Skabelon:EraG1 Skabelon:Tool The Lava Launcher was Hakann's main weapon. It could be used to channel his Fire powers without requiring the aid of another Skakdi.Skabelon:CN The Lava Launcher also had an Energy Claw on its back end, which could shock opponents.

Hakann possessed this weapon before joining the Dark Hunters. Lariska damaged it during a fight with Hakann, but it was later repaired.[1] The Lava Launcher was abandoned on Voya Nui after Hakann's mutation.


The Lava Launcher could fire bursts of lava at a target. The weapon could be charged to produce lava balls of varying size and intensity.

Example Usage[]

In Power Play, Hakann used his Lava Launcher in a battle against the other Piraka and the Toa Inika.

Fil:Set Lava Launcher.png

The Lava Launcher in set form

Set Information[]

The Lava Launcher was included in 8901 Hakann in early 2006. It consisted of two pieces: the weapon itself, and a transparent red rod clipped into its barrel.


See also[]

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