On the day of the Kolhii championship, Jaller searched for his friend, Takua. He wandered around Ta-Koro and down into a volcano chamber, where he found Takua and his Ussal Crab, Pewku. They were examining a totem with strange markings and symbols on it, which was just across a river of magma. Takua was leaping across the rocks towards the artifact when Jaller spotted him and called for him to go back. Takua, however, had arrived at the other side and removed the totem from the shrine. A sudden quake from a volcanic eruption knocked Takua off his feet, sending him sprawling on the ground, while the totem rolled down the side of the river and sank into the lava, much to Takua's dismay. To his surprise, the totem floated back to the surface and dissolved, revealing the Mask of Light. Upon noticing the lava wave separating him from Jaller, Takua tossed the Avohkii to Jaller. Takua then produced his Lava Board, and jumped into the lava. Floating on the board, Takua made a daring attempt to cross the river of magma. Before he could reach the other side, a wave of lava sloshed around the corner and was headed straight for Takua.

Fil:Movie Takua.PNG


Just before the wave crashed down on Takua, a heroic red figure soared by and snatched him up just in time. Jaller feared Takua was dead. Takua was actually riding on Tahu Nuva's shoulders, propelled down the magma river by a huge wave of molten lava. The Toa of Fire continued to surf down the volcanic chamber, towards a huge group of lava falls, and leaped off right at the edge. After what seemed like minutes of free-falling, Tahu separated his board into his twin Magma Swords and shoved the swords into the side of the cliff. Takua panicked, and pointed out that the lava falls were right above them. Tahu Nuva activated his Kanohi Hau Nuva to protect both of them from the incoming lava. Tahu used his Magma Swords to climb the wall of the chamber.

They both arrived at the spot where Jaller had been. Jaller was surprised that Takua was not dead. Tahu then caught a glimpse of the great Mask of Light. He told the two Matoran to take it to Turaga Vakama when the Kolhii match was over. Takua and Jaller ran to the Ta-Koro Kolhii stadium and arrived just in time for the match. Vakama dedicated the Kolhii Stadium to the Great Spirit Mata Nui. During the match, Takua attempted his newest move but failed miserably, resulting in the Kolhii ball narrowly avoiding hitting Turaga Vakama's head. Ta-Koro eventually lost; the score was two for Ga-Koro, one for Po-Koro and nothing for Ta-Koro. The Kolhii players took their bows, and as Takua did, the Avohkii fell out of his backpack and threw a bright light on Takua.

In an attempt to escape his duty, Takua tipped the mask slightly with his foot, causing it to focus its light on Jaller. The Toa and Turaga took this as a sign that Jaller was meant to be the Herald of The Seventh Toa. They gathered for a brief meeting to discuss the future of the mask, and sent Jaller off on a mission to find the seventh Toa. Jaller managed to make sure that Takua came with him.

Hahli wanders around Ta-Koro and finds Duty's Charm at the Wall of History, and Courage's in Jaller's hut. Very intrigued at the seventh Toa, Hahli returns to Nixie's hut and recreates the Toa formula using seven as the starting number other than six. Getting coordinate G6, Pelagia sails Hahli out there and she swims, finding the Temple of Purity. Opening it with the Charms, Hahli recovered a Crystal, representing Purity. After she informed Nixie, Hahli went to Onu-Koro and swam in the Great Mine to the bottom, and she found the Temple of Prosperity and it's Crystal. Ko-Wahi's Temple of Peace in The Drifts contained the Crystal of Peace, and the Temple of Faith on the highest tree in Le-Wahi holds its Crystal. A large sand-covered stature in Po-Wahi is the Temple of Creation and holds Creation's Crystal. Missing only the Crystal from Ta-Wahi, Hahli returned to Ta-Koro.

Meanwhile, in Teridax's lair, Teridax had found out about the discovery of the Kanohi Avohkii and was anxious to stop the coming of this new Toa of Light. He sent three of his Rahkshi - Lerahk, Panrahk and Guurahk - to stop Jaller and Takua.


Panrahk trying to destroy Gali

When she arrived the Toa were taking their leave. Pohatu went to spread the news of the Seventh Toa to Onu-Koro, while Gali went to ponder the Great Thoughts at the Kini-Nui. She looked up at the sky and saw a seventh spirit star, a true sign that the Toa of Light was coming. Suddenly, from behind Gali, the Kini-Nui split open in an explosion. The three Rahkshi emerged from the rubble. One of the Rahkshi, Panrahk, spotted Gali and tried to destroy her with its fragmentation powers. Gali managed to jump into a nearby river just in time. The Rahkshi, assuming the Toa of Water was dead, shifted into flight mode and flew towards Ta-Koro. Gali silently followed them and passed them up by swimming in the river.

Gali arrived at Ta-Koro before the Rahkshi could invade. She summoned Turaga Vakama and Tahu. After a moment of silence, the Rahkshi appeared from the clouds. Vakama and Nokama remembered the Rahkshi from their past and were traumatized. Tahu tried to stop the Rahkshi, but even his Hau Nuva shield was not enough to protect him from the attack from Panrahk. Tahu fell, unconscious. Gali ran to aid her brother and fought the Rahkshi, but was defeated and narrowly avoided being thrown into the hot lava below.

