Fil:TLR Bara Magna Planet.png

Bara Magna, rendered a separate planet by the Shattering

Aftermath of the Shattering[]

When the Shattering broke Spherus Magna into three pieces, many Agori, Glatorian, and others were stranded on Bara Magna, far from their homelands; the Element Lords were trapped somewhere in the Northern Region of the fragment.

Tarix and Kiina led a platoon of the Water Tribe far south to the Sea of Liquid Sand. Many died en route, but those who survived established the village of Tajun. Kiina considered returning to her homeland, but stayed to protect the Agori.

The Agori of the Jungle Tribe remained deeply divided over political matter of the Core War (some favored the war, and some were opposed), and decided they did not want to live together. Their elders issued a challenge: whichever faction built the quickest and best settlement would be allowed to live in the small pocket of jungle on Bara Magna. However, the elders carefully arranged for neither side to have sufficient resources, forcing them to turn to each other for help. The cooperation healed the rift in the tribe as they worked to create the "twin villages" of Tesara.

Metus accompanied the last fragment of the Ice Tribe that moved south to Iconox. Here, they discovered rich deposits of exsidian, which Metus began to sell to the other villages.

The Fire Tribe, boasting the largest population on Bara Magna (next to the Rock Tribe) took up residence in Vulcanus.

Sahmad and Telluris were also stranded on Bara Magna. Sahmad became a desert bandit, utilizing his Baranus V7; Telluris studied Skopio creatures and created the Skopio XV-1 machine, with which he began attacking people traversing the desert, such as the Bone Hunters.

Soon, the Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Jungle Tribe, and Ice Tribe began fighting over resources, such as the exsidian peddled by Metus. Seeking to avert another war, Tarix, Vastus, Ackar, and Certavus developed the Arena Matches using new Glatorian fighters. Tarix convinced the Glatorian to agree to the plan, and Ackar the Agori. Meanwhile, the Sand Tribe lived in the ruins of the wastelands, foraging for food, and began to regress into primal Vorox and Zesk. North of the Black Spike Mountains, the Skrall race and their Rock Tribe following established a secluded empire.

Continuation of the Arena Match System[]

Fil:Comic Arena Magna.PNG

The Arena Magna, site of many thousands of Great Tournaments

Resources slowly dwindled, but thanks to the arena matches, the tribes avoided war. The Great Tournament began in the free city of Atero, and was won by Tarix and Vastus, among others.

Certavus provided training to both Vastus and Gelu. Some time later, he passed away of natural causes, and was buried near Iconox. He left behind a book explaining his battle tactics; however, the book was lost in an abandoned training arena in the wastelands.

The leader of Vulcanus was killed by Vorox, and Raanu was named his replacement, becoming a devoted and respected elder.

Crotesius discovered the Cendox V1 in the wastelands outside Vulcanus, and hired the mechanic Berix to help him repair it. He then began to use the vehicle in arena matches.

Perditus gave up his position as Second Glatorian to emphasize vehicle combat in his Thornatus V9.

Up north, the Element Lords freed themselves from their prison, and began to fight over the treasures in the Valley of the Maze.

Sahmad had a number of clashes with Fero and other Bone Hunters, sparking a bitter rivalry between the bandits.

During one Great Tournament, a trainee from Tesara named Gresh defeated Kiina in a pre-tournament match. He then won three matches in a row before being defeated by Gelu.

At some point, Kiina discovered an underground laboratory near Tajun, and made it her hideaway. She insisted that she would one day leave Bara Magna for a new world, and set up several bets on the existence of other civilized planets. Berix also discreetly discovered the laboratory.

Fall of the Skrall Empire[]

Approximately 100,000 years after the Shattering, a Skrall warrior patrol was attacked by baterra, who killed all but two of the warriors. One of the survivors told his leader, Tuma, and was named Branar for his deeds. More and more baterra began to appear, killing all the leader Skrall except for Tuma and reducing the Skrall empire to a single fortress.

Tuma led hundreds of Skrall to kill the baterra, but they suffered heavy casualties, such as an entire division crushed by an avalanche. Stronius successfully killed a baterra, and realized they were machines. The expedition followed the surviving baterra into the woods—only to find themselves surrounded by baterra, who had shapeshifted into the forms of trees. The baterra massacred the Skrall, and Tuma led only a few back to the fortress.

Fil:FaRotS Skrall Fortress Burning.png

The last Skrall fortress burns

A group of Agori foragers brought wood into the Skrall fortress, which was really baterra in disguise. The baterra overran the fortress, and Tuma ordered it burned to cut them off as the survivors made their escape. Tuma, Stronius, Branar, and a fraction of the Skrall's legions escaped south to Roxtus, along with Atakus, who led the Rock Agori. They left behind the Sisters of the Skrall, whom they distrusted.

Tuma made plans to conquer the south of Bara Magna, so as to be better prepared for the baterra when they followed. The Skrall established regular 'Vorox runs', in which Skrall led captured Vorox into the Black Spike Mountains as bait for the baterra.

The Skrall also entered the Arena Matches to gauge the fighting capabilities of the Glatorian and to deprive the villages of valuable resources in preparation for their coming conquest. In one such match, Malum, Vulcanus' secondary Glatorian, fought a Skrall and lost.

Exile of Malum[]

Fil:TET Malum vs Strakk.png

Malum in combat against Strakk

Malum began to become more and more unstable, and beat Vastus senseless in an arena match, only to be stopped by Strakk. Raanu and Ackar talked to Malum about his growing rage, worried that he might cause the downfall of the arena system, but Malum refused to change his ways.

In a match against Strakk, Malum's rage consumed him, and he attempted to kill Strakk; Gresh and Ackar intervened. Iconox filed a formal protest, and Raanu banished Malum to the wastelands. After some days of wandering, Malum encountered a group of Vorox and defeated the alpha male, becoming their new pack leader.

Raanu implored Perditus to fill the position of Second Glatorian again, but Perditus refused.

Year Before the Coming of Mata Nui[]

Sahmad abandoned his trade as a bandit and began to work as a slaver for the Skrall.

In the penultimate Great Tournament's vehicle division, Perditus' Thornatus V9 lost to the Kaxium V3. However, Crotesius defeated the Kaxium and became the division champion.

Fil:CGI Kaxium V3.png

Kirbraz and Scodonius, crew of the Kaxium V3 team

A few months before the events of Mata Nui's arrival, Kirbraz was wounded, and had to temporarily step down from the Kaxium V3 team. Scodonius jokingly offered Berix a spot on the team, but teased him so much that he quit.

Stronius became disgruntled with Tuma's slow-moving strategy, and led a squad of Skrall to steal and sabotage resources and equipment, hoping to promote distrust among the Agori. However, the Agori remembered the disastrous Core War, and did not move to violence. Tuma discovered the plot and punished Stronius severely, though Stronius later returned to his favor.

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