Skabelon:EraG1 Dette tilfælde af Skabelon:IKSK er ikke konfigureret korrekt. Kig venligst på dokumentationen for instrukser. Skabelon:NonCanon Skabelon:Online/VideoGame Matoran Escape was an online mini-game released in 2006. The player played as the Matoran of the Voya Nui Resistance Team, trying to escape from the clutches of the Piraka. The game took place on Voya Nui. The player controlled his/her Matoran through a specified area avoiding the Piraka and their own Matoran slaves while collecting Zamor Spheres, special bonuses, and various health upgrades.

Game Controls[]

  • Arrow Keys - Move Currently Selected Matoran
  • Spacebar - Switch Playable Matoran
  • B - Jump
  • N - Stun Enemies/Eliminate obstacles

Game Objects[]

  • Zamor Sphere- Gives Current Matoran ten points
  • Crystal Widget- Gives Current Matoran 500 points
  • Healing Stone- Gives Current Matoran fifty points and restores a fallen Matoran to health
  • Voya Spirit- Gives current Matoran one hundred points and restores all fallen Matoran to health


Level 1 - The Lava Reservoirs[]

Fil:ME 1 Gameplay.png

Gameplay in The Lava Reservoirs.

  • Stage 1-1: Players must avoid falling into the lava whilst navigating towards the exit along rock platforms.
  • Stage 1-2: Similar to 1-1, but players encounter Hakann halfway through, and he pursues the player to the exit whilst shooting at them with Zamor spheres.
  • Boss 1: During this stage, the player is traveling through a lava river on a small raft, while Hakann is on an rock platform, and is shooting his Zamor Spheres. The player must avoid Hakann's fire, and hold him off at the end of the level, with the Matoran's own attacks.

Level 2 - Piraka Virus Factory[]

  • Stage 2-1: In this stage, the player must navigate through the Piraka Virus Factory while avoiding the pits full of Antidermis. Midway through they are attacked by Zaktan, who stands on a balcony and shoots at them with Zamor spheres.
  • Boss 2: In this stage, the player must jump on switches showing the symbol of Voya Nui, on two separate platforms several times to defeat Zaktan, while avoiding his Zamor Spheres.
  • Stage 2-2: As in Stage 2-1, the player must move around avoiding the Antidermis vats. This time, they are attacked by and must escape Avak.
  • Boss 3: Players must dodge Avak's attacks whilst a timer counts down on the exit. Once the timer reaches zero the door unlocks and players can escape.

Level 3 - The Nui Caves[]

Fil:ME 3 Gameplay.png

Gameplay in The Nui Caves.

  • Stage 3-1: The player must navigate rocks while keeping away from the water and stalagmites. They encounter Reidak midway through.
  • Boss 4: The player must reach the end of the stage by moving through the Caves and avoiding the water. Reidak is shooting at the player for the duration of the level.
  • Stage 3-2: As in Stage 3-1, the player must explore the caves and avoid falling into the water and stalagmites. They are attacked by Vezok this time.
  • Boss 5: The player must make their way onto a small island out in the water and then cut away at a large crystal to escape from Vezok, who jumps out of the water in random places and shoots his Zamor Spheres.

Level 4 - Mountain Stronghold[]

  • Stage 4-1: Players must avoid spikes, thorns and slippery patches of ice as they make their way toward Thok's fortress.
  • Stage 4-2: Once inside, players are pursued by Thok as they make their way to the exit.
  • Boss 6: To get away, the player must destroy an ice block while avoiding Thok, who is shooting his Zamor Spheres and strikes players with his Ice Gun if in range.


  • Repetitively pressing spacebar will make the player invincible to everything but falling, although there is still a possibility of losing Zamor Spheres. Unfortunately, doing this while repetitively pressing N and B may cause the character to freeze up. The Matoran will still be invincible, but there is no known way to undo this glitch.
  • Pressing space bar during the first loading screen will produce a level select option.


  • The storyline given in between levels is given in English, however, the end victory screen is in French.

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