"All right, Toa, handle me ... if you can."
Makuta Mutran, Shadows in the Sky

Skabelon:Battle/Conflict The Battle in the Shadow Leech Hive was a battle between the Phantoka Toa Nuva and Makuta.


Toa Nuva[]

  • Destroy the Shadow Leech Hive.


  • Eliminate the Toa and prevent them from destroying the Shadow Leech Hive.


After the Toa Nuva trapped the Shadow Matoran Kirop, they had a false conversation to make the Matoran think that the Toa knew where the Shadow Leech Hive was, and that they were going to destroy the hive. Stunned, Kirop "escaped" from his captors and hurried to the hive to warn Mutran of the "danger", with the Toa Nuva and three Av-Matoran - Photok, Solek, and Tanma - close behind, following Kirop to the hive.

While following the Matoran, Toa Ignika joined the team and killed a flying Rahi which was attacking the group. Amazed by the Ignika's capabilities, though they did not know who he was at the time, they welcomed him into their small team.

The Toa, Matoran, and the Ignika soon arrived at the entrance of the hive, where they broke in. Kopaka and Solek remained behind to fight Mutran, while Lewa, Pohatu, the Matoran, and Toa Ignika journeyed into the hive to destroy the Shadow Leeches. However, they were not aware of the fact that Mutran had cast the Toa, Matoran, and the Ignika into an illusion, making them "see" a complex of tunnels and making the Ignika appear as a monster, which the Toa and Matoran proceeded to attack.

While the two Toa and Matoran fought against Toa Ignika, Mutran battled Kopaka and Solek. Quickly knocking Solek unconscious, the Makuta fought against the Toa using his mind powers. Very soon, Kopaka was defeated by Mutran's mental assault.

While Mutran was fighting against Kopaka, the Toa Ignika was confused and angered by the fact that the Toa and Matoran were fighting against him. He soon decided that the Toa and Matoran would never be his friends and that they did not deserve the gift of life. Speeding up the Toa and Matoran's life rate, the Ignika began to kill them. It was only then Lewa and Pohatu realized that the monster they had been seeing was an illusion, and Pohatu ended the Ignika's assault by making the ground beneath him erupt. Pohatu then pinned the Ignika to the wall, when he realized that the mysterious entity was actually wearing the Kanohi Ignika.

Meanwhile, Mutran was gloating about his victory over Kopaka and fired a shadow blast to end the Toa's life. However, Solek defended Kopaka by reflecting the attack using a shield of Light. It was then that Kopaka, revived, stunned the Makuta and told him that he had faked his defeat. Kopaka then quickly buried Mutran under a mass of ice and snow.

However, Kopaka's victory did not last for long. The other three Makuta - Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah - arrived at that moment. The three of them quickly defeated Kopaka and the other Toa, Matoran, and the Ignika. They then held the Matoran captive and chained the Toa and Ignika onto the wall.


The Toa managed to escape when Pohatu used his Kanohi Kakama to speed up his molecules and vibrated through his chains. He quickly rescued the other Toa, Matoran and the Ignika, who destroyed the Shadow Leech Hive.




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