After many long years of guarding the ancient city of Metru Nui alone, Lhikan of the Toa Mangai made a crucial decision to steal the six Toa Stones from the Great Temple of Ga-Metru. The action would bring about the creation of six new Toa to bring him aid in the struggle against the creeping darkness threatening the city.

Fil:Set Toa Lhikan.png

Lhikan, sole guardian of Metru Nui

Upon his departure from the Great Temple that day, the lone Toa was confronted by Nidhiki and Krekka, two Dark Hunters called to Metru Nui to help in the fulfillment of an elusive motive. Lhikan fought the two hulking figures, but was able to take flight through the use of his Fire Greatswords. He traveled to the nearby Ga-Metru, where he made a decision. Through astrological readings, Toa Lhikan had originally discovered that the Matoran who knew the location of the Great Disks were to become Toa. Soon after his discovery, however, another thought took root in his mind, and he began to believe that another group of six Matoran was so destined. While in Ga-Metru, Toa Lhikan delivered one of the six Stones to Nokama, a Matoran Scholar and a Teacher in one of the Ga-Metru Schools. He rushed away to deliver the others, and took leave of the district.

His next destination was the construction fields of Po-Metru, where he sought out a Carver named Onewa, another fated recipient of the sacred Toa Stone artifact. In his travels, Lhikan succeeded in delivering the Stones to three of the other chosen Matoran: Nuju, a Ko-Matoran Scholar; Whenua, an Onu-Matoran Archivist; and Matau, a Le-Matoran test driver. The final Stone was to be given to a talented Ta-Matoran Mask Maker named Vakama. At that time, he arrived again in his home Metru of Ta-Metru, and went to the Ta-Matoran's forge, where he found the lone Matoran attempting to forge a mask. After his attempt failed, Lhikan spoke to the Matoran. He passed on the last Stone and told Vakama that the city would come to require none other than his help from the threat of the Morbuzakh vines.

Fil:Toa Lhikan Matoran Vakama Toa Stone.PNG

Lhikan giving Vakama a Toa Stone

Lhikan's revelation to Vakama was interrupted when Nidhiki sprung from the shadows of the forge, along with Krekka. Lhikan fought Krekka, but Nidhiki seized Vakama, and held him above a pool of molten Protodermis. To Lhikan's surprise and disgust, Nidhiki spoke to him on a first-man basis, and told the Toa that unless he surrendered quietly, the Matoran would die there. Lhikan consented, and was bound by Krekka. Nidhiki let Vakama fall in spite of the Toa's cooperation, but Lhikan flung his board toward Vakama, sweeping him out of the chamber. The Dark Hunters left with Lhikan. Soon thereafter, Vakama had a vision. A figure spoke to him in the form of Toa Lhikan and alerted Vakama that time was waning rapidly, and that he must act.

During this time, a Ta-Matoran named Kapura was traveling the abandoned homes of Ta-Metru, in search of undamaged tools. He recalled how the Morbuzakh had suddenly appeared in the city, began destroying buildings, and even caused Matoran to disappear. The Vahki, the city's law enforcers, were unable to stop this menace. While Kapura scavenged, he noted a vine snaking about. In fright, he breathed the plant's name, and fled. Ta-Metru was falling to the Morbuzakh.

After Lhikan's disappearance from the populace, Turaga Dume spoke to the Matoran of the island-city through the Telescreens, large structures located throughout the city. He told them of Lhikan's disappearance, and urged them to be vigilant. Following his counsel, Dume himself traveled to Ta-Metru where he visited Vakama, knowing that Lhikan had been in his company before his disappearance. Under the protection of two Zadakh, he spoke to the Matoran. Hastily concealing the Toa Stone, Vakama talked to the Turaga. Dume questioned Vakama as to the status of the mask he had asked Vakama to create. When Vakama admitted that it was still incomplete, Dume suggested that Vakama use purer Disks. After the Turaga took his leave, Vakama decided to travel to the Great Temple, as instructed the map covering the Toa Stone.

Fil:LoMN Matoran Matau And Vakama Meeting.PNG

Vakama and Matau meet in the Great Temple.

With his arrival in the temple of Ga-Metru, Vakama approached the Toa Suva, as he had been instructed. There, Vakama found the other five Matoran Lhikan had met, one of each district. Upon meeting, the proud Matoran soon engaged in a sharp bout of criticism. Struggling to keep the peace between the newly assembled group, Nokama attempted to reconcile the Matoran. With their presence in the Temple, however, the Toa Stones began to glow.

The Matoran fell quiet and approached the Suva dome, where they ceremonially placed the Toa Stones in niches that symbolized the six cities of Metru Nui. After all were placed, a beacon appeared from the center of the circular shrine and took shape into Lhikan's Hau. The Toa's voice echoed through the great chamber, and instructed the Matoran about the time to come. After the holographic image finished its counsel, six tendrils of energy burst from the raised Suva, striking the bodies of the Matoran and imbuing them with Toa Energy. They were transformed, and that day signaled the solemn end of their Matoran lives.

Fil:CGI Great Disk Matoran.png

The Matoran from Vakama's vision

The six newly-created Toa Metru observed their new forms in awe. They discovered a secret chamber within the Suva, and they chose their Toa Tools. Upon further observation before leaving the Temple, the Toa each also found a Toa Disk, six artifacts imbued with their unique elements. As the Toa began speaking to each other again, Vakama was struck by another vision. He saw from far off the city in ruins, and under a shadow, much to his horror. As Lhikan's voice urged him to save the heart of Metru Nui, he narrowly evaded the six Great Disks that flew from the mist at him. The vision ended, and he related his vision to the other Toa. His words were met with both interest and skepticism. Eventually, the Toa came to an accord, and decided on a plan of action. Vakama told the others that they would need the six Great Disks to utterly destroy the King Root of the Morbuzakh and free the city. He also told them that to obtain these legendary disks, they would need to locate the Matoran who knew of their location, whose names had been revealed to him in the vision. The first counsel of the Toa Metru ended, and they departed for their separate Metru to seek the Matoran of which Vakama's vision spoke.

Search for the Matoran[]


Vakama returned to Ta-Metru, where he sought out Nuhrii, his former mentor in forging Kanohi. He searched Nuhrii's dwelling, but only found a shattered carving. As Vakama sifted through the hastily rearranged pieces, he saw the image of the mask that Nuhrii had recently smelted, along with the Kanoka Disk that was used to create it. Continuing his search, Vakama found a letter to Nuhrii, saying that a mask that he had thought broken was actually of use, and it stated that the writer wished to trade the Matoran for this mask.

Fil:Vakama Screen 4B.png

Toa Vakama and Kapura at the Vat control panel

After leaving the dwelling and continuing his hunt, Vakama discovered a Morbuzakh vine threatening to collapse a vat of molten Protodermis. He thought fast, as the molten substance would easily destroy the nearby area if released. Loading his launcher, Vakama shot a Kanoka disk at it, freezing the tendril. He swiftly entered the vat's control chamber, but was met with a smashed control panel, with ground crystals scattered over it. Vakama, though perhaps slightly shaken, was knowledgeable in the machine's ways and repaired it before going on his way.

