Skabelon:EraG2 Skabelon:Set Set 71310 Umarak the Hunter is a large set released in early 2016, featuring Umarak and the Mask of Control.

Product Description[]


Set Information[]

The set was released in January 2016 in the United States and some countries in Europe, and contains 172 pieces.

Umarak can unite with any of the other six Elemental Creatures released in early 2016 through the Piece of Unification attached to his back.

Using pieces from Umarak's shoulder armor, his claws, and some extra pieces included with the set, it is possible to build a Shadow Trap. Parts of this set can also be combined with 71309 Onua Uniter of Earth to build a Shadow Spawn. Alternatively, pieces from Umarak can be combined with other sets to build Makuta's Shadow Titan form.


A knob on the back of the model allows turning Umarak's torso clockwise or counterclockwise.

By turning the bow shaft of Umarak's Bone Hunting Bow Shooter, it will launch round 1x1 LEGO studs.

Umarak's mask can be detached from his head by pushing down on the back of his eyestalk.


The set includes a blended trans-bright green-and-black Hunter Mask, and the Mask of Control.


See also[]

  • 71316 Umarak the Destroyer

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