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The Rorzakh were the Vahki of Onu-Metru and the first Vahki model to be constructed in Metru Nui.


Fil:CGI Vahki Rorzakh.png

A Vahki Rorzakh in the Vahki Promo Animation

The Rorzakh were designed by Nuparu and built by Po-Matoran to act as enforcers of law as ordered by Turaga Dume.

When Toa Metru Whenua and Nuju journeyed below the Archives to find the Onu-Metru Great Disk, the Rorzakh searched for the two Toa after hearing large amounts of noise caused by them. However, they failed to find the Toa as they had already recovered the Great Disk and left.

In the events before the Great Cataclysm, Nuju, Whenua and Onewa were captured by Rorzakh in the Coliseum, despite Vakama bringing a statue of Toa Lhikan down on most of the Vahki. When they attempted to escape, one of the Rorzakh used its Staff of Presence on Whenua. The Rorzakh were then able to coordinate their movements to trap the renegade Toa in a cell of the Prison of the Dark Hunters. When the six Toa Metru fled Metru Nui to find a refuge for the Matoran, they battled and destroyed a troop of Rorzakh, which impeded their progress.

Although Teridax later drained all energy from the Vahki Hives, some Rorzakh survived. These Rorzakh encountered Matau trapped in webbing and tried to kill him, but were distracted by Whenua using his Earthshock Drills, and ended up being crushed by dirt. As the Toa Metru left, the Rorzakh began to reform. However, all Rorzakh have since been destroyed by the Visorak swarms.[1]

Abilities and Traits[]

Fil:Comic Toa Metru Escorted by Rorzakh.png

Rorzakh escorting Nuju, Whenua, and Onewa to prison

Though not the fastest or strongest Vahki, Rorzakh were made to simply be efficient and hard-working; instead, they came out overzealous to the extreme. Rorzakh were so committed to never giving up on a chase that they would rather risk destruction than let an offender get away. There were stories about Rorzakh plunging into mine shafts to catch fleeing criminals, free-falling to their destruction. Their preferred tactic was to simply keep chasing their target and wait until they were too exhausted to keep running, then attempt to capture them.[VOA] In later models, Nuparu attempted to dial back some of this self-destructive devotion to duty, but the results usually ended up worse than before.


Rorzakh were outfitted with Staffs of Presence, as well as Disk Launchers built into their heads.

Set Information[]

Fil:Set Vahki Rorzakh.jpg

Rorzakh in set form

8618 Rorzakh was released as a set in the summer of 2004 and consisted of thirty-three pieces, including an Onu-Metru Kanoka. It could be combined with Nuurakh and Vorzakh to create a Kranua.

Later that year, a special edition Rorzakh set was released in Target stores, including a Disk of Time in place of the Onu-Metru Kanoka Disk, as well as a gold Kanohi Vahi.



Fil:Comic Rorzakh.png

A squad of Rorzakh in the Comics

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