Skabelon:Media was updated with several new games almost every year, and other sites also include other BIONICLE games occasionally. The following is a list of these games by the story year they were set in.

List of Online Games[]


  • Mata Nui Online Game - The first online game for The game follows Takua during the Quest for the Masks story arc. It was praised in the BIONICLE community and played a major role in BIONICLE's success.
  • Let The Legend Begin - In this game the player flips and matches tiles with pictures of Kanohi on them. Players who beat the game in under 20 flips could enter a competition to win the Toa Mata sets.
  • BIONICLE: Atticmedia - Promotional game, in which the player dodges and kills enemies as one of the Toa Mata.
  • Huai Snowball Sling - This game was originally released as a minigame in the Nintendo Game Boy Advance game, BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa, as an obstacle for Takua to get past before entering Ko-Wahi. It was later placed on the Interactive Demo CD and on The goal of the game is for the player's Matoran to throw snowballs at other players and to be the last one covered in snow.


  • The Battle for Mata Nui - Although originally planned to be released in early 2002, it was not released until 2003 due to technical problems, with only three out of seven levels being available. Its first appearances were on the Bohrok Swarms Promo CD and Toa Nuva Promo CD in early 2002. The game focused on the Toa Mata, Turaga and Matoran of Mata Nui, trying to defend Le-Koro, Ta-Koro, and Ga-Koro against the Bohrok swarms.
  • Mata Nui Explorer (2002) - This online game allowed the player to explore a 3D version of Mata Nui.


Fil:Mata Nui Online Game II.PNG

The main menu for the Final Chronicle

  • Toa Personality Test - Featured on, the game featured ten hypothetical questions, with one answer for each of the Toa Nuva. After the test is taken, the answers are calculated to decide which Toa Nuva the player is most like.
  • The Legend Continues - Released on, this game allowed the player to choose the answer to multiple choice questions, with each choice resulting in a different branch of the story. The story itself featured two Ta-Matoran wanting to find Artakha, a safe haven in Matoran mythology.
  • Mata Nui Explorer (2003) - A game to promote the BIONICLE: Mask of Light movie, this game allowed the player to explore different regions of Mata Nui, and learn about certain Objects and Characters by clicking on them. Some hidden objects were also hidden in each area.
  • Lava Surfing - A game made to promote BIONICLE: Mask of Light. It featured Tahu Nuva on his Lavaboard, navigating left and right in order to avoid obstacles and collect Nuva Symbols.
  • Onua's Memory Challenge - A game made to promote BIONICLE: Mask of Light. In this game, the player had to click Nuva Symbols in the sequence they light up.
  • Kopaka's Ice Trail - A game created to promote BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The goal was to use the mouse to guide a small red dot along a path as quickly as possible, without straying from the line.
  • Pohatu's Matching Pairs - This game was created to promote BIONICLE: Mask of Light. In the game, the player had to flip tablets in order to try to match them.
  • Gali Nuva's Rapid Descent - Created to promote BIONICLE: Mask of Light, this game featured Gali Nuva, trying to land safely on a platform in the Endless Ocean without crashing.
  • Forest Flyer - Made to promote BIONICLE: Mask of Light, this game featured Lewa Nuva flying through the skies of Le-Wahi using his Air Katana, while trying to avoid clouds.


  • Stop the Morbuzakh! - A downloadable, arcade-style game featuring Toa Metru Vakama attempting to stop Morbuzakh vines in the Ta-Metru Foundries.
  • Which Toa Are You? - A test game, in which the player needed to answer a few questions to find out which Toa Metru they are.
  • BIONICLE: Colgate - A promotional game sponsored by Colgate. It featured Toa Metru Vakama, Matau, and Whenua, trying to collect various Kanoka while avoiding moving obstacles.


