"In their raw, unrefined state, lightstones can be so bright as to be almost blinding to unshielded eyes."
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Skabelon:Object Lightstones are stones made from crystalline protodermis[1] and give off a bright glow.



The Cavern of Light

Lightstone deposits exist in several locations of the Matoran Universe. When they are first mined, lightstones are unrefined and give off a excruciatingly bright and blinding glow. After being extracted, they were treated to dim the glow to acceptable levels.[2] Their color also changed from yellow to bluish-white.[3]

Lightstones were mined in great quantities in the Onu-Metru Lightstone Mines, and used to provide interior illumination for Matoran Homes. Many of the lightstones on Metru Nui drew their energy from the power plant in the Coliseum.[2][4] When the plant was knocked offline by Teridax, many lightstones went dark, but some continued to glow, receiving their power from Karda Nui.Skabelon:CN

On the island of Mata Nui, lightstones were mined and used to a great extent by Onu-Koro miners. Here, the Cavern of Light was the principal source of lightstones.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

When the Matoran Universe was fundamentally damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Karda Nui ceased its energy output, and Lightstones lost their function.[5] Hence, the Matoran did not bring any with them as they immigrated to Spherus Magna.[6]

Codrex Lightstones[]

Fil:Comic Toa Ignika Awakening Mata Nui.png

Toa Ignika using the Codrex lightstones

There are six giant lightstones within the Codrex, placed there by the Great Beings.[7] These lightstones were intended to be charged with energy provided by a Toa, and sent to Mata Nui to revive him from his slumber.[8]

When Makuta Antroz hijacked the Jetrax T6, the vehicle accidentally hit one of the lightstones and was temporarily super-charged with raw energy. Later, the Toa Nuva began the energy-charging process, but knew that they did not have the time to wait for the charging to finish. They realized the Ignika could provide the energy needed to do the process in its entirety, and convinced it to sacrifice its newfound life to do the job. The Ignika charged all of the lightstones simultaneously, and the energy released awoke the Great Spirit, beginning the Energy Storms.[8]


Many lightstones were charged with energy from Karda Nui,[9] and gave off a bright glow. Lightstones varied in size and properties. They were believed to be related in some way to Heatstones.[10] Some Lightstones, like those used to provide light for the domes of the Matoran Universe, were very large and powerful.Skabelon:CN Certain Lightstones had individual properties: in the Chamber of Death beneath the Southern Continent, the Lightstones gave off a dark red glow.[11]


Fil:Animation Toa Metru Whenua with Lightstone.png

Toa Whenua studies a Lightstone in Onu-Metru

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