He made way to the Protodermis Reclamation Yard, where he found a Matoran worker. As Vakama picked up the mask Nuhrii was looking for, the Matoran commented to the Toa that that mask had been sought out many times that day. When Vakama told the Matoran that the mask's appearance looked complete, the worker told him to look closer. There was indeed a hairline crack. The worker told Vakama that Nuhrii had gone off elsewhere after seeing this.

Fil:Vakama Screen 6A.png

Nuhrii trapped under rubble.

Following Nuhrii's path, Vakama soon found himself in an abandoned section of Ta-Metru, the vicinity of which had been terrorized by the Morbuzakh. As Vakama peered about the streets, he saw a thin vine purposefully snaking its way into a building. Vakama entered the structure in question and found Nuhrii imprisoned by rubble, and threatened by the vines. Vakama sent the plant away with a disk of teleportation ability, and freed Nuhrii from the rubble.

Nuhrii spoke harshly to the Toa, and related his disdain that Vakama had been chosen to forge the Vahi instead of him, but Vakama reprimanded him and accused him of being incredibly egotistic. As they spoke, Nuhrii agreed that he would offer his help to locate the Great Disk, but he continued to harbor his ill-will and mutter of the legend he hoped to become because of this task. Vakama fought with Nuhrii no longer, and just shook his head before taking the Matoran to the Great Temple to regroup with the other Toa Metru.


Nokama took a brief walk from the Great Temple and returned to the main roads of her kindred city of Ga-Metru. She saw many of her old friends, now through the eyes of the Toa, and went to speak with them. Much to her chagrin, she found that they did not perceive her as Nokama, and did not believe that she was one of the Toa. Saddened, she returned to her search for Vhisola, a friend of hers who also idolized her. Nokama believed hers to be a light task, as Vhisola always wished to spend time with her. After finding her absent throughout the city, Nokama visited Vhisola's home, where she found carvings. Nokama hesitated for respect of her student, but with the grave circumstances at hand, she checked through it. Nokama learned personal things of Vhisola, as well as the hurtful truth that she harbored jealousy of her Teacher.

Fil:Nokama Screen 3A.png

Nokama in the ruined laboratory

Nokama heavily left Vhisola's dwelling, and went to one of the Metru's Schools of purification, where she thought Vhisola would surely be. The Toa Metru of Water instead found the laboratory to be violently ruined. She spoke to the Matoran workers there and discovered that a four-legged being had witnessed prowling the vicinity and rampaged the building. Nokama, unsurprised, found notes about the Great Disks, and gravely returned to Vhisola's home, in an attempt to learn more. As she searched more carefully, Nokama discovered a safe that, once opened, revealed studies about the Morbuzakh vines in Metru Nui. She further discovered that Vhisola was scheduled to meet someone at the top of one of the Metru's buildings.

Alarmed, Nokama darted out of the house and soon halted at the sight of a crowd of Matoran staring skyward in shock. She followed the Matoran's gaze, and saw Vhisola on the summit of a building, in terrible danger of plummeting. Nokama rushed to a canal, and by calling on the force of the water-like Protodermis for the first time, she flung herself into the sky and alighted upon the structure. Vhisola was indebted to Nokama that day, and after they spoke to one another in light of the near tragedy, Nokama told Vhisola to return with her to the Great Temple.


Matau was the most uplifted by the gift of becoming a Toa. After he flew on the wind from the Great Temple, Matau swiftly traveled to Le-Metru via the Chute network of the city. He sought out his old friends and told them the tale of what had happened to him. Although none believed him, he managed to glean information about a Matoran named Orkahm, one who knew the location of one of the Great Disks, and a Chief Ussal Rider. Orkahm and Matau were of completely opposite temperaments; while Matau was often witty and agile in body and talk, Orkahm's nature to be meticulous and slow. As a result, the two Matoran never came to share a great comradeship, much to the disappointment of the Toa Metru of Air.

Fil:Matau Screen 4A.png

Orkahm trapped under Chute cables.

Matau began his search of the Metru by entering a prominent Chute. To his almost fatal discovery, the Chute had been tampered with. He escaped with his life from the transportation tube through the use of his power of Air. He urgently searched Orkahm's Ussal pen. He found Orkahm's log, and he learned that someone had threatened the Matoran's favorite Ussal, a creature named Pewku. Orkahm had been bluntly told to go to Sector 3 of Le-Metru, and surrender the Great Disk. Matau entered the Chute network once more, knowing full well that Sector 3 was an incredibly dangerous area due to the Morbuzakh attacks causing several Chute breakdowns. Again, the chute he was traveling in was tampered with, and he found its end to be splintered.

Flying through the air, he found Orkahm pinned under an arrangement of cables. Matau quickly freed the Matoran, and no sooner had the mission been accomplished then Morbuzakh vines approached. Flying off straight away, Matau was told by Orkahm that one named Ahkmou desired the Disk, and that he had been stalked by two beings called Nidhiki and Krekka. Taking note of this tale, Matau flew off to the north, to the Great Temple.


Fil:Onewa Screen 7.png

Toa Onewa questioning Ahkmou in Chute Station 445

Onewa hurried to Po-Metru's district in search of a fellow Carver, Ahkmou, though he was dubious of Vakama's visions. Ahkmou was a Carver known for hard work, but had always taken second place to Onewa's work, and he knew this. In his pursuit, Onewa found several items from different parts of the city hidden in Ahkmou's desk and discovered that he had hosted two beings, one hulking figure and the other a four-legged quadruped. He also found a map with a specified sculpture. Onewa traveled to the location, immediately suspicious, and found Ahkmou there.

Onewa reached the Carver and questioned him bluntly as to what had got into his head to alight on the pinnacle of a tower in the Sculpture Fields. The Matoran fumbled in his speech, and used the appearance of the Dark Hunter Nidhiki as a diversion to take flight. Onewa, however, trailed him into the Chute Station that had been marked on the same sculpture where he found Ahkmou. The Toa Metru of Stone cornered him there at last. Ahkmou spotted Nidhiki again and realized that he had no choice but to go with Onewa. He consented to go with the Toa, and the two left for the Great Temple.


Fil:Whenua Tehutti.png

Toa Whenua rescuing Tehutti

From the Temple, Whenua journeyed south-west to the district of Onu-Metru in an attempt to locate the Onu-Matoran of Vakama's bidding: Tehutti. Like Whenua, Tehutti was a veteran Archivist and had assembled many great exhibits in the underground Archives, but he longed to discover something more, for he yearned for the recognition that he felt his work justly deserved.

