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"Enough! I am Toa Pohatu, Uniter of Stone! Look around you! This is my house!"
— Pohatu to Elemental Beasts, The Dark Portal


Pohatu, the Master of Stone, later known as the Uniter of Stone, is one of the six Toa summoned to Okoto.


Arrival on Okoto[]

After the Protectors recited the Prophecy of Heroes, Pohatu and the other Toa fell from the sky as comets and landed on Okoto.[15A, Ep. 1] Guided by the wise Nilkuu, Pohatu journeyed through Okoto's desert for weeks to find the Golden Mask of Stone. He retrieved the mask from the Stone Shrine and used its enhanced elemental power to save Nilkuu from Skull Spiders.[15A, Ep. 6]

Fil:Animation Pohatu Claiming Golden Mask.png

Pohatu claiming the Golden Mask of Stone

After successfully recovering the Golden Mask of Stone, Pohatu then traveled to the City of the Mask Makers. In order to reach his destination, he traveled through a mountain range, where he encountered a pair of lost cubs and saved them from several Skull Spiders. Though not looking for pets, Pohatu's sense of honor wouldn't allow him to leave them alone, and he allowed them to accompany him as he continued his journey. They were later attacked by the cubs' mother under the control of a Skull Spider, which Pohatu managed to dislodge, reuniting the family. They then accompanied him to the end of the range, and after an awkward farewell Pohatu departed from them, grateful to have found some new friends.Skabelon:ComicCitation

There, he met Gali, Onua, and Lewa, all of whom had found golden masks of their own. The Ice Toa Kopaka arrived and began to take charge, until the Fire Toa Tahu arrived, declaring himself the leader of the team. Tahu and Kopaka had a brief conflict, until Onua forced the two of them to quit fighting. While the other Toa discussed who should lead the team, Pohatu noticed the Lord of Skull Spiders approaching and warned them.[15A, Ep. 9] He attempted to defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders on his own, but was struck by one of its webs. At Onua's suggestion, Pohatu joined the other Toa in a combined assault and defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders. Before entering the city, Pohatu noticed an empty pedestal and wondered about its past usage. Tahu then received a vision from Ekimu, urging the Toa to find his resting place. The Toa proceeded into the city, although Pohatu expressed trepidation.[15A, Ep. 10]

Battling Skull Creatures[]

Tahu set off a trap that locked the Toa in a courtyard. Skull Warriors fired down from atop a wall, and more Skull Warriors emerged from the ground. Onua buried these Skull Warriors, collapsing the entrance bridge in the process. Lewa then knocked the Skull Warriors off of the wall to be defeated, and Pohatu broke through the door with a boulder.[15A, Ep. 11] Pohatu and the other Toa followed Kopaka, although Lewa broke off to investigate an Arena he had discovered. Pohatu's group became lost, and happened across the arena, where they found Lewa and Skull Slicer, who had stolen his mask.[15A, Ep. 12] Following Skull Slicer into the arena, Pohatu, along with the rest of the Toa, encountered Skull Slicer, who used Lewa's mask. Pohatu decided to stay with Lewa, but managed to pin Skull Slicer to some of the pillars protruding from the Arena floor while other Toa managed to defeat Skull Slicer. However, Onua's hammer broke the lever which was used in the arena game, and caused the arena to collapse onto the Toa.[15A, Ep. 13]

The Toa found themselves in the rubble of the fallen arena, and Pohatu complained that he didn't sign up for the mission. This ignited a conversation of the past events the Toa went through and what their true purpose was, which led the Toa to come to the conclusion that it was their duty to protect Okoto. When Lewa noticed a breeze, Onua used his Earth power to free the Toa from the debris.[15A, Ep. 14] The group emerged into the graveyard, where they began looking for the tomb of Ekimu. However, they came across a pair of Skull Scorpios, whom Pohatu had developed a dislike for from their previous encounter. His Golden Mask of Stone was soon stolen by the Scorpios, who defeated most of the other Toa.[15A, Ep. 15] Lewa was able to collapse a stone monument from Ekimu's tomb on the two Scorpios, crushing them and liberating Pohatu's mask. Inside Ekimu's tomb, the Toa discovered his sarcophagus and, at the urging of Ekimu's voice, combined their elemental powers to revive the Mask Maker.[15A, Ep. 16]

At Ekimu's urging, they then traveled to the Forge of the Mask Makers to stop the evil Skull Grinder from destroying Ekimu's Mask of Creation. After a brief battle with the Skull Basher, the Toa faced Kulta, the Skull Grinder, who donned Ekimu's mask in order to gain power to defeat them.[15A, Ep. 17] Though he quickly damaged their masks, the Toa were able to hold him off long enough for Ekimu to rebuild his Hammer of Power and strike the Skull Grinder down. Grateful, Ekimu repaired their masks and declared them to be true heroes.[15A, Ep. 18]

The Protectors and the archaeologist Harvali soon appeared as well, and the heroes and their allies began rebuilding the city in preparation for it becoming the new home of the Okotans.[1]

