Denne artikel omhandler the robotic defense devices. Måske leder du efter the Skakdi warlord.

"It's getting our range, we need to withdraw."
"And do what? Come back later when it's deep-asleep? It's a machine!"
Garan and Toa Inika Kongu, Power Play

Nektann (robot)
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Nektann are robotic defense devices named after the Skakdi warlord Nektann.


Built and delivered by the Vortixx, the Nektann were originally used on the island of Zakaz in that island's civil war.Skabelon:CN They were also used to destroy unauthorized airships that enter the sky over Zakaz.[2]

Nektann were also used by the Piraka, who used them to guard their stronghold and other strategic vantage points throughout Voya Nui.[3] Toa Inika Kongu and Nuparu, accompanied by Piruk and Velika, were sighted by an immobile Nektann and came under fire. With Velika's help, Nuparu discovered that the Nektann 's underside was unarmored; using his Earth power, he attacked the Nektann from underground to destroy it.[4]

Shortly thereafter, the Toa Mahri destroyed the Cord and sent Voya Nui back to its original place on the Southern Continent. The status of the Nektann on Voya Nui is unknown.

Abilities and Traits[]

There are two kinds of Nektann: immobile ones mounted on towers set around key locations, and mobile ones that patrol areas. Nektann are completely armored in all places except the bottom.[3] When destroyed, mobile Nektann can reassemble themselves.[5]

The Nektann can fire blasts of energy to attack their opponents.


Fil:VNOLG Nektann.png

The Nektann as seen in the Voya Nui Online Game

Nektann come in two main types, fixed and mobile.[3]


Fixed Nektann are known to come in at least one type:

  • Outpost Nektann


Mobile Nektann are known to come in at least nine types:

  • Scout Nektann
  • Black Nektann
  • Debuff Nektann
  • Combat Nektann
  • Repair Nektann
  • Master Nektann
  • Guardian Nektann
  • Key Master Nektann
  • Defense Nektann

Set Information[]

Fil:VNOG Concept Art 5.jpg

Concept art of a Nektann

An Outpost Nektann is a part of the Piraka Outpost playset. The blunt shooter representing its energy blaster can be fired by pulling its uppermost blade, which is attached to the trigger lever.

Another Nektann was included as part of the Piraka Stronghold playset. The energy blaster of this immobile Nektann was represented using a Zamor Launcher.


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