During his search for the Matoran, Whenua came upon a letter addressed from Vhisola. It offered none other than a Nui-Jaga, but in exchange for a Great Disk. He also found Tehutti's choice exhibit case damaged. Whenua went to the area's exhibit docks for information, but fell into the sub-levels of the Archives.

A Rahkshi of Heat Vision had mysteriously left its Stasis Tube on the level, and it attacked Whenua. He managed to evade the hostile being, and soon recalled that the Muaka, a Rahi cat, was a natural enemy of the Rahkshi. Whenua located and released a Muaka from one of the level's pens and soon the great beast clashed with the Rahkshi. Whenua found Tehutti there, trapped in a corner of the chamber where the Muaka and Rahkshi fought. Whenua rescued Tehutti and left the Archives in his company.


Nuju traveled to the cold and wise city of Ko-Metru, in search of a Ko-Matoran known as Ehrye. Nuju knew the Matoran quite well, as Ehrye was a messenger for Scholars and was in their company almost constantly. Nuju knew that the Ko-Matoran hoped to one day become one himself, as he notoriously plagued Scholars with questions, most often about when he himself would become one. Nuju, a Seer himself, had regularly told Ehrye that he did not have patience, and that he too easily exasperated others.

Fil:Nuju Screen 1A.png

Toa Nuju searching for clues in Ehrye's home

Nuju thus began his search for his old colleague by paying a visit to Ehrye's dwelling. There, he found a map of the Ko-Metru Chutes. It had one particular chute passage marked. He remembered the marking, and boarded the designated chute. Nuju found that it led to one of the gleaming Knowledge Towers, and asked the Scholars there if they had seen Ehrye the messenger recently. One of the Matoran revealed that he had indeed come to the Tower, and that he sought knowledge on the Morbuzakh and Great Disks. After he showed Nuju a carving, the Scholar told him that Ehrye had taken a chute to the pinnacle of the Tower, which was in fact restricted from those that were not Scholars.

Nuju asked for permission to travel to the top of the Tower. The Scholar consented, but in return for passage there, Nuju would have to create a new Knowledge Tower through a special, crystalline stone called a Knowledge Crystal. He completed the task, and after doing so, he used it to alter his momentum of travel, and passed to a Knowledge Tower in a state of disrepair. Upon reaching it, Nuju found none other than Ehrye, trapped by great chunks of ice. Nuju analyzed the situation, and with care, systematically removed the blocks. With the messenger freed, Nuju put the tower aright. He talked to Ehrye, and in their conversation, learned that that he had talked to another Matoran, called Ahkmou. Nuju then turned his way to Ga-Metru.

Search For The Great Disks[]

The six Matoran requested by Vakama were at last assembled at the Great Temple. There the Toa Metru discussed everything learned, and all that was witnessed, and came to a consensus that Ahkmou was a traitor based on evidence found around about the island-city. Onewa wanted to seize him straight away, but Vakama urged him against the action as they needed the Matoran to instruct them where to find the Great Disks. With the completion of their first mission, the Toa Metru resolved to find the Great Disks, as urged by the Toa Metru of Fire.

Vakama traveled to the Fire Pits of Ta-Metru with Onewa, Nuhrii, and Ahkmou. He had followed a sign that Nokama deciphered from the inscriptions in the Great Temple about the artifacts; these related to Vakama that to acquire the Great Disk of Ta-Metru, he must "embrace the root of fire." He and Nuhrii both knew well of what the passage spoke: the Fire Pits of Ta-Metru, six great craters that were the source of the fires that powered the forges of Ta-Metru.

Fil:Onewa with Po-Metru Great Disk.PNG

Onewa with the Great Disk of Po-Metru

During the course of the journey, Onewa was attacked by a Morbuzakh vine, which Vakama combated with a freezing Disk. The Matoran fled during the confrontation, and Nidhiki appeared, rendering the Toa unconscious. The two Toa were sent into a Protodermis Reclamation Furnace. Vakama regained consciousness in light of their dire circumstances, and absorbed the flames of the Furnace in desperation, narrowly evading an early doom. Nidhiki, however, was long gone. Exiting the Furnace, the Toa found the Matoran once more.

Fil:Vakama with Ta-Metru Great Disk.PNG

Vakama with Ta-Metru Great Disk

At their arrival in the Fire Pits, Vakama and Nuhrii snuck in, while Onewa caused a diversion for the Nuurakh Vahki that were guarding the field. Nuhrii directed Vakama to one of the wide depressions, in which they discovered Ta-Metru's Great Disk wedged in a splinter of the Pit's sheer wall. Vakama retrieved it swiftly, but two Morbuzakh vines emerged from the fires. Nuhrii was able to use the spent Vakama's last Kanoka, one empowered with the Reconstitute at Random ability. The disk transformed the vines, temporarily stalling them. Vakama and Nuhrii seized the opportunity and climbed out. As the vines raised from the pit, now a horrible fanged monster, they were consumed again by the fires of the pit erupted at that moment. Resolving to not look back, Vakama and Nuhrii escaped with the Great Disk.

Vakama and the Matoran left the heat of their home once more and proceeded to Po-Metru with Onewa. They made way to the Sculpture Fields in hopes of discovering the next Disk by seeking a "mountain in balance." Although delayed by a beast known as the Tunneler, the Toa came to observe a statue that had the appearance of an upside-down pyramid, in perfect peace and equilibrium. Onewa climbed the sculpture and sighted the prize. He removed the Disk as the artistic statue fell in his direction, the massive collapse which he survived. The four returned to the Great Temple with two of the ancient objects in their possession.

Fil:Whenua with Onu-Metru Great Disk.PNG

Whenua with the Great Disk of Onu-Metru

Whenua and Nuju, provided only with the riddle that "no door must be left unopened," journeyed to the Archives of Onu-Metru in search of the Onu-Metru Great Disk. Although there were thousands of doors and passages in the Archives, Tehutti knew at what sub-level the Disk awaited them. They proceeded into the level of Tehutti's choice, and encountered all manner of beasts: a titan Ussal Crab, Frost Leeches, a fearsome Two-Headed Tarakava, and a shape-shifting creature that took on the appearance of its own chamber. After a length of time in the hollows of the Archives, the team discovered the Onu-Metru Great Disk in a supply closet.

At their success, the Toa and Matoran proceeded to Nuju's home of Ko-Metru. Within the chilled and lofty city, they called on many of the Knowledge Towers in search of the Great Disk, remembering the clue, "In Ko-Metru, find where sky and ice are joined." Tehutti and Ehrye were left behind in the Toa's quest, largely because Tehutti had been struck by a Keerakh, Vahki of the Metru, and had lost all sense of time and space.

Fil:Nuju discovering Ko-Metru Great Disk.PNG

Nuju discovering the Great Disk of Ko-Metru

With the knowledge that the Keerakh machines infamously wait at their target's destination instead of giving chase, the Toa arrived at the Knowledge Tower that held the Great Disk by following the enforcement squad's maneuvers. They traveled throughout the Metru, evading the Keerakh and swinging from the heights by ice cable. Near the completion of their mission, Whenua caused a great diversion for the Vahki in the streets by tunneling through the ground while Nuju retrieved the Great Disk from an icicle of one of the Metru's highest Knowledge Towers. The team went their separate ways after the victory, but soon returned to Ga-Metru.

