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The Kaukau Nuva is the Kanohi Nuva Mask of Water Breathing, formed when a destined Kanohi Kaukau is immersed in Energized Protodermis.[1] It allows its user and those nearby to breathe only water at any depth and withstand intense water pressure for an unlimited amount of time.Skabelon:ComicCitation The only beings able to use this mask are Toa Nuva.

Example Usage[]

Onua shared his Kaukau Nuva's power with Whenua after he cut a hole in the floor of a tunnel that led to an underground river.


  • Toa Nuva Tahu - Former secondary mask; destroyed during the sinking of Ta-Koro
  • Toa Nuva Gali - Primary mask
  • Toa Nuva Lewa - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Pohatu - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Onua - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Kopaka - Secondary mask


Picture Description
Kaukau Nuva Gali A normal Kaukau Nuva
Fil:Adaptive Kaukau Nuva.jpg A Kaukau Nuva, adjusted to a swamp environment via the Adaptive Armor.
Fil:Concept Art Kanohi Kaukau Nuva.png

Concept artwork of the swamp-adapted Kaukau Nuva


  • After the Bohrok were defeated, Naho Falls was rebuilt in the shape of a large Kaukau Nuva.
  • The Kaukau Nuva can be used to suffocate enemies by sharing its power. However, Toa would consider that to be immoral.[2]


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