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"I am Kopaka, and I work under no command."
— Kopaka to Tahu, Team of Heroes


Kopaka, the Master of Ice, later known as the Uniter of Ice, is one of the six Toa foretold in the Prophecy of Heroes.


Arrival on Okoto[]

After the Protectors recited the Prophecy of Heroes, Kopaka and the other Toa fell from the sky as comets and landed on Okoto.

With the help of Izotor, Kopaka traveled for weeks through the Region of Ice to find the Golden Mask of Ice. During the journey, they passed by a ruined city, which Izotor revealed had been left abandoned after the battle between the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta.

Upon hearing screams from the city, the pair entered it and discovered a group of exploring villagers being menaced by Skull Spiders. In order to save them, Kopaka was forced to damage two ancient statues, something that angered them until Izotor set them straight. However, Kopaka, who had been dwelling upon his forgotten past, felt grateful to them, as he realized that he needed to focus on the present if he was to save the island.

He finally located the mask, and used the power it gave him to save Izotor from several Skull Spiders.

Kopaka then traveled to the City of the Mask Makers. There, he met Gali, Pohatu, Onua, and Lewa, the other Toa, all of whom had found golden masks of their own. Kopaka began to take charge, until Tahu arrived, declaring himself the leader of the team. Tahu and Kopaka had a brief fight, until Gali and Onua forced the two of them to quit fighting. The Lord of Skull Spiders then confronted the Toa. Kopaka attempted to defeat it on his own, but was entangled in its webs. At Onua's suggestion, Kopaka joined the other Toa in a combined assault on the Lord of Skull Spiders, and the Toa triumphed. Urged by a vision from Ekimu, they proceeded into the city.

Battling Skull Creatures[]

In the city, Tahu accidentally sprung a trap, leaving the Toa to be assaulted by troops of Skull Warriors, rising from the ground. The Toa came under fire, leaving Kopaka to use his shield in order to protect the other Toa. Eventually, Lewa, who had previously gone to inspect the area, came back and knocked down attacking Skull Warriors off their perch. The Toa also defeated some of the Warriors attacking them on the ground, allowing them to continue forward. Lewa announced that he found an arena, but Kopaka refused to divert their course, saying that the Toa needed to focus on their mission.

After Pohatu broke through the locked gateway by throwing a boulder at it, the Toa continued onward. However, Lewa persisted about the Arena, leading Kopaka to directly order Lewa to follow his orders. However, Lewa fell back from the group, disobeying Kopaka and heading toward the Arena. Eventually, the Toa became lost under Kopaka's direction, but soon found the unconscious body of Lewa, and Skull Slicer, who had stolen his mask.

The Toa pursued Skull Slicer into the arena, discovering that Skull Slicer bore Lewa's Mask of Jungle. After seeking guidance from Lewa on how to win the game, Kopaka saved Onua from being crushed by two pillars. Kopaka, Onua, and Tahu managed to defeat Skull Slicer and retrieve Lewa's mask again, eventually returning it to him. However, the lever of the Arena which Onua used to win the game had broken off, collapsing the entire Arena. Kopaka, along with the other Toa, got caught under the rubble. There they discussed their journey so far, and decided their duty was to protect Okoto. Lewa then noticed a breeze from behind the rocks in the cave, and Onua freed them from the rubble.

The Toa emerged into the graveyard in Okoto. However, as they looked around for Ekimu's grave, they came across a pair of Skull Scorpios, who managed to snatch Pohatu's mask. Kopaka used his shielding power to protect Pohatu, while the rest of the Toa fought the Scorpios, ending when Lewa dropped a massive statue on them. The six heroes then entered Ekimu's tomb and awakened him, only to learn that they needed to face the evil Skull Grinder to recover Ekimu's Mask of Creation. After defeating the Skull Basher, the Toa faced the Skull Grinder but were defeated and their masks shattered. However, their efforts gave Ekimu time to reconstruct his Hammer of Power, which he used to strike down the Skull Grinder. He then repaired their masks and proclaimed them to be true heroes.

The Protectors arrived while the Toa were unconscious following the battle, and together both groups worked to prepare the city for the arrival of the Okotans.

Kopaka and the other Toa disposed of the Skull Scorpios while repairing Ekimu's tomb, and they and the Mask Maker were soon called upon to rescue a pair of kidnapped Okotans. They found the youngsters in the lair of the Skull Raiders, an evil civilization aligned with Makuta and led by Kulta, who escaped from the City of Mask Makers to join the battle. Kopaka and his comrades fought the villains together, with Kopaka employing his frost shield to protect the young islanders during the conflict. Fortunately, they soon triumphed over Kulta and his minions, who were left trapped in their crumbling city while the Toa escaped.