From the Great Temple, Nokama, Matau, Vhisola, and Orkahm headed for the main portion of Ga-Metru. The group was soon halted, however, by the sight of an assembly of Ga-Matoran under the influence of the Bordakh, Vahki squads of the city. Matau diverted their attention through his flight, and the others swiftly left. They regrouped at a small dam of the Protodermis Canal, and to avoid the further attention of the Vahki, they decided to swim the streams.

They discovered the spill gate to already be open when they tried to release it, and a flood of Liquid Protodermis swept through, utterly forcing them down and sweeping them through the canal. Nokama's skill at swimming saved Matau, who had began to drown. They trekked back toward the north-east, to the Great Temple, bearing the passage, "In Ga-Metru, go beyond the depths of Toa before."

Fil:Nokama with Ga-Metru Great Disk.PNG

Nokama with the Ga-Metru Great Disk

Vhisola knew that it related the depths beneath the Great Temple. Nokama went below the great dome, but while she was absent in her exploration beneath it, Matau and the two Matoran were reprimanded by Bordakh. Nokama indeed found the Ga-Metru Great Disk in the deep end of the sea—for it was wedged between two upturned, jagged formations. She claimed it and began swimming away, having no knowledge that the twin outcroppings had in fact been the great maw of a massive Rahi of legend.

Matau hurled the Vahki into the sea as Nokama burst from the water with the Disk. The great Rahi that had been following her ascent collided with the Vahki, and was gone. Nokama, Matau, Orkahm, and Vhisola swiftly departed with their prize before the Bordakh enforcements could regain their senses.

Far south in Le-Metru, Orkahm led the way to the appointed resting place of the Great Disk. They did not find it there. Matau was confused because their riddle read 'The Great Disk of Le-Metru will be all around you when you find it'. Orkahm revealed that it must be in a Force Sphere, a bubble of magnetic energy that had, in a time past, curled in upon itself. The dangerous anomaly would draw in anything that passed by it into a swirling vortex of energy. Eventually and at any time, it would implode, taking sphere and everything it contained.

Fil:Movie Matau with Le-Metru Great Disk.PNG

Matau with the Le-Metru Great Disk

Matau employed a Chute map in an attempt to figure where the thing should be. He realized it to be coming through 'the Notch', a great tangle of Chutes that was created long before anyone had tried to organize the Chute System. Matau believed it would slow for the Notch's sector, allowing him to exit, so he plunged in when the Force Sphere flew past his position. He made a few blind attempts, but he managed to locate the Great Kanoka Disk in a whirl of flying objects and tools that were also trapped within the sphere.

Too late, both the Toa Metru of Air and Orkahm suddenly realized that the sphere would not slow for the Notch. Rather, it would then choose to implode, taking the Chutes and Matau with it. Unable to break free of the Force Sphere, Matau forcefully called on his Air powers to bring a vortex of wind into being. The raging gales blasted him out of the sphere before the collapse. Now with the two Great Disks between them, the four proceeded to the Great Temple.

The Morbuzakh[]

Fil:Comic Great Disks.png

The Great Disks in the hands of the Toa Metru

Vakama and Onewa were halted near the Great Temple by a squad of scouting Bordakh. Despite his great fear of the Vahki, Nuhrii told the Bordakh that he had seen the Toa Metru on the opposite coast of the city, and they had caused trouble and stopped work. The Bordakh turned away at the report, and the two Toa peacefully gained access to the temple. There, they met with the others and held council.

Using their knowledge gained from Ehrye, Vhisola, and Nuhrii, the Toa Metru deduced that the Morbuzakh's King Root would be in the volcanic heat of the Great Furnace. They decided to travel to Ta-Metru together, as well as bring the six Matoran with them. Their journey was truly covert, but when they arrived, they were nearly exposed by a Vahki squad. The group concealed themselves in an abandoned forge until Nokama noticed objects falling from the ceiling.

She peered up, only to find thousands of Morbuzakh seeds sprouting. As the shells landed about them, vines burst from within, and groped to entangle the Matoran and Toa Metru. Nuju managed to tear at the vines with a dagger of ice and used it to free the others. The Toa fled to the building's exterior, where they were forced to bring the structure down.

Soon thereafter, they arrived at the gargantuan shape of the Great Furnace itself, where they indeed found small, young vines snaking out of the gate. At first, they wondered why the King Root would leave them so unprotected, but at the thought, thorns sprung from the walls. The Matoran were cut off from escape.

Tehutti remembered a teaching he had learned in the Archives: how to merge into a being known as the Matoran Nui. He instructed the other Matoran in light of the situation, and they combined their bodies, creating a being of Toa stature. The great Matoran fusion knocked away the Morbuzakh vines and brought down the door to the interior of the furnace. As the Matoran Nui departed the structure, the villagers separated, and Ahkmou retreated into the shadows.

Fil:Battle of the Great Furnace.PNG

The Toa Metru face off against the Morbuzakh King Root.

Inside the Great Furnace, the Toa Metru discovered the chamber of the King Root, and learned that it was intelligent and capable of telepathy. It freely told them its plot of dominance over the city, and its purpose to drive the Matoran to the center of the island. It would make the Matoran slaves of the Morbuzakh and its kind. The Toa Metru then attacked the creature amid the broiling heat and flames.

After fighting the King Root for some time, they unleashed the power of the Great Disks, and the new energies enveloped the King Root and separated it from the rest of the plant. The Toa Metru took flight as the King Root was destroyed, for its union with the Furnace began to collapse the structure. All across Metru Nui, the Morbuzakh vines withered away as the King Root died. Triumphant in their first great quest, the Toa Metru turned to the Coliseum, where they would show that they were indeed heroes of Metru Nui.

The Leak[]

On their journey to the Coliseum in the center of Metru Nui, the Toa Metru encountered a troubled Onu-Matoran named Nuparu. It was he who told Whenua what he had seen when he had gone below the Archives. The Matoran related that he had hoped to find armored elements from Rahkshi for use in his latest innovations, but discovered instead a great leak in the heavy walls that protected the Archives from the ocean. If the leak was allowed to progress, the Archives would surely be flooded.

The Toa brusquely turned aside to the Fikou Web, a place nicknamed thus due to the great spread of maintenance tunnels that lay beneath the main Archives. Whenua led the team on the tramp downward, and as they descended, the Toa were confronted by two Rahkshi with the powers of Weather and Insect Control. They defeated one of the creatures, but the other escaped when Vakama and Nokama attacked simultaneously, to the effect of bringing forth a cloud of vapor.

