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The Rahaga Staffs were the primary weapons of the Rahaga. When Roodaka mutated Teridax's Toa Hagah into Rahaga, their spears were transformed into these miniature staffs.[1]Skabelon:ComicCitation[2] The tools were restored to their original forms when the Rahaga were transformed back into Toa.Skabelon:OnlineCitationSkabelon:OnlineCitation

List of Staffs[]

Picture User Power
Fil:Rahaga Staff Bomonga Set.JPG Rahaga Bomonga Detecting Rahi through vibrations in the earth
Fil:Rahaga Staff Gaaki Set.JPG Rahaga Gaaki Acting as a bait for aquatic Rahi by striking the water with it
Fil:Rahaga Staff Iruini Set.JPG Rahaga Iruini Hypnotizing Rahi
Fil:Rahaga Staff Kualus Set.JPG Rahaga Kualus Sending a high-pitched signal to flying Rahi, summoning or
warning them
Fil:Rahaga Staff Norik Set.JPG Rahaga Norik Distracting Rahi for a limited amount of time
Fil:Rahaga Staff Pouks Set.JPG Rahaga Pouks Leaving an invisible mark on the Rahi to be traced

Example Usage[]

In The Dweller Report, Rahaga Kualus used his Rahaga Staff to summon Metru Nui's last flock of Ice Bats to distract the Visorak.

In Monsters in the Dark, Rahaga Norik used his staff to catch Toa Hordika Vakama's cocoon.

Set Information[]

The Rahaga Staffs consisted of two pieces each and were released in the six Rahaga sets: 4868 Gaaki, 4869 Pouks, 4870 Kualus, 4877 Norik, 4878 Bomonga, and 4879 Iruini.


  • In Web of Shadows, Norik's staff could fire a type of energy blast that allowed him to free the other Rahaga. This has been confirmed to be non-canon.[3]


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