Skabelon:EraG1 Skabelon:Tool The Lightstone Rifle is a long-range weapon developed on Xia that makes use of Lightstones as projectiles.


The Lightstone Rifle is capable of firing electrified Lightstones which shatter when they make impact. They can then stun or blind the target, destabilizing structures and weakening beings of Shadow, like Rahkshi and Makuta.

The rifle works by storing high voltages of electricity at the back. It then channels them along a track of crystal and into the Lightstone. The trigger of the rifle is made from Kanoka Disks of Speed, and the rifle itself also has space to hold four more Lightstones as additional ammunition. The Lightstone in the barrel takes five minutes to charge up, while the ammunition takes twenty.

Fil:Lightstone Rifle Ammo-less.png

The Lightstone Rifle without its additional ammunition

The user, when deciding to fire, must wait till the Lightstone in the barrel is crackling with energy. The user then uncovers the laser, which is a Lightstone focused by a crystal, and pulls the trigger. The trigger consequently strikes the Lightstone in the barrel which is fired. Because the structures of the Lightstone are weakened by the electricity, it breaks upon impact, releasing the energy and light in a brilliant flash.

The rifle functions well over medium and sniper range. The metal front of the weapons can be used as a clumsy block against melee attacks, and the rifle is effective against the forces of the Brotherhood of Makuta, especially Rahkshi.

Since Teridax died, and the whole Matoran Universe was damaged, Lightstones lost their function, so the Lightstone Rifle likely was abandoned.


The rifle is considerably less powerful than the Avohkii or Takanuva, and thus it is often a nuisance to Makuta instead of a threat. The Lightstones can be easily shattered by the enemy before it impacts, as well as the battery of the rifle, which can easily blind or stun the user if he/she is not careful.


  • The Lightstone Rifle was created by BZPower Forum Leader and BIONICLEsector01 member bonesiii as an entry for the BIONICLE Storyline & Theories Contest #4. It won second-place in the Art: Computer category and was accepted into official canon.

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