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The Jungle Tribe is one of the many tribes of Spherus Magna.


The Jungle Tribe was established on the planet of Spherus Magna in the Bota Magna region. Lein, an Agori of this tribe, established a highly successful trading post on the ford later called Lein's Drift, and passed away about 265,000 years ago.

More than 100,000 years ago, one of the tribe's warriors was selected by the Great Beings and granted Elemental Powers, turning him into the Element Lord of Jungle and making him the tribe's leader. During this era, the Jungle Tribe had control of about one-quarter of Spherus Magna, most of it in the Bota Magna region.

Energized Protodermis, a powerful substance that had once resided in the core of Spherus Magna, was discovered and fought over by the various tribes, led by the Element Lords. This conflict, known as the Core War, deeply divided the Jungle Tribe Agori, with some supporting the war and some vigorously opposed. Ultimately, the war was ended by a cataclysm that struck the planet, shattering it into three pieces and trapping the Element Lords.

The Jungle Tribe remained deeply divided over the Core War, to the extent that the Bara Magna Jungle Tribe divided into two factions who did not wish to live together. To solve this problem, the tribe's elders challenged the factions to build villages in the small portion of forest on Bara Magna; whichever built the best village the quickest would have the right to the land. However, the elders arranged things so that neither group would have sufficient materials, and the factions had to borrow and trade with each other in order to build their structures. By the time the job was done, the rifts in the tribe had healed, and the Jungle Tribe took up residence in the "twin villages" of Tesara.

Certavus and several other warriors, including Vastus of the Jungle Tribe, developed a social system dependent on Arena Matches to avert war. The Jungle Tribe joined it in order to prevent more conflict.

The Jungle Tribe lived in Tesara for 100,001 years. However, after being united with the Fire, Ice, and Water Tribes by Mata Nui and collectively dissolving the Rock Tribe, the Jungle Tribe joined the new Mega-Village for the four tribes, where they were led by Raanu.

Some weeks later, Mata Nui requested the use of the Mega-Village, secretly a Prototype Robot created by the Great Beings, in fighting his approaching enemy, Makuta Teridax. Raanu granted him his request, and the villagers moved into mountainous caves nearby as Mata Nui took control. During the battle with Teridax which ensued, some of the Jungle Tribe joined the fighting against Teridax's troops.

They are currently residing on the newly reformed Spherus Magna.

Known Members[]


  • Tarduk - A treasure-seeking Agori
  • Lein - An Agori who operated the first trading post in Bota Magna (Formerly; now deceased)
  • Several Agori who captured Toa Nuva Lewa in Bota Magna.[1]


  • Vastus - The Prime Glatorian of Tesara
  • Gresh - Promoted to Second Glatorian of Tesara
  • A warrior who became the Element Lord of Jungle (transformed; no longer affiliated with the tribe)
  • At least one Great Being[2]
  • Gresh's predecessor (deceased) - Held the position of Second Glatorian until his death
  • A trainee Glatorian - Defeated by Malum in a practice match
  • A warrior (deceased) - Chosen by the Great Beings to serve as initial pilot of the Great Spirit Robot in the Core Processor; later perished


The Agori of the Jungle Tribe resided within the woods of Tesara. Due to the nature of the land, the Agori developed the habit of using their forelimbs as legs, giving them an ape-like appearance and agility. The Jungle Agori are also very skilled at healing, and are known for being excellent treasure hunters and historians.


  • Oris, a Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe trapped in the Valley of the Maze for thousands of years, was a character in the planned fifth BIONICLE movie. However, since this movie was never made, Oris never became an official character, nor was his name approved by the legal team.


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