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"Because anything you are asked to do — even if it's hard, or painful, or you hate having to do it — you get done. Look, Matoro, back on Voya Nui you once questioned your worth to the team because you aren't a warrior. But being a Toa isn't about who's strongest or toughest or has the best mask power. It's about spirit. And by that measure, you are a great Toa."
Toa Mahri Jaller, Downfall

Beskæftigelse Rahi salesman
Status Diminished
Toa Inika of Ice
Status Transformed into a Toa Mahri
Toa Mahri of Ice
Status Deceased

Matoro was the secretive and compassionate Toa Mahri of Ice and, prior to that, the Toa Inika of Ice. Matoro was once a Ko-Matoran from Metru Nui. On the island of Mata Nui, Matoro served as Turaga Nuju's right hand and interpreter. Matoro later journeyed with Jaller and five other Matoran to Voya Nui, where they transformed into the Toa Inika and, soon after, the Toa Mahri. Although Matoro doubted his worth as a Toa, his heroism was evident when he donned the Kanohi Ignika to save the Great Spirit Mata Nui at the cost of his own life.



Metru Nui[]

On Metru Nui, Matoro enjoyed a good relationship with the Onu-Matoran, a rarity due to the differences in beliefs about the past and future that the Onu-Matoran and Ko-Matoran had. He often visited the Onu-Metru Archives, studying the language and behavior of Rahi. He opened a small business called "Matoro's Rahi," selling small Rahi that were rejected from the Archives to other Matoran as pets. His main career was that of a Scholar.[1]

Shortly before the Great Cataclysm, Matoro was escorted to a Matoran Sphere by the Vahki, and was placed in the Coliseum during the Visorak's takeover of the island. The spheres were later rescued and placed on Airships by the Toa Metru, and the Matoran were awakened on Naho Bay on the island of Mata Nui.[2]

Mata Nui[]

Matoro's size and physical strength were reduced by the effects of the Matoran Spheres, which also caused him to forget memories of his time on Metru Nui. He helped in Nuju's effort to construct Ko-Koro.[3]

On Mata Nui, Matoro was the right hand of Nuju and the sole interpreter of his stories, following the meaning of the Turaga's movements and tones. He always stood motionless on Nuju's right during storytelling. He also loved to explore the drifts, leaving behind small flags so he would not get lost.Skabelon:OnlineCitation


Matoro encountering Kopaka

Shortly before the arrival of the Toa Mata, Matoro was injured when Nuju was kidnapped by Rahi. Takua rescued the Turaga.[QftT]

Matoro met Toa Mata Kopaka when he landed on a beach. At first, Kopaka mistook the Ko-Matoran for an enemy, but after Kopaka realized who Matoro was, the two went to see Nuju. Along the way, Matoro discussed the Toa's mission, Teridax, and Mata Nui with Kopaka.Skabelon:ComicCitation

Shortly before a Disk throwing tournament, Matoro asked Kopaka if he and the other Toa would be there to watch. Kopaka was about to refuse, but Lewa insisted that they would be. On the way to the tournament field, Onepu, Jala, Maku, Kongu, Huki, and Matoro encountered an infected Nui-Jaga. They managed to trap the Rahi, and soon after merged into a Matoran Nui to dispatch the beast.

Matoro later saved Takua when the Chronicler got lost and fell unconscious in the drifts, witnessing a battle between Kopaka and a Muaka in the process. Matoro then came back to Ko-Koro with Takua and translated Nuju's advice for him, telling him to form a small band of Matoran to defend Kini-Nui.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Bohrok Invasion[]

Matoro stayed close to Nuju when the Bohrok awoke, so he was close at hand whenever the Turaga held their councils. Because of this, Matoro was informed of Metru Nui and the Turaga's past, though he was forbidden from telling anybody else.[4]

After the Toa defeated the Bahrag and gained their Nuva Symbols, Matoro was tasked with protecting Kopaka's symbol and his Kini from anything hostile. However, Nuhvok-Kal used his abilities to make Matoro too heavy to move, thus allowing the Kohrak-Kal to steal Kopaka's Nuva Symbol.Skabelon:ComicCitation

Later on, Matoro was rebuilt[BKOA, Ep. 3] and became the Ko-Koro Kolhii team forward with his friend Kopeke.