Fil:Set Krahka.png

Krahka, a Rahi enemy of the Toa Metru

Not knowing that they were being watched, the Toa Metru continued. At the boundaries of the Fikou Web, the team split up in order to cover more ground. During that time, Nokama was attacked by the Rahkshi of Insect Control that had fled earlier. During the renewed battle, Nokama witnessed the Rahkshi open its armored shell, and to her amazement, there was no Kraata within. The Toa Metru of Water eventually fell unconscious in the battle, and when she awoke, the Rahkshi was gone. Then Vakama met and spoke with "Nokama" who proceeded to attack and defeat him. Onewa was molested by "Vakama". Matau faced "Onewa" who somehow used the power of fire as well as stone. Whenua was the last to be attacked and defeated like his teammates. The Toa Metru reunited, only to soon engage in a great fight amongst themselves, for each came to believe that another had betrayed them. In the ensuing chaos, Vakama very nearly killed Nokama, believing her to be the traitor. His violence was stopped by Onewa, and after Nuju's counsel they stopped fighting and attempted to set the situation aright.

Whenua then appeared and told them that their assailant was a shape-shifting Rahi called Krahka, a creature that could assume the full power of whomever she impersonated. Krahka wished to drive the Toa from her domain by turning themselves upon each other. Although Whenua suggested their departure, the Toa Metru, in the end, decided to confront this threat.

Whenua led them on, and they soon beheld a bridge spanning a chasm of Stone Rats. Vakama first started across the bridge when a Rahkshi of Density Control appeared and broke the overpass. The Rat-like Rahi below began to climb the remnants of the shattered bridge, towards the Toa Metru of Fire. In that moment, Vakama nearly sacrificed himself, but was saved by the agility of Matau. In the process, the Air Toa also rid the area of the threat of the Rahkshi.

Whenua brought them through a dark tunnel after all had crossed the ominous chasm. In the ensuing darkness of the passages, the Toa were one by one spirited away by Rahkshi, until only Nokama and Whenua remained. At that moment, Whenua revealed himself to be the beast that they sought, Krahka. She then left Nokama to combat three Rahkshi. The Toa of Water glimpsed a leak during the fight and used one of the Rahkshi's electricity powers to defeat two of the creatures. Then, Nokama summoned enough Water energy to down the third. It was she who found and rescued each of her vanished companions. Together once more, the Toa Metru set out to discover their comrade Whenua.

In yet another winding tunnel, the five found themselves surrounded by Lava Eels. Vakama assured them that the Eels would be of no threat unless agitated, and almost in answer, a quake rocked the tunnel at that moment. In self defense, the Lava Eels lit up with heat. The Toa seized hold of a present Protodermis pipe, just before the Eels burnt through the ground.

Beneath them, the Toa Metru beheld a massive Rahi pacing to and fro—it was a great beast that they would later discover to be the Tahtorak. Nuju scouted ahead and found Krahka's lair, with Whenua fastened to the ceiling.

Krahka, in the guise of Nokama, encased the spying Nuju in bonds of stone. Sensing danger, the remaining team set a trap for the Rahi, who indeed returned as Nuju. The Toa Metru managed to trick Krahka into revealing herself, but she escaped, swiftly taking on the form of a lava eel. The Toa began to dig a great tunnel to the surface, and made sure to create a cacophony of noise to attract Krahka's attention once more. She came again, this time in the form of a creature of smoke, and brought the Toa Metru back to her lair.

There, she revealed her intelligence and desire for Metru Nui. The Toa freed their two friends, and began their confrontation with Krahka. She became a combination of all six of the Toa in an attempt to harness all of their power. Krahka became confused, however, by the logic and mind of six separate beings, but she was still able to fight. Nokama goaded the being further, and played her simple intellect, relating to Krahka that if she did as she threatened to Metru Nui, the beings above would flee. She would be above nothing.

The Toa Metru were victorious over Krahka in the end, but she escaped once again in the shape of a Lava Eel. Vakama was capable of averting her flight, but chose to let her go. He knew that she was only defending her home, and turned from the thought of stooping to her vindictiveness. The Toa Metru at last sealed the cracks that they originally set out to find, and returned to the surface of the city.

The Coliseum[]

Fil:LoMN Akilini Field Operation.PNG

Matoran activating the Akilini field

In the great tower of the Coliseum, Turaga Dume was watching a game of Matoran Akilini when the Toa Metru entered, as yet unacknowledged by the elder. The sport was halted, and the Toa walked onto the sandy arena floor, displaying the Great Kanoka Disks. The Matoran cheered, but Dume was taken aback when he saw Vakama, now a Toa. Although the Toa Metru showed Dume the Great Disks, the head of Metru Nui simply affirmed "Toa must prove themselves with deeds, not simple gifts..."

Angered, the Toa surrendered their Disks to Vakama, for they had had complete faith that they would prove to Dume that they were Toa. The Turaga requested them to cross the circular arena, the segmented floor of which began to shift dangerously. The Toa Metru soon entered into a struggle to pass across, and there they fell, as their elemental powers had been exhausted and their mask powers were still inaccessible. Dume ordered for the stadium to cease its undulations.

Jeers from the contemptuous Matoran met the Toa, and Dume called them impostors, concluding that they must be responsible for the Toa Lhikan's disappearance. Vakama witnessed Nidhiki and Krekka emerge to stand next to Dume, and then realized that the elder had betrayed his city. The Turaga ordered the Vahki to seize the Toa, and the arena floor changed into the likeness of a whirlpool. Onewa, Whenua and Nuju were forcefully drawn to the center, but Vakama, Nokama and Matau managed to desperately topple an old statue of Lhikan to obstruct the Vahki's approach, and then fled.

Fil:Comic Nokama Metru Under Influence of Staff of Loyalty.png

Nokama pushes Vakama off of the tower.

The three Toa Metru ran out of the Coliseum and swiftly boarded a Chute, with Nidhiki and Krekka in pursuit. The Toa forsook the transport in Ga-Metru, but the Bordakh were aware of their departure and trapped them on top of a Chute support tower. There, a Bordakh caused Nokama to defect with its staff power, and she became a tool of the Vahki. She pushed Vakama off of the tower, and expressed newfound hostility to her remaining companion.

Vakama would have perished, but his thoughts activated his tool, the Kanoka Disk Launcher, that he had fastened onto his back. At that moment, the launcher became a make-shift means of flight, and saved Vakama's life. He flung spare Shrink Kanoka at the Vahki lurking below, downing them.

Matau and Nokama struggled on heights of the tower, and Nokama plummeted. Vakama caught her in the skies above the city, and the shock released her from the Vahki's influence. Matau managed to flee, and led the remaining enforcers through a Chute. A squadron of the violent Vorzakh had already demolished a portion of the transport ahead, but Matau slipped out while his pursuers flew by him and out of the broken Chute. The three Toa fled to Le-Metru.

