Skabelon:EraG1 Skabelon:Set Set 8615 Bordakh is a canister set released in late 2004, portraying Bordakh, the Vahki of Ga-Metru.

Product Description[]


Set Information[]

The Bordakh set was released in late 2004 as one of six Vahki sets. The set contains thirty-three pieces. By combining its pieces with those from 8617 Zadakh and 8619 Keerakh, one can create the Kraahu.


By turning a gear on Bordakh's back, its staffs will swing back and forth.

A Bordakh can be converted from a bipedal form to a spider-like quadrupedal form by repositioning its limbs.

Kanoka disks can be launched from a Disk Launcher embedded in Bordakh's mouth. The included disk also glows in the dark.


The set includes a Ga-Metru Kanoka Disk marked with Kanoka Code 225. It also contains a printed card that depicts a Bordakh-themed Kanoka on one side and a longer Kanoka Club code on the other.

Late releases at U.S. Target stores included gold copies of the Kanohi Vahi and the Disk of Time, but no Ga-Metru Kanoka.


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