Fil:Rhotuka Spinner Challenge Gameplay.png

Rhotuka Spinner Challenge gameplay


  • Draw a Piraka - Promotional game, which objective is to draw a piraka. But there is a spooky surprise at the end.
  • Island Investigation - Part of the "Free the Band" promotion, featured on The player, as a Matoran connected telepathically to Toa Inika Kongu, searches for items and solves puzzles to help find the All-American Rejects band.
Fil:VNOLG Chapter 6.png

The Chapter 6 opening of the Voya Nui Online Game

  • Voya Nui Adventure - An arcade-style game featured on as part of the "Free the Band" promotion. It featured the Toa Inika trying to beat the Piraka in order to train for rescuing the All-American Rejects band.
  • Piraka Attack - An arcade style game released on The player would choose one of the six Piraka and then use Zamor spheres to re-enslave the Matoran of Voya Nui.
  • Voya Nui Online Game - A turn-by-turn online game released on The player would choose a Toa Inika, and then complete various tasks and win battles until the Kanohi Ignika was discovered.
  • Matoran Escape - An arcade style game similar to Piraka Attack. It involved the Voya Nui Resistance Team attempting to escape the Piraka.
  • Inika Island Assault - An arcade style game, featuring the Toa Inika. The player would choose a Toa Inika, and then try to reach the end of each level, and defeat each level's Piraka.


Fil:Command The Toa Mahri - The Final Challenge.PNG

The menu of Command the Toa Mahri

  • Barraki Teaser Game - A promotional game put on in early 2007. The player controlled a light, and used octagonal stones to unlock doors that the Barraki were behind.
  • Creeps from the Deep - A fast-paced game hosted on The player controlled a Matoran of Mahri Nui slicing through Airweed to escape the Barraki.
  • Sea Survival - A promotional game hosted on Players could win one Barraki set, or all Barraki and Nocturn. The game was later re-written with new sprites and released as 2009 game Sands of Time, without any prizes for high scorers.
  • Barraki Platform Game - A platform game featuring either Kalmah, Mantax, or Pridak trying to reach golden masks.
  • BIONICLE Mahri: Hewkii - A promotional game featured on The game's goal was to defeat each Barraki boss with Toa Mahri Hewkii.
  • Command Toa Hewkii - One of the "Command the Toa Mahri" series of online games, featured on both and It featured Toa Mahri Hewkii defending himself with his Aqua Warblade long enough to gain ammunition for his Cordak Blaster.
  • Command Toa Hahli - The second game of the "Command the Toa Mahri" series, featuring Toa Mahri Hahli chasing down each of the Barraki while avoiding obstacles and Creatures.
  • Command Toa Kongu - The third game of the "Command the Toa Mahri" series. The goal was for Toa Mahri Kongu to reach some ammunition for his Cordak Blasters by launching jets of water out of them.
  • Command Toa Jaller - The fourth game of this series, featuring Toa Mahri Jaller defending a stone wall from the Barraki and Maxilos with his Hahnah Crab.
  • Command Toa Nuparu - The fifth game of its series, featuring Toa Mahri Nuparu defending himself from attacks by the Barraki and Maxilos with his Shield.
  • Command Toa Matoro - The sixth game of the "Command the Toa Mahri" series, featuring Toa Mahri Matoro navigating over obstacles to reach Cordak ammunition.
  • Command The Toa Mahri - The Final Challenge - The seventh and final game of its series. The goal was to successfully finish the last level of all six other games, and then use each Toa Mahri whose level was finished to destroy the Cord.


Fil:Mistika Level Builder.png

The BIONICLE: Mistika level creator

  • Battle For Power - A group of ten games, wherein the player controls either a Phantoka or a Matoran.
  • BIONICLE: Mistika - A racing game featured on, where the player controls either a Mistika or one of the Battle Vehicles.
  • Mistika: Swamp of Secrets - A promotional series of four games hosted on, featuring the Mistika and the Axalara T9.


Fil:GA Outskirt Area.png

The outskirts in Glatorian Arena

  • BIONICLE Campaign - A side-quest in My LEGO Network, in which LEGO Club members play as the Hero Agori, trying to help Vulcanus protect itself against the Bone Hunters.
  • Glatorian Arena - A 3D fighting game featuring Glatorian and Agori. The game had an online version, as well as downloadable versions for both PC and Macintosh.
  • Prepare for Battle - A game posted on to promote the Glatorian Legends.
  • Glatorian Arena 2 - An updated version of Glatorian Arena featuring the Glatorian Legends as characters, among other additions and changes.
  • Sands of Time - A promotional game hosted by The game features Gresh, as he battles against multiple enemies on screen. The game uses virtually the same coding as the 2007 game Sea Survival, but different sprites for the characters.
  • Glatorian Arena 3 - The third installment of the Glatorian Arena series, featuring updates such as new locations and fighting moves, among other updates.


  • Agori Defender - A tower defender style game made to promote the BIONICLE Stars product line.

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