The Rahkshi continued to search for the Mask of Light and its herald in Ta-Koro. The Ta-Matoran ran around in panic as the creatures destroyed the fortress walls in search of their prize. Lerahk was closing in on the escaping Hahli, but Gali came and pulled her to safety and told her to guide the Matoran to safety. Hahli did so by opening the gates of Ta-Koro so that the Matoran could flee from their burning village, leaving as Lerahk moved to attack her.

Meanwhile, after Tahu had trapped Panrahk in a ring of fire, Lerahk attacked the Toa of Fire. It had first challenged Turaga Vakama but Tahu had driven it off and saved Vakama. Gali was at the gates, ensuring the safety of the fleeing villagers. She then saw Lerahk and Tahu, locked in combat. She quickly produced her tools and fired a blast of water at the Rahkshi, but failed as Tahu managed to get the upper hand, and he caught the full blast. Tahu's mask was scratched by Lerahk's poison staff in the process. Then Lerahk stood up and shoved his staff into the ground, poisoning the whole floor of Ta-Koro. Gali and Tahu escaped, but Ta-Koro sank into the lava.

Fil:MoL Ta-Koro Sinking.PNG

The destruction of Ta-Koro

Once they made it to safety in the region of Ta-Wahi, the two Toa and Vakama watched sadly as the village of fire sank into the searing lava. Then they saw the three Rahkshi flying away. Tahu wondered why the Rahkshi did not destroy them, even though they could have done so easily. Vakama told him that they were seekers and had not found what they were looking for. Gali wondered what the Rahkshi were looking for, but Vakama told them that they were to continue their search for the Mask of Light. Tahu remembered Takua and Jaller and wanted to go and help them himself, but Gali did not agree on Tahu going alone.

Takua and Jaller traveled to Le-Wahi, riding on Pewku in search for the Toa of Light. Takua was complaining about bugs and all the other things in Le-Wahi, but Jaller insisted it was a nice place and that Takua was never comfortable anywhere. Suddenly they were interrupted when Graalok the Ash Bear attacked them. Jaller, Takua and Pewku tried to escape but they were cornered. Jaller then boldly jumped off the faithful Ussal crab and started to climb up into a tree. Graalok's attention was now on Jaller, who jumped down and landed on Graalok's back. It tried to throw Jaller off, when a tangle of vines shot down from the trees and trapped the Ash Bear.

Jaller fell down and saw Lewa Nuva swinging down from the trees on a vine. He then released Graalok and watched it walk away. Lewa asked the two Matoran what they were doing in Le-Wahi, and they informed him of the Mask of Light. He decided to help Jaller and Takua, and summoned a Gukko bird. He lifted Jaller and Takua onto its back and went flying off, with Jaller and Takua following him. However, Pewku could not come with them. Takua ordered her to go home, but Pewku decided to follow her friends in secret.

Takua and Jaller rode the Gukko bird up to Ko-Wahi, where the Gukko crash-landed. After getting up from their impact and brushing the snow off themselves, Lewa told them that the drums of Le-Koro were bringing news of despair: Ta-Koro was destroyed in a battle against the Rahkshi; the sons of Makuta. Grief-stricken, Jaller commented that he should have been there, and decided that he must return. Lewa told him that it was too late to help and that he must to continue the search for the Seventh Toa. Jaller then pushed the Mask into Takua's hands, announcing that he would continue in Jaller's place. The Chronicler pushed it back into his grasp and told him that he had accepted his duty, while Jaller argued that he had accepted Takua's duty. Lewa intervened and told them that they all had a duty to Mata Nui and that there was no time to fight. Lewa also promised Jaller that after he joined the Toa, he would go see his village. After Jaller thanked him, Lewa took off, and Takua and Jaller continued on their quest.

Fil:MoL Bohrok.PNG

A frozen Bohrok

Walking through a snowstorm in Ko-Wahi, the Matoran stumbled upon some Bohrok, only to find that they were frozen by Kopaka Nuva. Kopaka stopped the snowstorm, and the pair followed Kopaka, filling him in on their quest to find the Toa of Light as they walked.

Back at the remains of Ta-Koro, Tahu mourned at the loss of Ta-Koro. Gali noticed the wound Lerahk inflicted upon Tahu, and attempted to examine it more closely. However, Tahu swatted her hand aside, stating that she worries about scratches, while his village is gone. Lewa tried to comfort Tahu, and Gali attempted to bring them together by talking about Unity. However, Tahu pushed her hand aside again and walked away alone.

Meanwhile, Kopaka had spotted Ko-Koro. Focusing on the door with his Akaku Nuva, he found that the door was broken. A bolt of energy fired from the door, and Kopaka pushed Jaller and Takua out of the way just in time to avoid being hit. The three Rahkshi that had destroyed Ta-Koro appeared. Kopaka Nuva threw his Ice Shield down and told the Matoran to leave. Jaller protested against that act of cowardice, and stated that "the captain of the guard never runs away", but he was cut short by Takua, who pushed him onto the shield and they started to slide down the mountain.

