"The Razor Whales Teeth was a nickname given by the Barraki to a collection of dangerously sharp stones that jutted out of the floor in a roughly circular pattern."
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit

Skabelon:Location The Razor Whale's Teeth is the name given to a rock formation on the ocean floor of Aqua Magna.


After the Great Cataclysm, the Aqua Magna became populated by a number of Rahi native to the Matoran Universe, including Razor Whales, Razorfish, and Proto Drakes, all of which gained resident around the Teeth. Takea attempted to live in the area, but the Proto Drakes decimated the shark's population.

When the Barraki escaped their confinement during the Great Cataclysm's destruction of the Pit, they discovered the Razor Whale's Teeth and marked it as the exact center of Barraki-controlled territory during their dominion of the Black Water. The former inmate Nocturn spent much of his time here as well, hunting the Razor Whales.

After Barraki Kalmah was informed of the Kanohi Ignika's arrival in the area, he summoned a meeting of the Barraki at the Razor Whale's Teeth to discuss a strategy to acquire the mask and use it to restore their forms and launch a campaign of conquest.

After they successfully obtained the Ignika, the Barraki met here to leave the Ignika with Nocturn, as they could not agree where else to leave it and did not trust each other to keep the mask safe. Nocturn later became bored with his assignment and, upon discovering his curse by the Ignika and unintentionally causing the enlargement of a Gadunka, he went off to inform Ehlek of his new powers, caused by the curse.

Later, it was here where the six Barraki met under stone markers of trust after Barraki Mantax gained possession of the Kanohi Ignika. Mantax uncovered the details of the Tablet of Transit he had discovered to the assembled warlords, blaming Takadox for the betrayal. This meeting was then disrupted by an avalanche caused by Hydraxon's replica while battling a Maxilos robot possessed by Makuta Teridax.


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