"Our bodies have been changed, but not our hearts. Not our spirits. No matter how we look, every breath we take, we take as heroes in the service of Mata Nui."
— Rahaga Kualus, Origin of the Rahaga

Skabelon:Organization The Rahaga were six diminutive beings, who were once the Toa Hagah team previously assigned to Makuta Teridax. They devoted themselves to saving Rahi whose homes had been invaded by the Visorak horde. They have been changed back to their original forms as Toa Hagah, though they no longer serve Teridax.


Makuta Teridax's Toa Hagah, after learning of his dark intentions for the Great Spirit Mata Nui, led a raid on the Destral Fortress, successfully stealing the Kanohi Avohkii from the Fortress vaults. While they were making their escape, Gaaki, Pouks, Bomonga and Kualus were captured in quick succession by Roodaka. As the four were transferred from Destral to a Visorak fortress, Roodaka experimented upon the four Toa Hagah, mutating them into small, deformed beings. Norik and Iruini, who had evaded capture and escaped Destral, tracked their friends down to where they were held prisoner. After defeating several Dark Hunters, they caught a Suukorak, and interrogated it as to the whereabouts of their allies. The Visorak led them to the site where their teammates were imprisoned, and they bound and left the Visorak along the way.

Fil:Comic Toa Hagah Rahaga Mutation.png

Norik and Iruini being mutated into Rahaga

Arriving upon a cliff overlooking a Visorak encampment, Iruini used his Kanohi Kualsi to transport himself to the prisons. Iruini asked the occupants of the nearest cage where his friends were, not realizing that the short creatures were his teammates. The former Toa Hagah informed him of this, to his shock. Roodaka and an army of Visorak approached the Toa, and Roodaka mocked the small beings, calling them "Rahaga" - a combination of the words "Rahkshi" and "Hagah". Norik, having used his Kanohi Pehkui to sneak into the area, restored himself to normal size, taking Roodaka by surprise. Iruini freed his allies, who then escaped. Norik and Iruini combined their elemental powers to attack Roodaka, and retreated in the confusion. Roodaka launched her Rhotuka at the fleeing Toa, striking them and mutating them into the same diminutive beings as their allies.

Regrouping, the Rahaga decided to hide the stolen Kanohi Avohkii a safe place in the Archives[1][2] close to the Great Temple and turn the Makoki Stone into separate keys, should the mask be needed. After that, the six friends set out on a quest to capture and save Rahi from the Visorak hordes of Roodaka and Sidorak. Along the way, they searched for Keetongu, a legendary Rahi skilled in the ways of venoms and their antidotes. Their travels eventually took them to Metru Nui, where they intended to engage in a final battle with the Visorak. The Rahaga hid in the Archives for some years and thus witnessed the events which took place in the city, such as the Great Cataclysm, the departure of the Toa Metru to find a safe haven, and the arrival of the Visorak.

Fil:WoS Captive Rahaga.PNG

The Rahaga (excluding Norik) held hostage in Visorak webbing

When the Toa Metru returned to the city to rescue the Matoran and were mutated into the Toa Hordika, the Rahaga saved them from a fatal fall and then introduced themselves and explained the Toa's mutation. The Rahaga also helped the Hordika to master their new powers and fought alongside them in the quest to save the sleeping Matoran kept in the Coliseum. Shortly after their transformation into Toa Hordika, Norik's words inspired the Toa Hordika to seek out Turaga Dume, whom the Toa had been forced to abandon before. The Rahaga later sent the Toa on a quest to find the Makoki Stone to obtain Kanohi Avohkii, which was safely retrieved and hidden in stone.

As the Toa Hordika decided to find material for Airships to carry the Matoran to safety, the Rahaga helped scavenge material and go on scouting missions against the Visorak. With the aid of Krahka and a Tahtorak, the Rahaga and Toa Hordika engaged in a battle against the Visorak which ended with the Toa and Rahaga capturing a tower which they used as a base after the Rahaga showed the Toa how to charge it with their elemental energy. Following this, the Rahaga accompanied the Toa Hordika back to their Metru where they faced Visorak along the Ga-Metru coast, among the Knowledge Towers, and in the Archives, before finally all reuniting after Matau's and Nokama's failed expedition to scout the Coliseum.