Under the eyes of the Rorzakh, Onewa, Whenua, and Nuju were escorted away from the Coliseum, to the Prison of the Dark Hunters. During the journey, the Toa planned amongst themselves to flee at a certain time, but none realized that Whenua was under the influence of the Rorzakh's Staffs of Presence. When they agreed on their flight, the Rorzakh knowingly followed. The Toa soon found themselves in the prison and made way to escape when the Rorzakh bolted them in. They were trapped.

Matau, Vakama, and Nokama arrived in Le-Metru's district and there sneaked into a cargo Airship to counsel. They were aware of the fact that the Vahki patrolled the streets, but not the city's Airships. Inside the craft, Vakama revealed that the Morbuzakh was indeed just a diversion for something greater, and stated that Lhikan likely suspected some-such thing, but never had a chance to warn them before he was captured. While deep in conversation, none of the three Toa noted the Vahki Nuurakh present in the Airship. Though they were assailed unawares, the Vahki were defeated. It was then however that Nidhiki and Krekka broke into the ship.

Fil:Comic Toa Lhikan Vision.png

Toa Lhikan speaks to Vakama in a vision.

Neither of the mysterious Hunters proved a serious threat there, as Vakama was able to teleport Krekka away from the Airship, and Nidhiki was also forced into retreat. Vakama and Matau then used their powers of flight to take Nokama out of the airship, which was over Ta-Metru at the moment.

Once safely grounded once again, Vakama received a terrible vision depicting himself pitted against a twisted being. The other Toa already lay defeated before his feet. The being seized Vakama with a hand of Shadow and began to smother him. Suddenly, his freedom returned, and he stood in another place, trapped, hanging from a great web. The spindly quadruped, Nidhiki, appeared to speak with him. Again, Vakama witnessed a shift, and he then found himself within Nuhrii's chamber, where Lhikan spoke to him as a free Toa. Lhikan counseled him in the paths that lay ahead, but soon left Vakama within a dank cavern. Dume now walked with him, and took him to a place overcome with a titanic web. Vakama's fellow Toa emerged from the strings and only pronounced him a traitor. Vakama suddenly beheld his own image in a mirror-like stone, but his mask was twisted to that of a monster.

Vakama awoke at the urging of Nokama, but did not reveal his vision. Soon after the shaking vision, the Metru began to rumble in a tumultuous noise. The Tahtorak emerged from the ground, and demanded an answer to an unspecified question. The nearby Toa could not ease the beast's odd query, and had no choice but to combat the destructive, speaking Rahi.

Fil:Comic Tahtorak.png

The Tahtorak emerges.

The Toa fought the Tahtorak valorously, but were beaten away. Matau attempted to draw the Rahi's attention so that Vakama could launch a Kanoka Disk. The Tahtorak grappled a chimney and hurled it at Matau, but the Toa Metru of Air easily out flew the projectile's path. Vakama fired a disk at last, but it did not affect the great beast. Vakama suddenly had an idea. The Tahtorak was a very strong Rahi, and also of great weight. Grievous damage had already been done to the ground under it. Vakama had three Weakening Disks left, and he gave one to Nokama and Matau and told them what to do. The three Toa then threw their disks at the street, and collapsed it. The Tahtorak soon helplessly plunged below, as the ground was now too weak to hold it.

Vakama, Matau, and Nokama boarded a Chute to Ko-Metru. Nidhiki and Krekka, however, still in chase of the fugitives, forced a Chute manager, Kongu, to reverse the flow of the Chute system. Kongu did so on pain of death, although he feared the Chutes' destruction because of the action. Kongu's apprehension never came to pass, and inside the Chutes, the three Toa realized that they were traveling backwards, and wasting valuable time. Nokama grabbed a Chute support ring with her Hydro Blades and Vakama and Matau grabbed hold. Matau then cut a way out of the reversed transport, where they ponderously hung in space.

Vakama suddenly experienced another vision, concerning Lhikan's Spirit Star. He quickly woke from it however, and saw a Chute support tower nearby, getting an idea. He asked Nokama if they could go there, and presently Nokama began to swing back and forth. She loosed her hold on the Chute and all three Toa, still grasping each other, flew towards the support tower. Nokama clung to it with her Blades. Matau released himself and used his Aero Slicers to glide down, and they reached the ground safely.

There, Vakama examined the Great Disks while Nokama and Matau conversed. To his interest, he discovered that the Disks could be manually fused together. He merged them all and witnessed the Disk of Time take shape. He then knew that he was near the secret to the creation of the Mask of Time. Nokama and Matau came to him, and Vakama told them of the vision regarding Lhikan's Spirit Star. They themselves saw it in the sky above them, drifting towards Po-Metru. The three Toa then stowed aboard a Vahki Transport, bound for Po-Metru.

Fil:LoMN Toa Metru Meet Turaga Lhikan.PNG

A Turaga comes out of the shadows.

Onewa, Whenua, and Nuju were still striving to escape their imprisonment. As they forfeited their endeavors, a Turaga emerged from the shadows. He simply told them that they could easily get out, but they needed to activate their Kanohi. Under the instruction of the strange figure, the three Toa began a journey of self-discovery.

In the scuttling Vahki transport, Vakama, Nokama, and Matau discovered a multitude of eerie, spherical storage containers. Vakama inspected one, but was blinded by the vision of a Ga-Matoran sealed within a container, her eyes gleaming a crimson hue. Vakama awoke from his reverie traumatized, and opened one of the containers, revealing it to be coldly metallic and indeed empty. When the Vahki Transport reached an Assembler's Village, the three Toa jumped out and began to search for clues concerning Lhikan's current location. The village, however, was deserted.

Suddenly, Krekka appeared and attacked the Toa from out of the darkening night. Nokama's Hydro Blades protected the Toa until they found cover. The bold Matau, however, charged at Krekka's hulking figure, only to have Nidhiki suddenly appear and trap the Toa Metru of Air in a web of binding energy. Vakama and Nokama went to the aid of their friend when suddenly the earth started to shake. A great herd of Kikanalo swept through the field, and the Dark Hunters fled.

The Toa were in dire straits then, for the Kikanalo believed them to be enemies. They ran without a clear path, until suddenly the mask on Nokama's face, the Great Rau, began to glow. To the dismay of her brothers, she halted and turned to face the rampaging beasts. The Kikanalo suddenly stopped and fell quiet. Nokama had learned her Mask Power, and it allowed her to converse with the Rahi. Vakama and Matau came to Nokama and learned from her that Lhikan had been taken into a canyon nearby. At the Kikanalo's consent, the Toa crossed the twilit plains of Po-Metru upon the backs of their new partners, and came ever nearer to the place of Lhikan's captivity.

Fil:LoMN Canyon of Unending Whispers.PNG

The Canyon of Unending Whispers guarded by Zadakh

In the Prison of the Dark Hunters, Whenua and Onewa ceased their work and had begun to argue, as they were frustrated with the trivial tasks given them by their Turaga. It was then that Onewa's mask activated, and he commanded Whenua to sit down, which the Toa did. Onewa had discovered his Mask of Mind Control, while Nuju had also been suddenly enlightened with his Kanohi Matatu. With his mental force, Nuju tore down a wall of the prison and created a wall between his arguing friends. At the revelation, the three Toa regrouped and escaped through the new hole with the mysterious elder.