Matoro after the rebuilding

Arrival of the Rahkshi[]

When Hahli visited Ko-Koro to challenge Matoro and Kopeke for the Kolhii Tournament, Matoro greeted her, and translating for Turaga Nuju, referencing the fact that Ko-Koro would most likely not reach the Championship.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Ko-Koro ultimately did not make it to the final match, and Matoro continued his job as a translator, present during a meeting just prior to the championship when all of the Turaga shared tales of their Toa overcoming hardships without Elemental Powers.[4]

He was evacuated from Ko-Koro along with the other Ko-Matoran during the Rahkshi attack.[5] He attended the storytelling when the Turaga finally revealed their past to the rest of the Matoran,[2] and they eventually returned to Metru Nui.[6]

Voya Nui[]

While on Metru Nui, Matoro was told about the impending death of Mata Nui, but was forced to keep it a secret. When Jaller tried to question him he explained how painful it was to try to choose between betraying his Turaga and lying to his friend, and Jaller was able to interpret Matoro's reaction well enough to assume something bad had happened. After learning the truth from Nokama, Jaller gathered Matoro and four other Matoran to rescue the Toa Nuva, who had traveled to Voya Nui in search of the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life.[7] During the trip they passed through a tunnel that absorbed all light. While traveling, Matoro felt a hand in the tunnel, and, assuming it to be his friend, helped it out of the darkness. The hand, however, was a manifestation of the Kanohi Ignika, which was testing Matoro as its potential bearer.

Fil:Ice Blast.png

Matoro fires a blast of ice

They arrived in Karzahni after being guided there by Manas crabs. Karzahni, ruler of the realm, forced the Matoran to switch their masks, and Matoro was given a powerless Iden. The group, with the help of a crazy Av-Matoran, made an escape attempt, but were confronted by Karzahni. Matoro dared him to use his mask power to show Matoro's worst fear, which was the death of Mata Nui. Karzahni, who did not believe in Mata Nui due to a lack of knowledge about anything outside his realm, was stunned by the revelation, and the Matoran used this distraction to escape. The team eventually arrived on Voya Nui, where they were struck with a bolt of lightning from the Red Star. The lightning transformed them into Toa Inika, imbuing them with special powers, including lightning laced elemental powers.[8]


Voya Nui[]

Fil:Matoro Inika.PNG

Matoro as a Toa Inika

After regrouping, Matoro accidentally triggered his mask, which released his spirit from his body. He spotted the Voya Nui Resistance Team, as well as Vezok, and briefly conversed with Hahli (who could see his spirit form due to her own mask power) before returning to his body. They battled the lone Piraka, though he managed to escape.

After the Toa Inika met up with the Resistance Team and were informed of the recent developments on the island, Matoro and Hewkii joined Kazi and Balta to search for Axonn. They discovered the titan injured, and Matoro made a blanket of snow for him to fall on. The Toa and Matoran regrouped, and launched an attack on the Piraka Fortress soon after. During this battle, Brutaka's powers were stolen by Hakann and Thok, and the Toa Inika temporarily allied with the other four Piraka to return Brutaka's powers to him. During the resulting fight, Hakann and Thok lost Brutaka's powers, the Toa Inika were all knocked unconscious by an explosion. When they awoke, they found the 777 Stairs, and followed the Piraka down it.[9]

During their descent down the stairs, the Toa Inika passed through several chambers that tested their worthiness to possessing the Ignika. They entered the Zone of Nightmares, and were tricked into thinking they had accidentally killed the Toa Nuva, although it was only an illusion. They were then challenged in the Chamber of Death to sacrifice one of their members to move on ahead. Before Jaller, as leader, could volunteer, Matoro stepped forward, citing his lack of worth and useless occupation, believing he would not be of help, and was promptly killed. He was reconstructed shortly afterwards, passing the test to willingly sacrifice himself for the greater good. Afterwards, the Toa faced off against Umbra, who was defeated by Matoro's use of ice mirrors and Nuparu utilizing his Kanohi Kadin.

When they entered the Chamber of Life, the Toa fought Vezon and Fenrakk, who transformed into the Kardas Dragon after falling into the lava. They eventually defeated him and Matoro was prompted by Kongu to bear the Mask of Life, as Kongu had discovered with his Suletu that the Ignika wanted Matoro as its guardian. He lost it after the Kardas Dragon revived and released a blast that knocked it from his hands, and the Ignika flew to the surface. The Toa Inika followed it, but were unable to pursue it any further as it sank into the water. After they spoke with the Toa Nuva, Axonn opened a hole in the ground that led to a tunnel that connected Voya Nui to Mahri Nui, so that the Toa could safely travel there.[10]