Fil:WoS Rahaga in Battle for Metru Nui.png

The Rahaga contributing to the Battle for Metru Nui

The Rahaga and the Toa Hordika, having collected everything they needed to escape with the Matoran, decided to go to the Great Temple in an attempt to find a way to locate Keetongu, who could reverse the Toa's mutation. Vakama, overcome by the bestial rage brought on by the mutation, betrayed his friends and joined Roodaka, attacking the Rahaga while they were searching the Great Temple for information about Keetongu, some of which they managed to translate. Vakama buried Norik alive in the debris from the temple and captured Iruini, Gaaki, Kualus, Bomonga, and Pouks as proof of his worth to the horde, taking them to the Coliseum. After he was dug out of the rubble, Norik and the other Toa Hordika eventually found Keetongu and attacked the Coliseum. While the Toa Hordika fought the Visorak and returned Vakama to their side, Norik went on to free the other Rahaga who then aided in the battle. The Toa finally defeated Roodaka, who managed to escape, and Vakama, having returned to their side, ordered the Visorak to leave the city. Keetongu then restored the Toa Hordika into the Toa Metru, and together they placed the Matoran Spheres into Airships. The Toa Metru then set off to the island of Mata Nui with the Matoran, and the Rahaga remained in Metru Nui.

During this time, they helped Turaga Dume rebuild much of the city, and occasionally left to visit other islands and help the citizens there to recover from the Visorak. With the help of Keetongu and the Turaga, they also managed to defeat a small group of Visorak that were separated from the main horde. They still were in the city by the time the Turaga of Mata Nui, the Matoran, and the Toa Nuva finally returned to Metru Nui, although they left soon afterwards. The Rahaga then traveled to Xia to help save its residents from the battle between the Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon. While there, they encountered the Toa Nuva, who had captured Roodaka. Though the Rahaga refused her help, Roodaka recognized what the Toa Nuva expected of her, and used her powers to transform the Rahaga back into their forms as Toa Hagah.


Toa Tool(s)
Norik (leader) Rahaga Staff
Rhotuka Launcher
Snare Rhotuka
Bomonga (deputy leader)[3] Rahaga Staff
Rhotuka Launcher
Silent Rhotuka
Gaaki Rahaga Staff
Rhotuka Launcher
Floater Rhotuka
Iruini Rahaga Staff
Rhotuka Launcher
Snag Rhotuka
Pouks Rahaga Staff
Rhotuka Launcher
Bolo Rhotuka
Kualus Rahaga Staff
Rhotuka Launcher
Boomerang Rhotuka

The Rahaga as sets

Set Information[]

The six Rahaga sets were released in early 2005, as the small sets of the year. Each set contained twenty-eight pieces, and introduced the Rhotuka, circular projectiles. Each set contained a single Rhotuka, the launcher components, and a ripcord, which was used to launch the Rhotuka.


"Roodaka did this. She did it, and she laughed. The others may be here to save Rahi from the Visorak or search for some creature from an old Matoran tale. Me? I'm here to make sure Roodaka never laughs again."
— Rahaga Iruini to Toa Hordika Matau, Challenge of the Hordika

Fil:WoS Rahaga in Flight.png

The Rahaga in flight in Web of Shadows


  • BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows features various non-canon aspects of the Rahaga designs and abilities. In place of Rhotuka launchers, helicopter-like rotor blades were mounted on the Rahaga's backs. The Rahaga also each bore retractable lights on their heads. Finally, Norik was the only Rahaga who wielded a staff.
  • Building instructions for the Rahaga feature unused names for five of the six characters: Norik is called Tahkon, Iruini is called Lahka, Bomonga is called Nuukor, Kualus is called Kuuls, and Pouks is called Puks.


Books Comics Online Multimedia




  • Comic 21: Dreams of Darkness (FA) (centerfold only)
  • Comic 22: Monsters in the Dark
  • Comic 23: Vengeance of the Visorak
  • Comic 24: Shadow Play
  • Comic 25: Birth of the Rahaga
  • Comic 26: Hanging by a Thread
  • Comic 27: Fractures

Story Serials


  • The Search for the Mask of Light

Short Stories

  • The Dweller Report



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