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"The city before him was vast. It made Metru Nui look like a collection of stone-cutter shacks. Multiple design styles had combined to create a megalopolis that stretched for as far as the eye could see. Some of the buildings looked like ones in Metru Nui – he recognized the Coliseum, for example – others were totally strange and some almost primitive."
— Narrator, The Kingdom


The Kingdom Alternate Universe is an alternate universe in which Toa Mahri Matoro failed to revive the Great Spirit Mata Nui.


In this alternate universe, Toa Mahri Matoro failed to reach Karda Nui in time, resulting in the Great Spirit Mata Nui remaining dead. As a result of his death, the Matoran Universe began to collapse and fall apart in disarray. The Turaga of Metru Nui had anticipated such a result, and thusly gathered together all of the species of the Matoran Universe for a mass migration to the island of Mata Nui. Though not all beings survived to make the migration, all species but the Zyglak attempted to do so.

When the Makuta attempted to migrate, the Order of Mata Nui revealed itself, and, with Takanuva, forced the Makuta back. The Toa then attempted to seal off the entrances to Mata Nui, but Rahkshi always managed to get through, killing Hewkii and Pohatu before being driven back by Tahu, Kopaka, and Jaller. Thusly, Takanuva erected light barriers in the tunnels that would destroy any beings of shadow. Onua then warded the ground so they would be alerted if any being tried to go around the barriers.

After creating the light barriers, Takanuva created six new Toa to help defend the Kingdom: Kapura, Balta, Dalu, Defilak, Velika, and Tanma. He was then transformed into a Turaga and named the leader of the newly formed Kingdom of the Great Spirit, a kingdom in which all species would work together to survive. He then named Helryx, Turaga Dume, Roodaka, the Shadowed One, the Skakdi warlord Nektann, and a Nynrah Ghost as members of his ruling council. The Dark Hunters became the new law enforcers, and the Toa assisted in keeping the island of Mata Nui together, as well as creating new land to expand the Kingdom.

Ten thousand years later, Takanuva of the prime reality was accidentally transported to this dimension via the Spectral Mask. After discerning where he was, he sought out his alternate self to seek assistance in returning home. However, Turaga Takanuva instead asked the Toa to assist Tanma in inspecting the light barriers, for somehow a Rahkshi Panrahk had managed to get into the Kingdom. After being armed with a Power Lance and a Midak Skyblaster, Takanuva insisted on acquiring Matoro's help, despite the Toa of Ice being an outcast.

The three Toa went to investigate the light barriers in the Bohrok tunnels in Po-Wahi. Finding nothing amiss, Takanuva and Tanma started to leave, stopping when they heard Matoro fighting behind them. Several Rahkshi had just crossed the barrier, covered in Shadow armor that dissolved upon touching the barrier, but lasted long enough for the Rahkshi to get through. Together, the Toa defeated all of the Rahkshi. Then, Makuta Teridax emerged from the darkness and confronted them. After a brief battle, Tanma was killed by Teridax's shattering power, and the Makuta quickly discerned that Takanuva was from another dimension in which Matoro died and his plan was still in effect. Teridax then attempted to absorb Matoro into his essence, but upon being absorbed, Matoro overpowered Teridax's will and killed both of them. Takanuva then left and informed the Kingdom's council of what had just occurred, restoring Matoro's honor before departing from the dimension via the alternate Brutaka's Olmak.

When Vezon, having been fused to an Olmak by Energized Protodermis, walked through various dimensions, he visited The Kingdom and witnessed Matoran and Dark Hunters working together in perfect harmony, building a giant cannon to launch a spacecraft.


Due to Matoro's failure to use the Ignika, almost the entire Matoran Universe collapsed, and most of the domes are filled with Pit Mutagen. The entire population of the Matoran Universe, except the Zyglak, attempted to evacuate to the surface world, although not everyone made it. The Makuta also tried to evacuate, but were forced back by the Toa and Order of Mata Nui.

When they arrived, Onua helped in stabilizing the land so it would not collapse. The refugees helped each other in expanding the island and creating a mega-city, working side-by-side, resulting in a diverse array of architecture right next to each other.

The ground is warded so any attempts to dig around the Light Barriers are known.

  • Mata Nui - Now known as the The Kingdom of the Great Spirit.
    • Great Furnace - Jaller usually resides here.
    • Walls of History - Kopeke ensured that a Wall of History was constructed in every district.
    • Coliseum - Turaga Takanuva rules here along with his Council.
    • Piraka Fountain - Some of the Piraka are kept and fed here near the center of the City.
    • Kini-Nui - Now a well-traveled place.
    • Light Barriers - Made to ensure no Makuta would enter the Kingdom.


  • Time flows faster in this dimension than in the core dimension. When Takanuva arrived in this dimension, it was 10,000 years after the Toa Mahri's adventure in The Pit, whereas it had only been several days in the core dimension.




Story Serials

  • Reign of Shadows

Short Stories

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