While traveling down the Cord, Matoro used his Iden, and detached his spirit to scout ahead. While Matoro's body was empty, Teridax's essence possessed it, sabotaging the Inika's travels. Once the others learned of this, they threatened to destroy Matoro's body, leaving Teridax bodiless. Teridax vacated Matoro's body, whose spirit returned soon after.[11]

Mahri Nui[] Matoro Mahri.png

Matoro as a Toa Mahri

After they had reached Mahri Nui through the Cord connecting Voya Nui, the Toa Inika were hit by an energy blast emitted from the Mask of Life. The blast changed the Inika into the water-breathing Toa Mahri, transformed by the mask as its cry of help. They soon encountered a giant, mutated Venom Eel, and struggled with adapting to their new masks and powers while combating the beast. Matoro used his new mask power to reanimate the corpse of a giant shark, although Matoro soon grew to dislike the immoral nature of his mask power. After some exploration, they found the underwater city of Mahri Nui. The Matoran did not trust the Toa, thinking they were escaped prisoners of the Pit, and the Toa went to liberate the Fields of Air to prove their worth, while Matoro stayed behind as an act of good faith. However, the other Toa eventually walked away with the Barraki, pretending to be their allies in order to acquire the Ignika. The Matoran assumed that the alliance was genuine, forcing Matoro to flee. Hydraxon's replica, the revived jailer of the Pit, found Matoro and placed him in prison, putting him under the guard of of the robot Maxilos. Maxilos was revealed to be possessed by Teridax, and the Makuta freed Matoro, claiming that he would help, but warning Matoro that he must not reveal his true identity. Matoro and Maxilos joined with the other Toa at Mahri Nui, and at Maxilos' suggestion, the team split up. Matoro and Teridax met Pridak and battled him and his army of Takea sharks, using reanimated sea creatures to even the odds. Matoro and Teridax escaped when Ehlek, under the impression that Pridak's sharks had attacked his army because of Hewkii's interference, began fighting Pridak.[12]

Fil:Matoro Locked Up.png

Matoro being imprisoned by Hydraxon

Some time later, in the ruins of the original Pit, Matoro and the Makuta found the armor of Toa Tuyet. Teridax wanted Matoro to revive Tuyet and rebuild the Nui Stone from little pieces on Tuyet's armor, meaning to recreate the Stone using the Staff of Artakha. Matoro dutifully reanimated the Toa and they swam into the open sea. Hahli encountered them, and Matoro discreetly conveyed to her that he was in trouble. Matoro and Teridax later found Karzahni, who had followed the Toa from his realm. Karzahni destroyed Tuyet, and attacked them both with his mask power, although Teridax was ultimately able to defeat the tyrant. Matoro and Teridax then continued on their journey to meet Icarax, another Makuta, who had retrieved the Staff and passed it along to Teridax. Maxilos informed Matoro of his intentions regarding the Nui Stone and froze the Toa of Ice in a stasis field when he attempted to stop him. He was recreating the Nui Stone when Brutaka took the Staff and gave it to Botar. Matoro then went to rendezvous with his comrades while Brutaka fought Teridax.Skabelon:OnlineCitation


Matoro leaving his friends and preparing to use the Ignika

Teridax later told Matoro that, in order to save Mata Nui's life, the Stone Cord must be destroyed.[12] Matoro shared the information with the other Toa Mahri, and proceeded to take all the Matoran to Voya Nui's underground caverns. They encountered the mutated Piraka along the way, but defeated them with the help of Axonn. Upon returning to Mahri Nui, Jaller and Matoro left in search of the mask, eventually succeeding in acquiring it. The two discussed Matoro's sudden attempt at leadership, which Jaller had initially been annoyed at, and made peace with each other. The Toa then destroyed the Cord, making Voya Nui to sink and crushing Mahri Nui in the way. Matoro, along with the other Toa, followed the wake of the island, encountering Hydraxon along the way. Too determined to fail, Matoro successfully convinced Hydraxon to let them keep the mask, and Matoro raced ahead to try and complete the mission. The Mask of Life suddenly darkened, and Matoro proclaimed that Mata Nui was dead.

Unable to accept the Great Spirit's death, Matoro asked the other Toa to buy him time while he tried to resurrect Mata Nui. Jaller believed this to be insane, but they obeyed his wish. Matoro then followed Voya Nui as it sped down into the sea. Matoro eventually reached the Southern Continent, and fell down the waterfall which was caused by Voya Nui's breakoff. He managed to slip into Karda Nui moments before Voya Nui made impact. Once there, he continued to journey down the remnants of the waterfall and saw a winged being, that he could not recognize, on the way down. A voice told Matoro to use the Ignika, Matoro donned the mask, and realized that the mask would use his life force to revive Mata Nui, but would also kill the bearer. As one of his last acts as an individual, he teleported the other Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui and gave them back their ability to breathe air.

