"Her hooked arms cut through the water, and the ridged edges on her blue mask sent bubbly ripples out to the sides as she swam."
Tale of the Toa

Skabelon:Tool The Hooks were Toa Mata Gali's Toa Tools. She could channel her Water powers through them or use them in melee combat, and they also allowed her to climb the cliff faces of Ga-Wahi with ease.

When Gali was transformed into a Toa Nuva by Energized Protodermis, the Hooks were transformed into the Aqua Axes.

Example Usage[]

Fil:CGI Hook.png

A Hook in set form

In Deep into Darkness, Gali used her Hooks to help her climb a large rock spire, atop which a Kanohi Miru was located.

Set Information[]

The 2001 Toa Mata Gali set carried two blue hooks.


  • In the comics, games, and early novels, the Hooks were actually Gali's hands. This was changed by Greg Farshtey for the later novels he wrote, and were considered to simply be tools.

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