Vakama, Matau, and Nokama had found a strange entrance to a region where they suspected Lhikan to be held, though an army of Zadakh was guarding it. The Toa and the Kikanalo confronted them while Matau, with his steed, separated to deal with the two Dark Hunters nearby. Matau then gained the use of his Mahiki, and, to his own amusement, used its power to confuse the Dark Hunters. The two mystified Hunters only saw Matau riding away on the Kikanalo. With the Zadakh defeated, the Toa Metru trekked into the cavern, and before parting, the Kikanalo covered their tracks by bringing down the entrance. However, Nivawk, Dume's favored Rahi and his eyes throughout Metru Nui, beheld all that had happened and flew south to his Turaga. At the tidings, Dume summoned all of the Matoran of Metru Nui to convene in the Coliseum.

Whenua, Nuju, Onewa, and the Turaga had taken a shortcut through the tunnels while lodged in the mouth of a Troller, a beast which Onewa commanded with his Kanohi Komau. During their journey, Whenua found his mask's power: the power of Night Vision. He led the group through the dark tunnels of their passage peacefully for a time, when a Vahki suddenly seized him.

The Vahki, however, swiftly returned to the emerald, laughing form of Matau. After the Toa Metru of Air revealed himself, Vakama and Nokama appeared, and the Toa Metru were united again. They exchanged their tales and information, and then the previously silent elder revealed himself to be Turaga Lhikan. With Vakama's apparent joy at his rescue, Lhikan expressed his disappointment when the Toa Metru of Fire related to him his conviction that Lhikan was the heart of Metru Nui, the heart that he himself had spoken of. Lhikan then explained that the Matoran were heart of Metru Nui, and the dismayed Vakama left the others, deeply questioning himself. Nokama tried to lift his spirits, but Lhikan held her back, for Vakama had to discover for himself his destiny.

Fil:LoMN Turaga Dume In Matoran Pod.PNG

The real Turaga Dume, sleeping in a Matoran Sphere

Vakama saw several pods, the same that he had seen before in the Vahki Transport. He touched one of the pods and it opened, and to his alarm, it revealed a comatose Turaga Dume. Vakama suddenly realized that Lhikan's theory of a false Dume was true, and somebody foreign was behind the city's agenda. A group of Vahki then came from the depths of the tunnel and towards the Toa. In their existing situation, the Toa could not save Dume, but they vowed to return.

The seven ran away from the Vahki and entered a chamber. Whenua closed the gate, but it would not hold back the Vahki for long. Vakama saw a Vahki Transport which they could use in escape, but a host of Lohrak assailed them before any action could be taken. Vakama gestured that enough of their Elemental Powers had then returned from their previous battles, and the Toa called on them to defeat the Lohrak. They swiftly boarded the transport, and set it in motion just before the Vahki stormed in. The Toa Metru escaped the underground tunnels with the help of Whenua's Tools and made their way to the Coliseum without delay, preparing for the confrontation with the false Turaga Dume. They noticed with dread as they observed the empty city that the ancient legend of the Great Shadow was coming to pass in their time.

Within the Coliseum, the false Dume spoke to the Matoran, and he ordered the vast assembly to settle into the provided Pods. Under the supervision of the Vahki, the puzzled Matoran did as instructed, after which the enforcers removed the occupied canisters and placed them beneath the great building.

The Great Cataclysm[]

Fil:LoMN Teridax Removing Dume's Mask.PNG

Teridax, taking off the Kiril

The Toa Metru arrived only after the fulfillment of Dume's wish. They confronted the false Dume, but learned nothing of significance from the being until he removed the Kiril, Dume's chosen mask. To their shock and the dismay of Lhikan, he revealed himself to be the Makuta known as Teridax (though the Toa only knew the being as "Makuta"). He then cast the Great Shadow, the eclipse that brought Metru Nui to darkness and brought forth the Great Cataclysm.

A fearsome earthquake shook the Matoran Universe as the Great Spirit Mata Nui fell into slumber and crashed onto the surface of Aqua Magna and the twin suns of Metru Nui were extinguished. Voya Nui reeled from the Southern Continent, and came to rest in the Endless Ocean above. His body punctured, seawater began to fall into the body of the Great Spirit and began to fill up Karda Nui, where the raging storms had ceased. Far away within the blackness of the Pit, the walls were broken, and the prisoners within were set free to roam the sea. The ancient jailer of the Pit, Hydraxon, perished at the hands of an ex-warlord called Takadox.

Most grievous of all, the tremors reduced much of Metru Nui to ruin. The Archives were destroyed and the Rahi within escaped. The great hub of Le-Metru, its vast cables and Chutes, fell to the destructive forces, and became a mechanized jungle of chaos. Ga-Metru's schools were ravaged by the quake as well, and the experiments labs were released to wander in the night. The Temple of the Great Spirit, the most sacred structure of Metru Nui, was injured. Much of Ta-Metru was overcome with molten Protodermis and the Ko-Metru Knowledge Towers fell to ruin.

Fil:Nidhiki and Krekka Absorbed.PNG

Nidhiki and Krekka being absorbed into Teridax's essence

As Teridax consumed the power of the city, Whenua used his Kanohi Ruru to discover the Matoran Pods beneath the Coliseum's floor. The Toa Metru swiftly used their Vahki Transport to arrive there, and they attached six of the pods to the transport and began their retreat to find a safe haven, with the remaining Vahki and the Dark Hunters in pursuit.

Outside the shaking Coliseum, Nidhiki and Krekka assaulted the transport. Krekka attacked the driver, Matau, while Nidhiki threatened Lhikan. Nuju came between them, however, as Onewa employed his Mask of Power to make Krekka leap onto Nidhiki, so that the two of them fell from the transport and were left behind. The Dark Hunters, along with the stray Nivawk, were then absorbed into Teridax.

Fil:Great Barrier.PNG

The Vahki Transport sailing toward the Great Barrier

The Toa moved at full speed through Ga-Metru to the Great Temple, in order to find protection for the Matoran. A small army of Vahki Bordakh were guarding it, however, and when they saw the Toa's rapid approach, they began to unleash the powers of their staffs. With no further choice, the Toa drove the transport off the Temple's bridge and fell through the unnatural night to the tumultuous sea below. The Toa nearly paid a dreadful cost for their desperate maneuver, but the transport emerged from the waters, as the Matoran Spheres kept it afloat. The Toa began to sail towards the Great Barrier looming afar off in the distance. During the voyage, the idle Vakama stayed on the deck, and at last crafted the Kanohi Vahi from the Disk of Time. At its completion, he beheld another vision, and it related to him a way out, by passing through a crack in the Great Barrier.