After repairing Ekimu's Tomb, with Onua and Pohatu repairing the sculpture of Ekimu's mask while their teammates dealt with the trapped Skull Scorpios, Pohatu and his teammates joined a mission to rescue two kidnapped children from Pohatu's region. While searching for them, the group traveled through the same mountains Pohatu had crossed on his journey to the city, and Lewa was abducted by a giant Skull Spider-controlled hawk that Pohatu attempted to stop only to be knocked from the sky. They eventually found the children and their teammate in the clutches of the Skull Raiders, and Gali challenged their leader to a battle while the other Toa escaped their cells and attempted to rescue the prisoners. The ensuing battle saw the return of Kulta, but the heroes defeated him and his minions and escaped with former prisoners.[2]

Uniting With Elemental Creatures[]

After receiving new armor, weapons and masks from Ekimu, Pohatu and the rest of the Toa tested their new armor and weapons on a group of Skull Warriors. The Toa were then assigned to go and find their elemental creatures and Golden Masks of Unity. Pohatu traveled to the Region of Stone to find his Golden Mask of Unity but came across Ketar. After a rough battle, Pohatu realized he couldn't defeat Ketar. Pohatu and Ketar then became partners and claimed the Golden Mask of Unity. Once claiming the mask, Pohatu united with Ketar.[JTO, Ep. 1]

Pohatu and the rest of the Toa returned to the City of the Mask Makers, but noticeably Pohatu disregarded Ketar. Ekimu later sent the Toa off to find the Mask of Control, with the Toa going into the Region of Jungle to find the Labyrinth of Control. However, once crossing the sea to get to the island were the labyrinth was located, Pohatu left Ketar behind, later being scolded by the Toa once Onua brought Ketar.

Inside the Labyrinth, Pohatu and the rest of the Toa went through the maze, following a light on the floor to guide their path. Eventually they came to a room where the Toa were to stand on designated spots. However, stone blocks fell from the ceiling. Pohatu decided to combine with Ketar to deal with the stones, but once he destroyed them, he immediately removed Ketar. The Toa stood on their designated spots and went down into a lower room. However, before Pohatu could combine with Ketar again to enter the room, he was assaulted by Umarak, who took Ketar for himself to get the Mask of Control.

Once Umarak exited the Labyrinth with the Mask of Control, Pohatu pursued after him to free Ketar. Umarak was forcefully disconnected from Ketar while Pohatu went to grab the Mask of Control. However, Umarak dangled Ketar over the edge and gave Pohatu a choice: save Ketar or sacrifice the creature to claim the mask. Pohatu saves Ketar, but Umarak scolds him for caring and calls him "weak". Disgruntled by these words, Pohatu related it to the other Toa, but Gali and Lewa disregarded Umarak's words and assured Pohatu of the opposite.[JTO, Ep. 2]

Pohatu and his fellows soon battled the Elemental Beasts under the control of the mutated Umarak, and defended the City of the Mask Makers for a time before leaving to pursue the villain accompanied by a powered up Ekimu. Trailing him to the Region of Stone and the Black Crater, they soon confronted Umarak, whom Pohatu engaged in a brief exchange before being forced to battle more Elemental Beasts. They then faced the villain at the peak of a mountain he had created in preparation for Makuta's return, and were left without their Elemental Powers and soon without their weapons as they faced the monstrous being. However, Gali was able to learn the full contents of the Prophecy of Heroes and thus determine what the Toa needed to do to stop Makuta's escape. Acting on her insight, Pohatu and the others combined their powers to banish Makuta back to the Shadow Realm, but as a result were transported back to the stars from which they had come.[JTO, Ep. 4]

Abilities and Traits[]

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Pohatu is a resolute and stoic Toa. He is the toughest of the Toa, and possesses great strength, which he uses to break and throw rocks. He is also endowed with extreme stamina, and often leads the way into dangerous areas. His stubbornness often leads him into conflict with Tahu and Kopaka. Although Pohatu is extremely brave, he dislikes the dark.[3] Pohatu feels most comfortable in the sand dunes and blazing deserts of Okoto.[3] While not overly fond of animals, he does enjoy the companionship of some,Skabelon:ComicCitation but cannot stand scorpions.[15A, Ep. 15][JTO, Ep. 1]

As the Toa of Stone, Pohatu can control the element of Stone. His signature moves in his original armor were the Kaboom-arang and Sandstorm.[3]

Mask and Tools[]

When he landed on Okoto, Pohatu wore the Mask of Stone.[3] He later exchanged it for the Golden Mask of Stone, which granted him enhanced elemental powers. Later, Ekimu gave him a new mask, the Unity Mask of Stone. This led him to his Golden Unity Mask of Stone that gave him the ability to unite with Ketar.

He was equipped with two large Stormerangs, which become Jetarangs equipped to his feet, as his primary weapons, and a Dagger as his secondary weapon.[3] Later he replaced his old weapons with his new weapon, the Crystal Flail, which contained a Crystal Blade. During the final battle with Umarak, Pohatu lost his new weapon.

Set Information[]


70785 Pohatu - Master of Stone was released in the Winter 2015 product wave, containing 66 pieces. The set includes a Golden Mask of Stone and a blue Skull Spider. He is one of the three smaller-sized Toa figures.

71306 Pohatu Uniter of Stone was released in January of 2016. It contained 90 pieces.


"My will is solid rock."
— Pohatu, Character Animations: Pohatu

"I HATE Scorpios!"
— Pohatu, Beware their Tails

"I don't like scorpions, OK? And they don't like me. When we gotta, we do that unity thing, but until then, we're fine like this."
— Pohatu to Gali, Quest for Unity



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