Skabelon:EraG2 Skabelon:Location The Capital City was the former capital of Okoto. It was drawn to the Shadow Realm, leaving behind the Black Crater.


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The Capital City in the Shadow Realm

The Capital City of Okoto was once located in the Region of Stone, and included a museum that held a collection of several ancient Masks of Power. Makuta traveled to the Capital City to display his newest creation, the Mask of Ultimate Power. Ekimu realized what would happen, and followed Makuta to the Capital City to stop him. When the mask exploded, it created a rift that drew the Capital City, and Makuta with it, into the Shadow Realm, leaving behind the Black Crater.

One thousand years later, Umarak united the shards of the Mask of Ultimate Power, creating a portal to the Shadow Realm. Gali's spirit was drawn through the portal, where she witnessed Makuta addressing his minions in preparation for his escape. She located a carving of the Prophecy of Heroes and learned how to defeat Makuta. When the portal was opened, Gali escaped, and joined the other Toa to close the portal and seal Makuta in the Shadow Realm.


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