Skabelon:EraG1 Dette tilfælde af Skabelon:IKSK er ikke konfigureret korrekt. Kig venligst på dokumentationen for instrukser. Skabelon:NonCanon Skabelon:Online/VideoGame The Rhotuka Spinner Challenge was an online game based off the 2005 Rhotuka set feature.

Arena Challenge[]

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If the player selected "Arena Challenge", the game would choose a random user for the opponent, and the player's pre-arranged Arena Strategy will be matched against the opponent's. The player's Attack choices was compared to the opponents Defenses, and vice-versa. A "Low" Attack would be blocked by a "Low" defense, but would get past a "High" or a "Medium", and so on. The player could either watch the battle or skip forward to the results.

Arena Strategy[]

To play in Arena Challenge, or be chosen for another player's Arena Challenge, the player had to set up an Arena Strategy. The player chose his area (USA, Europe, or Asia), a character, attack/defense strategies, and a taunt. The Arena Strategy was used for Arena Challenges, and could be edited at any time.


The player's profile included wins, losses, draws, and total battles.

Attack and Defense[]

The player then chose six attack moves and six defense moves, choosing from High, Medium, and Low for each.


The player would also choose a taunt to say if victorious at the end of the battle.

Toa Hordika[]

  • "Metru Nui will never be yours!"
  • "Crawl back into your holes!"
  • "We'll crush you like the insects you are!"
  • "Run away, bugs, Roodaka is calling!"
  • "You're a horde of cowards!"
  • "You'll make some bird a fine meal!"
  • "You couldn't conquer a crafter's hut!"
  • "Why don't you stick to menacing flies!"
  • "Hope you're going to clean up all this web when you leave!"
  • "Foul monsters!"


  • "There is nowhere you can run!"
  • "The horde rules all!"
  • "For Sidorak and conquest!"
  • "Do you like your new shapes, Hordika?"
  • "You will make good beasts!"
  • "We will let you live and suffer."
  • "No one defeats the Visorak!"
  • "How does it feel to be doomed, Toa?"
  • "First, you will be Hordika... and then the Matoran!"
  • "Toa are weaklings and cowards!"


  • Mouse - Navigate through menus
  • Left Click - Select different options


The player must choose a character, either a Visorak or a Toa Hordika. At first, only four of each group is available. To unlock the others, the player must battle another player that has already unlocked the locked characters.

Toa Hordika[]


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