Fil:Comic Matoro's Sacrifice.png

Matoro's ultimate sacrifice

The Ignika transformed Matoro into pure energy, which was used to revive the Great Spirit Mata Nui from death. In doing so, Matoro willingly died, his final resting place being the skies above the villages of Karda Nui. As a result of this fate, he could not be revived aboard the Red Star as most inhabitants of the universe were intended to be. In Metru Nui, Turaga Onewa - aided by Hewkii and Nuparu, the latter of whom also eulogized Matoro - constructed a statue of Toa Mahri Matoro in his honor, and Nuju had his own memorial for Matoro, as he was the only person that Nuju considered a friend.[13]

Alternate Universes[]

The Kingdom Alternate Universe[]

In this alternate universe, Matoro hesitated to put on the Ignika, and in doing so, Mata Nui remained dead. He moved with the other survivors to the island of Mata Nui, and lived the rest of his life in shame as the "Disgraced One," seldom leaving his small hut in what was once Po-Wahi.

When Takanuva was transported to the alternate universe 10,000 years later, he was asked by his Turaga counterpart to help investigate a recent Rahkshi attack. Despite protests from Tanma, Takanuva sought out Matoro and asked for his help. The three Toa traveled down the old Bohrok tunnels in the region. They were unable to find a breach in the light barriers, but while the two Toa of Light were going back up, Matoro discovered that the Rahkshi were using armor of Shadow to bypass the light barrier. Takanuva and Tanma joined him in fighting them. After defeating a large group of invading Rahkshi, the group discovered Teridax was still alive, and planned to take revenge on the Kingdom. In the fight, Tanma was killed, and Takanuva revealed to Matoro that he died in his world. Teridax decided to absorb Matoro so that he could try and use Matoro's knowledge and connection to the Ignika. Matoro let himself be absorbed by Teridax, knowing that Teridax's will had been weakened greatly after his plan failed. Once absorbed, Matoro fought back inside Teridax's mind, ultimately killing both of them. Takanuva then returned to the surface, and told the Kingdom's ruling council of what had happened. A statue would later be erected in honor of Matoro.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Abilities and Traits[]

While a Matoran, Matoro had served as Turaga Nuju's translator and trusted aide, and he could understand Nuju's strange bird calls. When translating for Nuju, he would strike a narrator's pose, with his legs apart, head back and use a deep and booming voice to relay Nuju's wisdom. Unlike most other Ko-Matoran, Matoro was not antisocial, but instead was very friendly towards others. When he became a Toa, Matoro felt that his job as a translator had not prepared him for being a Toa nearly as much as the other Toa Inika, most of whom had backgrounds as athletes or warriors. Despite his fear, he did his best to fulfill his new duties.

Constantly burdened with the amount of secrets he was intended to keep, Matoro struggled with being unable to tell his friends, though he ultimately knew that revealing anything would endanger them, something he was not willing to do. His secrecy led some of the other Toa, such as Hahli and Jaller, to think that Matoro refused to share secrets with them on purpose, even though they were friends.

During his time as a Toa, and the experiences in searching for the mask, Matoro slowly began taking charge, filling the role of the leader. Jaller, who naturally emerged as the leader, felt conflicted about Matoro's attitude, though the two amicably resolved their differences.

As a Toa Inika, Matoro could control Elemental Ice powers that were combined with non-elemental Lightning. Due to this, he could not create ice without it being laced with electricity, but he could control existing ice without this problem. Matoro's lightning abilities disappeared when he became a Toa Mahri. He instead gained the ability to breathe exclusively water. When he was transformed into a Toa Mahri, Matoro lost the ability to wear regular Kanohi.[14]

Because he was a destined bearer and user of the Kanohi Ignika, Matoro was not cursed by the mask, and was also one of the only ones that could access its power.

Mask and Tools[]

As a Toa Inika, Matoro's mask was the Kanohi Iden, the Mask of Spirit. It allowed him to release his astral form, which could pass through solid objects unimpeded and fly at great speed, but was invisible to others (except those who have the Kanohi Rode and Elda). Matoro's astral form could not be affected by any physical attack, but neither could he make a physical attack or communicate with anyone other than those mentioned before. The mask also made Matoro's body vulnerable to intrusion to other disembodied spirits while his own was away.

