"Now what. Do you kill us?"
"Where is the fun in that, says I? Alive, you can fill the air with the music of your screams. Dead, you are just silent meat."
Zaktan and Irnakk, Inferno


Irnakk is a monstrous figure in Skakdi mythology.


The Irnakk creature was conceived by the Skakdi rulers of Zakaz. In contrast with the way Turaga would tell Matoran stories of Toa to give them hope, the Skakdi rulers created the legend of Irnakk to fill their subjects with terror. In the tales, Irnakk would come and destroy entire towns before moving on.

Voya Nui[]

When the Piraka went down a staircase to the Kanohi Ignika, they entered a chamber that pulled their worst nightmares from the minds and made them real, creating a physical Irnakk. After descending the staircase leading to the Mask of Life, Hakann was struck with one of Irnakk's Zamor Spheres, causing him to lose control of his heat power. When the others encountered Irnakk, they attempted to flee. Before they could, Irnakk hit all but Zaktan with Zamor Spheres, causing their worst fears to come to life. While the others were occupied, Irnakk absorbed Zaktan into his mind. Irnakk told Zaktan that he was lucky to be on the titan's mind, for if he chose to think about something else, Zaktan would not even exist as a thought. While inside the terror's mind, the green Piraka learned that Irnakk was an illusion made by the Ignika. He also learned that as long as his fear existed, Irnakk would exist.

Moments later, Irnakk dispelled Zaktan from his mind. Zaktan then proclaimed that he would destroy himself as well as the other Piraka to end their fear, the process destroying Irnakk. Irnakk laughed, believing the Piraka feared death as much as they feared him; Zaktan responded that the horrors he had experienced during his time with the Dark Hunters had changed him, claiming to be the embodiment of fear himself. Irnakk was impressed with his use of fear as a weapon, admitting he had begun to fear death because of it. Irnakk then disappeared from view, allowing the Piraka to pass.

Abilities and Traits[]


Promotional art of Irnakk

Irnakk's vision power can remove a physical being from the world and make it an object of pure thought within the mind of the nightmarish being. There is little chance of survival once part of his sick, twisted thoughts and madness. If one were to survive and regain their physical being again (at Irnakk's will), they would retain very little sanity, due to the torment of Irnakk's mind.

Another of Irnakk's abilities causes the target's worst fear to manifest itself in reality.


Irnakk has a Zamor Launcher adorned with Skakdi skulls, and his body can hold extra Zamor Spheres. He can contain his fear-conjuring ability in a Zamor Sphere, and launch it at his targets.

Set Information[]

Irnakk was released as a set exclusive to Wal*Mart stores. The set contained the parts of the three canister sets Thok, Vezok, and Reidak as well as a golden spine/face piece and gold tubing which do not appear in any of Irnakk's component sets. The instruction booklet contained those for building Irnakk as well as the three component sets. He, like the Piraka, features a light-up piece for the eyes which is activated by pressing down on the top of the head. The Irnakk model uses ninety-three of the set's 132 pieces (not including the Zamor Spheres which fill the chest cavity, for which no number is specified in the instructions).


"How can this be? Everyone knows there's no such thing as Irnakk!"
"Tell it that. Maybe you can get it to agree that it doesn't exist."
"No such thing, says you? As real as pain and death, says I."
— Thok, Avak, and Irnakk, Inferno

"It was the nightmare of every member of Hakann's species — a legendary denizen of the darkness who lived to destroy. It was a creature of myth that had never existed ... but it lived here and now, and Hakann couldn't help but scream its name."
— Narrator, Inferno


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