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The Fire Tribe is one of the many tribes on Spherus Magna.


The Fire Tribe was one of several tribes previously located on Spherus Magna, residing in the Great Barren. The Fire Tribe had a trade agreement with the Iron Tribe and would forge weapons from metal mined by the Iron Tribe and send the weapons back to the Iron Tribe. After the plague decimated most of the Iron Tribe, the Fire Tribe, like the others, shunned the survivors for fear of them being carriers. Later, in need of assistance in governing the villagers, the Great Beings created the Element Lords, and tasked them with maintaining order. The Element Lord of Fire took control of the Fire Tribe.

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The Fire Tribe capturing the Energized Protodermis Spring

After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Element Lord of Fire ordered the warriors of the tribe to battle other tribes for control of it. The Fire Tribe was able to take control of the Energized Protodermis spring long enough to begin extracting it. However, their rampant efforts worsened the effects of the substance on the planet, causing it to break apart in an event later called the Shattering. Afterwards, the Element Lord of Fire was trapped, leaving the Fire Tribe devoid of leadership. The Fire Tribe that remained on Bara Magna eventually joined the developing social system in order to prevent another global war.

An Agori of the Fire Tribe, Raanu, was eventually elected as leader of the tribe. The Second Glatorian of the village, Malum, broke an arena rule, and was exiled from the tribe. Raanu acquired two rookie Glatorian from Metus, and began training them to fight.

The Bone Hunters made plans to raid the village of Vulcanus, home of the Fire Tribe; plans that were discovered by Gelu. Gelu informed Raanu, who eventually decided to stay behind and fight, and the villagers began fortifying Vulcanus. The two rookie Glatorian were sent to Tajun to acquire help, but Bone Hunters killed the pair. When the Bone Hunters attempted to infiltrate the village, the Fire Agori unleashed their traps, and drove the Hunters off. Fero, leader of the band, attempted to attack the village again with his Hunters, but was driven off by Glatorian reinforcements.

The Fire Tribe later relocated to the Agori Mega-Village after the defeat of the Skrall and Bone Hunters. Before Mata Nui took control of the Prototype Robot, the villagers moved out.

They are currently residing on the newly reformed Spherus Magna.

Known Members[]


  • Raanu - The elected leader of the tribe
  • Crotesius - A vehicle pilot in Arena Matches
  • Kyry - An enthusiastic and dutiful Agori
  • Hero Agori - A roaming Agori
  • The former leader of the village, who was slain by Vorox[1]
  • Two Agori whose transport Gresh and Gelu repaired and escorted through a pass occupied by Vorox
  • Several Agori whom Kiina taught how to shoot Thornax Launchers
  • A chef at the Vulcanus inn
  • Various Agori who helped fortify Vulcanus against the Bone Hunters


  • Ackar - The Prime Glatorian of Vulcanus
  • Perditus - A vehicle combat Glatorian who pilots his Thornatus V9
  • Malum (exiled) - The Second Glatorian, exiled from the tribe after violating arena code
  • A warrior who became the Element Lord of Fire (transformed; no longer affiliated with the tribe)
  • At least one Great Being[2]
  • Two trainee Glatorian (deceased) - Sent by Raanu to bring a message to Tajun, and killed by Bone Hunters
  • A warrior (deceased) - Chosen by the Great Beings to serve as initial pilot of the Great Spirit Robot in the Core Processor; later perished


Raanu, leader of the tribe, frequently emphasizes the welfare of his villagers over claiming resources. Fire Tribe members are also very skilled at repairing broken weapons and equipment. Their population was second in size only to the Rock Tribe.


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