"I am the Chief Prospector. It's my job to find the ore. It is easy if you follow the Principle of Onu-Koro."
Mamru, The Final Chronicle

Skabelon:MatoranOccupation A Prospector is an Onu-Matoran who works for the Onu-Koro Mining Guild and whose job consists of inspecting and classifying Ore, Protodermis and stone. According to Azibo, the work of a Prospector is based on the Principle of Onu-Koro, Prosperity. Following the Principle requires great determination and skill, but it also brings great wealth.

When Takua visited the Chief Prospector for Mine Shaft 8, he learned of the difficulty the workers and machines were having in their attempt to break through a seemingly impenetrable rock layer at the bottom of Shaft B. He then spoke with a Prospector studying a strange disk embedded in the rock layer and delivered a message from the Prospector to a Ga-Koro Astrologer. Using a Gnomon that the Astrologer gave him, Takua returned to Onu-Koro and solved the mystery of the underground sundial, allowing the Prospectors to continue their work.

After the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal, Hahli assisted Azibo by retrieving his Sluice and met Chief Prospector Mamru.

Chief Prospector[]

The Chief Prospector supervises and assists with the work of other Prospectors, making use of a sophisticated telescopic instrument to manage and oversee work in different areas of the Great Mine.

Known Prospectors[]

Chief Prospectors[]

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