"Be careful. Arrogance can topple giants."
Mata Nui to Tuma, The Legend Reborn


The Conflict Between Mata Nui and Tuma was an arena-style combat match to determine the freedom of Kiina and Berix.


Mata Nui[]

  • Defeat Tuma to free Kiina and Berix.


  • Defeat Mata Nui and maintain superiority over the Rock Tribe.


After being ambushed and captured by Bone Hunters in the Hot Springs of Tesara, Berix and Kiina were brought to Roxtus where they were imprisoned in one of the hanging cages. They discussed their futures pessimistically, until they noticed Mata Nui walking towards Roxtus.

As Mata Nui approached the Arena Roxtus, he was confronted by the leader of the Skrall, Tuma, who stood in the middle of the arena blocking Mata Nui's progress and challenged the newcomer. Mata Nui replied that he wished to engage Tuma on a one-on-one duel; if he won, his friends would be released. To avoid the shame of refusing the challenge, Tuma accepted.

Tuma attacked first, managing to quickly force Mata Nui to the ground. He gloated while Mata Nui recovered, then knocked his enemy to the ground again shortly afterwards.

While Mata Nui lay on the ground, Tuma turned away from him to roar defiantly to the Rock Tribe and Bone Hunters watching from around the arena. As he did so, Mata Nui took the opportunity to analyze his opponent, and noticed an injury on Tuma's back. Deciding it to be the Skrall leader's weak spot, Mata Nui stood up and cautioned the warrior, who continued to gloat, to the dangers of arrogance. Tuma ignored Mata Nui's words and continued to attack, but Mata Nui was able to dodge the blow and hit Tuma upon his injury after he used Tuma's own strength as leverage against him.[1]

Mata Nui began to drive Tuma backwards, striking the Skrall leader's injury a second time in the process. However, Tuma managed to disarm Mata Nui of his sword, and launch a finishing blow. Mata Nui was able to leap over the blow, land behind Tuma, and deliver one last blow with his elbow to the warrior's injury. Tuma, exhausted, reeling,[1] and already weakened by the previous blows, fell to the ground unconscious. Mata Nui then took Tuma's shield in victory, and demanded that his friends be released.


Metus stepped forward, revealing himself to be the traitor and ordered Mata Nui to drop his weapons. He then explained the role he had played in the alliance between the Rock Tribe and the Bone Hunters. Metus signalled for the surrounding forces to attack, but before they could launch their assault, a massive creature composed of Scarabax Beetles arose from the sands. The Skrall believed it to be a Baterra attack and panicked, fleeing the arena. In the chaos, Mata Nui rushed to free Kiina and Berix, but he was stopped by two elite Skrall. Thinking quickly, he grabbed Tuma's shield and threw it. The shield flew upwards, slicing the chain holding up the cage and causing it to crash to the ground. The elite Skrall dodged the falling cage, which broke open, freeing Kiina and Berix.

Soon afterwards, the other Glatorian and a group of Agori appeared, armed and ready to fight. Mata Nui gave Berix a Skrall Saw Blade Shield, and he, Kiina, and Berix leaped into battle.


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