Matoro's tool was the Energized Ice Sword, which could release blasts of pure energy as well as focus his Elemental Powers. He also carried a Zamor Sphere launcher built by Velika.

As a Toa Mahri, he wielded the Kanohi Tryna, the Mask of Reanimation. This allowed him to cause dead bodies to piece themselves back together and follow his mental commands. Maintaining the body's animated state required constant focus for Matoro, though he could still move and talk. Matoro was terrified of this power, and only used it when given no other choice.

His Toa Tool was the dual-bladed Twin Cutter, which was designed to resist extremely cold temperatures. Like the other Toa Mahri, he also carried a Cordak Blaster. Stats[]

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Set Information[]


Matoro was first released in September 2001 as one of six McDonald's promotional BIONICLE toys, which were the eight-piece Matoran of Mata Nui (then "Tohunga"). He featured a Bamboo Disk marked with an image of Toa Kopaka's great Kanohi Akaku, which one could throw from his right hand by pulling back and releasing.

Matoro was next released in 2003 as one of the six twenty-five piece small sets, which that year were the Matoran of Mata Nui in their rebuilt bodies. Spinning a gear on his back caused the set to swing its torso and included a Kolhii Stick, with which it could hit a pucklike piece representing an airstone, or Kolhii ball.

In summer 2006, a forty-seven piece set of Toa Inika Matoro was released. He was one of the only two Toa Inika (the other being Jaller) to have translucent limb pieces. Matoro featured four blue Zamor spheres, though they would have been colored silver by their Energized Protodermis contents in the story.

Matoro was released in the summer of 2007 in his Toa Mahri form consisting of sixty-three pieces. Among his parts were nine Cordak mini-rockets, three of which could be stored on his back while the others were occupying the barrel of his Cordak Blaster. Toa Mahri Matoro could be combined with Toa Mahri Nuparu, Mantax, and Carapar to build a Manutri.

Matoro was released in minifigure form in the 8893 Lava Chamber Gate and 8894 Piraka Stronghold sets of 2006 and the 8927 Toa Terrain Crawler playset of 2007. The Toa Terrain Crawler's Matoro minifigure was in his Toa Mahri form, but depicted him with lime-green eyes and a white Kanohi Volitak, since a minifigure Kanohi Tryna was never produced.

Matoro was also part of the McDonald's BIONICLE "Happy Meal" promotion in 2006 and 2007. The 2006 Toa Inika Matoro toy featured a grappling hook which could be extended or retracted. The Cordak Blaster of the 2007 Toa Mahri Matoro toy instead launched cardboard disks with pictures of Cordak Mini-Rockets when a button on the bottom was pressed.


"He carries a heavy burden. To know so many secrets and be forbidden to share with his friends, even when that knowledge might benefit them. In that way, Matoro has the strength of a Toa."
— Turaga Nuju, Maze of Shadows

"The end is coming, Hydraxon, even as we stand here talking, and everything that lives can sense it. And now everything comes down to one mask and one Toa — me — and maybe I'm just not up to being a hero. So you take it. You save the universe."
— Matoro to Hydraxon, Downfall

"It ends here. One thousand years of fear and violence and darkness even in day... it's time to stop it."
— Matoro to Teridax, Downfall

"Once long ago, a Toa had donned the Ignika and lost his life to save the universe. That Toa had tried to be brave, but there was fear in his heart and he met his end with fear and regret. The Ignika sensed none of this in Matoro — only a will and determination that rivaled even that of Mata Nui himself."
— Narrator, Downfall

"Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory. Sometimes, he has to make a sacrifice so that a lot of people — people he's never met before, and who don't know his name — can live."
Hahli to Kopeke, Downfall

"Already, I can barely remember how it felt to be in battle - or to be lonely - or to feel pain or joy or sadness. I'm going beyond all that now. Yet I remember my friends. The mask lets me see what is happening to them. The Toa Mahri are doomed, and there is nothing a Toa of Ice can do to save them. But I am no longer just a Toa. I am the Mask of Life and it is me. And while I still live, I will use its power... my friends will not die!"
— Matoro, Death of a Hero

"He never thought he was a true Toa-hero... but he turned out to be the greatest of us all."
Kongu, Death of a Hero

"Come, my friends -- let us go and celebrate a Ko-Matoran who became a Toa... and a Toa who saved a universe."
Turaga Vakama, Death of a Hero


  • As a Matoran, Matoro was said to have a good singing voice.[QftT]
  • Matoro was Greg Farshtey's favorite Toa Mahri,[15] as well as his overall favorite character to write about during the 2006-2007 storyline.[16]


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