"Fearing that Makuta would one day come looking for it, they hid in the safest place they could think of: A shifting maze constructed by a tribe of ingenious Okotans during the island’s earliest times."
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Skabelon:Location The Labyrinth of Control is a maze located on an island off the coast of Okoto.


Fil:JTO Toa Entering Labyrinth.jpg

The Toa enter the Labyrinth of Control

The maze was initially constructed by a skilled Okotan tribe during an early era of the island.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

After the battle between the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta, the six Elemental Creatures recovered Makuta's Mask of Control and brought it to the labyrinth to hide it from those who would abuse its power.

After joining forces with the Toa, the Creatures led them to the Labyrinth, where the Toa struggled with feelings of familiarity. Sensing that a connection existed between them and the creators of the Labyrinth, they entered the maze only to find themselves menaced by its shifting stone blocks. Pohatu and Ketar eventually halted the stones, only for Ketar to be abducted by Umarak after the other Toa and their Creatures had entered the chamber holding the Mask of Control. Umarak successfully claimed the mask and departed the labyrinth. He made his getaway by tossing a weakened Ketar off a cliff, forcing Pohatu to save him while the Hunter departed with the mask. The Toa and the Elemental Creatures later left the maze.


Fil:JTO Umarak Inside Labyrinth.jpg

Umarak observes the Toa and Elemental Creatures in the Labyrinth of Control

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