Skabelon:EraG1 Skabelon:Set Set 8545 Whenua is a small set released in 2001 portraying Turaga Whenua.

Set Information[]

The Whenua set was released in 2001 as one of the six Turaga sets. The set consists of twenty-nine pieces.

By combining pieces from Whenua with 8540 Vakama, 8541 Matau, 8542 Onewa, 8543 Nokama, and 8544 Nuju, one can build a Turaga Nui, though official instructions were never released.


A lever is present on Whenua's back, connected to his right arm, so lowering it causes him to lift his Drill of Onua. The arm is automatically lowered due to a rubber band connecting the lever to his neck.


Whenua wears a dark gray Noble Ruru.


8545 Pohatu scored a total of 67 on Brick Insights, indicating poor reviews.

See also[]

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