On their way to the foreseen place, the Toa Metru found Teridax himself standing on top of one of the black cliffs. He tried to stop their passage as he made solid pillars of Protodermis rise from the Silver Sea. The Vahki Transport evaded the pillars at the expertise of Matau and Nokama, and Nuju used his Matatu to lift Vakama up to Teridax while the others would bring the Matoran to safety. Teridax, however, caused one of the pillars to collapse and jar the transport, and Nuju lost his control of Vakama's body. The Matoran Spheres fell off of the transport.

Fil:LoMN Toa Metru Vakama Versus Winged Teridax.PNG

Vakama using the Vahi as Teridax extends his Shadow hand

Vakama had already reached the cliff where Teridax stood and confronted him with the Vahi. Teridax tempted him there to join him and his brothers, but Vakama refused and donned the Vahi. He began to slow Teridax as the Makuta tried to seize Vakama with his Shadow Hand. However, the Toa Metru of Fire lost control of the mask at that moment and he too became trapped in a slowed state.

Lhikan appeared at that moment, blocking Teridax's shadow hand with his shield, sacrificing himself for Vakama. The resulting blast was fatal for the Turaga, and the Vahi fell from Vakama's head into the sea. Teridax, freed from the Mask's power, dove from the wall after it. Lhikan then spoke to Vakama, after which he gave him his Noble Hau. With his last breath, Lhikan uttered his final words: "I am proud to have called you brother, Toa Vakama." In his grief, Vakama discovered his Mask Power, that of Invisibility, and went once again to confront the winged, dark entity.

Fil:LoMN Toa Metru Forming Toa Seal.PNG

The Toa Metru forming a Toa Seal

Teridax was about to don the Vahi when Vakama arrived to face him. The Toa swiftly launched a Kanoka and knocked the Vahi out of the hands of Teridax, whereupon it fell into the sea once more. Enraged, Teridax began to attack Vakama with his hand of shadow. In the battle, Vakama's Kanohi caused Teridax much trouble in tracking his movements. Vakama tricked Teridax several times before deactivating his mask. He stood defiantly in front of the sheer, dark face of the Great Barrier. Teridax unleashed his shadow hand again, but Vakama threw himself away from the wall. Unable to redirect his shadow hand, the consuming energy hauled Teridax towards the wall, and he could not let go. He collided violently with the face of the stone wall, and weakly, he told Vakama that he could not hope to defeat him alone, as even Toa Lhikan could not.

But at that moment, the Toa Metru convened and told Teridax in turn that Vakama was not alone. There, the six Toa Metru combined their elemental powers and imprisoned Teridax within a Toa Seal. The Toa breathed in relief and sorrow as they looked up to see Lhikan's Spirit Star divide into six new stars. The Toa Metru were truly Toa. They returned to the Vahki Transport below, where the Matoran Pods then lay attached to the craft. The Toa Metru began to sail towards the magnificent crack in the Great Barrier, in faith of finding a new refuge for the Matoran. Vakama named their transport that day "The Lhikan", in honor of the deceased protector of old of Metru Nui.

Journey from Metru Nui[]

After their defeat of Makuta Teridax at the Great Barrier, the Toa Metru decided that they needed to scout for a new, inhabitable land for the Matoran, in light of the recent damage to Metru Nui by Teridax's attack and the earthquake.

Traveling aboard their ship, The Lhikan, they came across a fork in the sea route through the Great Barrier. Escaping a dangerous Rahi on the left path (the choice to go down this route originated from Matau's love of variety), the Toa headed right. After defeating a group of Vahki that were searching for them, Nokama surreptitiously swam further into the tunnel, scouting for trouble.

The Lhikan was brought to a halt, tangled in what seemed to be seaweed. Nuju tried to sever the weed's hold, but found that it was actually a living creature when it knocked off his mask. A powerful current separated him and began to pull The Lhikan away with the other Toa. Nokama, who had anchored herself to the cave's wall, watched as The Lhikan drifted past. Seeing Nuju floating by, mask less, she reached out and rescued him.

The Toa Metru's vehicle was nearly destroyed by the sudden vortex created down the stream, causing a very powerful current. However, thanks to Onewa and Whenua, using their Elemental Powers, they stopped the craft from hitting the whirlpool. Nuju and Nokama soon arrived back to the ship as the vortex vanished. Suspicious of the events, after Nokama reported a trap she had found further ahead, the group moved cautiously forward.


A Kralhi

As the journey progressed, the Toa found themselves within an enormous cavern, partially filled with a great lake, along with many giant, dangerous Rahi. As they slowly escaped from a battle with the creatures, defending the craft all the while, the Toa were captured by a group of Kralhi. A Matoran hermit named Mavrah spoke with the Toa Metru in the cavern, after calling on a Rahi that detected Kanohi power to ensure that the Toa did not attack.

During their captivity, Whenua revealed that these were the Rahi which had mysteriously disappeared from Metru Nui years before, along with the Onu-Matoran Mavrah. The Kralhi, prototypes of the Vahki, that had long ago gone missing now worked for the lone Onu-Matoran. Explaining the situation to the Matoran proved futile, as he refused to believe Metru Nui had fallen, so Vakama, while Whenua and Mavrah spoke, decided to activate his mask and escaped. Before leaving, Mavrah ordered the Kralhi to search for him. Being watched by the Kralhi, Whenua told the Toa about the Archive's secret underwater project and how Mavrah had been assumed to have been killed when the Rahi disappeared one night. Vakama was able to find the Transport and confirmed one of the Matoran Spheres was missing. As he traveled back, the captured Toa Metru came to be forced into battle with Mavrah's Rahi, along with the Kralhi and more stray Vahki that appeared. Whenua and Onewa spoke to Mavrah, and persuaded him to call off the battle, as it was unnecessary. Mavrah, seeing that the creatures had begun to fight each other, agreed and attempted to stop them. But the Rahi were already out of control, and Mavrah was killed after being swept into the violent sea. The Toa Metru escaped the tumult of the cavern with five Matoran, as the sphere containing the Po-Matoran Ahkmou was lost beneath the tides.

Nearing the end of their voyage, the tunnel of their passage began to fill with water, and the Toa, pursued by more Vahki, had no choice but to seal the path behind them. It was Matau who had flown ahead of the transport and first beheld the new land above. Nokama carved small images of the Toa Metru into stone, as they at last left the winding, darkened tunnels, and sailed on a gleaming ocean, dazzled with an island that would be come to be known as Mata Nui.

On the new island of Mata Nui, the five Matoran capsules were left in safety on the white beach near what would one day be Ga-Koro. At the urging of Vakama, the Toa Metru housed a portion of their power within six new Toa stones. Onewa had little faith in Vakama's vision of the process, but consented to the sacrifice in the end. The Toa Stones were hidden all over the island during the Toa's exploration, and they each soon found adequate locations for settlements to be built.

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