six Toa descended from the sky and landed on Okoto. The full prophecy was recorded both in the Capital City and the Temple of Light, depicting the events of Makuta's Betrayal leading up to his eventual defeat.

Fil:Protectors Recite Prophecy of Heroes Animation.png

The Protectors reciting the Prophecy of Heroes

Protectors' Incantation[]

When times are dark and all hope seems lost, the Protectors must unite, one from each tribe. Evoke the power of past and future, and look to the skies for an answer. When the stars align, six comets will bring timeless heroes to claim the Masks of Power and find the Mask Maker. United, the elements hold the power to defeat evil. United, but not one.

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