Uniting With Elemental Creatures[]

Kopaka and his fellow Toa soon received new masks, armor and weapons from Ekimu, and after defeating a leftover group of Skull Warriors set out on their newest quest: to find Makuta's Mask of Control and destroy it before it could be reclaimed. Acting on Ekimu's counsel, the Toa set out to find the six Elemental Creatures, with Kopaka confronting Melum in the Region of Ice. After a battle of their shared Elemental Power, Kopaka realized that victory meant not winning the battle, but Melum's trust. Melum then led him to his Golden Unity Mask of Ice, which allowed the two to become one physically. With the other Toa and Creatures similarly gifted - though Pohatu and Ketar remained cold towards each other - the Toa soon set their sights on the Labyrinth of Control.

Following a harrowing encounter with Umarak, the Hunter, the Toa journeyed to an island off Okoto's coast where the Labyrinth awaited. They soon entered the Labyrinth and reached the chamber of the mask, only to be attacked by Umarak yet again after he kidnapped Ketar. The ensuing conflict saw Pohatu rescue Ketar but lose the mask to Umarak, who promptly fled.

Umarak was soon mutated into Makuta's monstrous and obedient Destroyer, who unleashed the evil Shadow Horde upon Okoto. The Toa and their Elemental Creature allies fought to defend the City of the Mask Makers from the Elemental Beasts, eventually discovering that the masks worn by the monsters were the key to defeating them.

Ekimu, whose powers had been enhanced by the Temple of Light and its Creature Agil, called upon the Toa to join him in hunting down Umarak, who had used his army to distract the Toa while he sought the scattered fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power. Leaving the Elemental Creatures and Okotans to defend the city, the Toa and Ekimu journeyed to the Region of Stone, where they found Umarak and fought more Elemental Beasts. Eventually they faced him at the portal to the Shadow Realm that he had created to enable Makuta's escape, and engaged him in a grueling battle in which they were bereft of their Elemental Powers and eventually stripped of their weapons. However Gali's spirit was drawn into the Shadow Realm, which allowed her to learn what the Toa had to do to stop him, and she was freed after Makuta sacrificed Umarak to complete the portal. The six Toa then combined their powers to seal Makuta away again, in the process causing their own departure from Okoto and back to the stars from which they had come.

Abilities and Traits[]

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Kopaka skiing

Kopaka is calm and reserved, due to his own strict moral code, and this outwardly austere attitude often makes him appear cold to his teammates. He is also a perfectionist, and the pressure he puts on himself often makes him seem cold to others. However, he is somewhat clumsy and has a poor sense of direction.[1]

As a Toa of Ice, Kopaka can control the element of Ice and has a natural resistance to the cold, though he is not entirely immune to it. He feels most comfortable in glaciers and tundra.[1]

Kopaka's signature moves are Ice Lance and Frost Sphere.[1]

Mask and Tools[]

When he arrived on Okoto, Kopaka wore the Mask of Ice.[1] He later replaced it with the Golden Mask of Ice, which granted him enhanced elemental powers. Ekimu later gave him a Unity Mask of Ice, which was later replaced with the Golden Unity Mask, enabling him to merge with Melum.

Initially, Kopaka carried the Frost Shield as his primary weapon and the Ice Spear as his secondary. The shield could split apart to form Avalanche Skis, which Kopaka used to travel.[1] Ekimu later gifted him with the Elemental Ice Blade, a double-bladed sword and the Elemental Ice Blaster he could use to channel his elemental powers. These weapons were later lost during the final battle with Umarak.

Set Information[]


70788 Kopaka - Master of Ice was released in the Winter 2015 product wave, containing 97 pieces. The set includes the Mask of Ice, the Golden Mask of Ice, and a silver Skull Spider. He is one of the three large-sized Toa figures.

71311 Kopaka and Melum - Unity set was released in January 2016, which included Kopaka in his Uniter form and Melum. The set contains 171 pieces, including the Unity Mask of Ice and the Golden Unity Mask of Ice.


"I didn't slip."
— Kopaka to Izotor, Quest for the Golden Masks

"That guy is tough."
"So are we!"
— Tahu and Kopaka, The Dark Portal



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