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2003 was the third year of BIONICLE sets.


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Continuing the winter/summer divide established in 2002, the next year introduced two waves of villains for the Toa Nuva to face. Capitalizing on the success of the Bohrok, six upgraded versions were introduced, the Bohrok-Kal. The Kal were designed and released in response to the popularity of the original Bohrok, acting as a stop-gap while plans for the theme expanded.Skabelon:CN

The six small sets released featured upgraded versions of the Matoran characters, some only previously having been featured in other media and never physically produced.

The summer wave debuted the villainous Rahkshi canister sets, who were the primary antagonists of the first feature-length BIONICLE movie. Alongside the Rahkshi were the The Rahkshi were re-released near the end of 2003 with specially colored "Shadow Kraata" replacing their normal ones.

Four large box sets were also released alongside the Rahkshi. Unlike the previous large sets, which only featured alternate models, the 2003 large sets were able to be used in combiner models; one of these combiner models, Takutanuva, would later be released as its own set in two different versions, one with an exclusive mask included.

Featured Elements[]

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The Kal utilized all of the same features of the Bohrok, with new silver armor, and also contained new colors of the collectible Krana, called the Krana-Kal. In addition to the new collectibles, special variations existed that were randomly included in Kal sets; 5000 "White Metal Krana-Kal" and seventy-two "Sterling Silver Krana-Kal" were released through this method, and each came numbered for authentication. The Bohrok canisters were identical to the ones from 2002, with the clip to hang from the canister ceiling.

The six Matoran sets, instead of using the previous disc-throwing function, contained Kolhii staffs and pucks, and had geared torsos to enact the scoring game (resembling the Hockey subtheme of LEGO Sports, which shared pieces and elements from BIONICLE).

The Rahkshi possessed geared arms to swing staffs, and had the most articulation of sets at the time. Introduced with the Rahkshi were the collectible Kraata, which had over 250 different color variations. The Rahkshi

Two of the Kanohi introduced in 2003 were redesigned from previous years; rather than using a stud, these used by a Technic axle, creating a more secure connection.


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