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The Piraka Commercials were a series of CGI-animated videos depicting the Piraka in a heavily stylized rendering of the Piraka Stronghold. These animations continued to be available on in the Story Archive and until 2009, when all content from 2001 to 2006 was removed and was deleted. The commercials were mainly used to advertise the Piraka sets of that year and to portray the Piraka as violent thugs. Because of their focus, the videos took artistic liberties not shared by the canonical storyline.


Fil:Hakann Promo Screenshot.png

Hakann glares through the bars.

A burning fuse leads to a canister which explodes and deposits the pieces that make up Hakann into position to form the Piraka. Once completely joined, Hakann starts towards the camera but is stopped by sliding bars. A piece falls on his head while he growls angrily. The animation ends with a stylized image of Hakann and his promotional nickname "The Bully".


Vezok challenges a mechanical Rahi in the training room of the Piraka Stronghold. He rides the bull, destroying it in the process. The animation ends with a stylized image of Vezok and his promotional nickname "The Beast". (In some versions, Vezok is shown kicking the Rahi's Hau onto the floor as it ends.)

Fil:Vezok Promo Screenshot.png

Vezok rides the bull.


Fil:CGI Three-Blade Scissor In Use.png

Zaktan slices with his Three-Bladed Scissor.

Zaktan flexes menacingly in front of a dirty mirror but becomes bothered by a small Rahi fly buzzing around him. Angered, Zaktan produces a flower out of his Zamor Launcher and it attracts the fly. Zaktan then makes short work of the Rahi by skillfully and swiftly slicing it into pieces with his Three-Bladed Scissor. The fly falls to the floor in a neat pattern. The animation ends with a stylized image of Zaktan and his promotional nickname "The Snake". (In some versions after the stylized image of Zaktan there is a worm's eye view of Zaktan stepping on what is presumed to be the Rahi he diced.)


Fil:Avak Promo Screenshot.png

Avak assembles the weapon.

In his weapons workshop, Avak combines Hakann's Lava Launcher, Thok's Ice Gun and his own Seismic Pickaxe tipped with a Zamor Sphere. He aims the weapon but is blown back into another part of the shop by the kickback from the weapon. Avak shakes his head, dazed from the impact. The animation ends with a stylized image of Avak and his promotional nickname "The Trigger".


Fil:Reidak Promo Screenshot.png

Reidak lures the claw.

Reidak sidesteps a large mechanical claw which is attempting to grab him. The Piraka unfurls a red cape from his Buzz Saw in the style of a matador and lures the claw towards him. The claw reaches for the cape and shakes it violently. Having reached too far, Reidak takes the opportunity to damage it with a swift blow of his Buzz Saw and places his foot upon it triumphantly. The animation ends with a stylized image of Reidak and his promotional nickname "The Tracer".


Fil:Thok Promo Screenshot.png

Thok in camera view

A camera's view of Thok picking something off his foot on a couch is shown. Thok takes note of the tiny four-legged camera apparatus and smiles grimly for a photo. The animation ends with a stylized image of Thok and his promotional nickname "The Drifter". (In some versions, Thok is shown activating something on the couch which brings the arm of the couch (tipped with a hammer) down on the camera, crushing it.)

Piraka "Gang is on the Loose" Animation[]


The Piraka venture outside.

This animation depicts the Piraka gearing up for a venture into the outside world. A mechanical device installs Vezok's spine, while a plus rod is inserted into Reidak's head. Reidak fires his Zamor at Avak, who catches it with his Seismic Pickaxe. He is pushed away by the sudden appearance of Hakann in a large hanging cage. Elsewhere, Zaktan admires himself in the mirror and Thok lounges on a couch, blowing bubbles from gum. Hakann breaks out his cage and lifts the garage door, allowing himself and the other Piraka to exit into a brightly lit exterior space.

Police Line-Up Animation[]

Fil:Police Promo Screenshot.png

The Piraka Line-Up

The Piraka line-up with their hands supposedly bound behind their backs. The flashing cameras irritate them, and at Zaktan's command, they each wield their weapon towards the police desk. The animation ends with an exploding brick image of the stylized Piraka text and an advertisement for


  • For a split second, when the camera preforms a close up on Reidak's face, an image of Voya Nui can be seen in his eye.
  • When the machine gives Vezok his spine, the pin that connects his head to his spine is missing.

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