"The Toa took the lance, aimed it, and focused on releasing just the tiniest sample of his elemental light. The next instant, a blast of energy blew a hole the size of a Kanoka disk in the wall."
— Narrator, The Kingdom


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Takanuva using the Power Lance to rescue Gali from Krika

The Power Lance was Toa Takanuva's second Toa Tool, which he used to channel his Light powers. Unlike most Toa Tools, it also amplified his powers. The Power Lance was created by the Nynrah Ghosts in the Kingdom Alternate Universe and given to him after his Staff of Light was confiscated.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Takanuva eventually discarded his Power Lance in favor of the Twin Light Staffs.

Example Usage[]

In Endgame, Takanuva used his Power Lance to drive Makuta Krika away from Toa Nuva Gali.

Set Information[]

The Power Lance was released in 2008 in 8699 Takanuva, consisting of ten of the set's 267 pieces.


  • The Power Lance is described as twin-bladed when Takanuva received it in the Kingdom Alternate Universe, although it is depicted with three blades in its set appearance.Skabelon:OnlineCitation
  • Although the Power Lance appeared with Takanuva in Journey of Takanuva, in official canon, Takanuva did not yet have it when he entered the City of Silver Pocket Dimension.


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