Kopaka attempted to hold off the three Rahkshi, but he was knocked off the mountain by a blow from Panrahk. Kopaka started to skate down the mountain on his Ice Blades, while dodging several blasts from the Rahkshi. Suddenly, Takua spotted a dead end, and Kopaka attempted to pick his shield up and toss the pair over with it. However, the Rahkshi blasted them off their feet, and Kopaka crashed to the ground, and the wind was knocked out of him. The Rahkshi had spotted their prey, and flew down the mountain. In the meantime, Takua was desperately trying to wake up Jaller and succeeded in regaining his friend's consciousness. The pair spotted the incoming Rahkshi and in an attempt to lure them away from Jaller, Takua pushed Kopaka's shield into a lake and tried to escape using the Avohkii as a paddle. As the Rahkshi approached, Jaller covered his eyes in fear. However, the Rahkshi did not have any interest in him, and headed straight for Takua and the Avohkii. Kopaka regained consciousness at the last moment and fired an elemental blast of ice at the Rahkshi and froze them, just as they were about to grab the mask from Takua. Kopaka then froze the water, trapping the Rahkshi in the lake of ice.

Just then, Pewku came running towards Takua, excited to see her owner again, and knocked him to the ground. While they greeted each other, Kopaka left to check on his village, departing without a word. After a long walk, Takua and Jaller came to the entrance cave of the Onu-Koro Highway. Inside, Takua and Jaller quickly got lost and separated from each other. Teridax then came and spoke to Takua in a vision, warning him that if he did not give the Mask of Light to him, Jaller would die. Takua refused and the vision ended. Jaller then found Takua, but they separated and went different paths, as Takua quit the search, taking Pewku with him. After a while, the three Rahkshi manage to escape the frozen lake.

Meanwhile, Tahu and Gali were surfing on a tidal wave towards three Rahkshi, Guurahk, Panrahk and Lerahk. Tahu jumped off the wave and landed on a cliff, which was immediately poisoned by Lerahk. Tahu fell down in pain, and Lerahk loomed over him, ready to finish him off. Tahu quickly rolled out of the way and got up, preparing himself for combat. Meanwhile, Gali was confronting Guurahk. The blue Rahkshi disintegrated the ground beneath her feet. She grabbed the edge of the crevice that she was about to fall into. Guurahk tried to knock her in, when Lewa swung himself from a vine and landed on the Rahkshi's back before it could harm Gali. Guurahk shook him off. Lerahk then poisoned the ground around the three Toa, cornering them with the dangerous acid. Together, the Rahkshi then brought the cliff down on the Toa. Tahu activated his Hau Nuva at the last moment, saving them from the falling rubble. Assuming the Toa were dead, the Rahkshi moved on.

Hahli had fled Ta-Koro and found the Temple of Courage with one last Charm for her to collect, the Charm of Strength. Entering, she retrieved the Crystal of Strength, the final Crystal. Stumbling around in Ta-Wahi, she found the Ta-Wahi Beach and the Great Telescope. Inspecting a carving of The Legend of Mata Nui, she noticed indentations for the Crystals. Hahli placed the Crystals and was teleported in a flash of light just like her dream when she had the day she had been chosen to be Kolhii champion.

Meanwhile, Teridax decided to release three more Rahkshi. He unleashed Turahk, whose power of Fear would keep the Toa from their Destiny, Vorahk, whose power of Hunger would consume their Duty, and Kurahk, whose power of Anger would shatter their Unity. As they emerged at the Kini-Nui, Hahli was teleported there, and watched the Rahkshi fly in the air.

Whenua decided to show Onua and Pohatu the location of the cavern where he, along with the other Turaga had stored captured Kraata. Just then, the Rahkshi came and caused an earthquake, which shattered the Kraata containers, freeing them. The Kraata began to slither towards the two Toa and the Turaga.

Kopaka arrived at a gathering place near Po-Koro where he and the other Toa were supposed to have a meeting. He looked around and found no one there. Suddenly all six Rahkshi arrived and cornered him. He tried to fight off the Rahkshi but he was not even a challenge against all six creatures. Tahu, Gali and Lewa then came to his aid, but Tahu and Gali began to quarrel among themselves when Kurahk used its anger power over them. Lewa used a cyclone to confiscate Kurahk's staff, distracting the white Rahkshi, while Gali attacked it with water. Panrahk and Guurahk tried to bring the cliff-side down onto Gali and Kopaka, but Lewa rescued them with his wind powers while Tahu melted the rocks into magma. The Rahkshi then escaped during the Toa's distraction.

Suddenly, Pohatu and Onua emerged from the cavern with Whenua. Tahu and Kopaka sealed the cavern so that the Kraata were once more trapped. Only one Kraata, Shadow Kraata, had escaped. Pohatu caught it in his claw with an iron grip before it could infect any masks. Whenua informed the two Toa about its power to infect masks from a distance, and they then left Turaga to deal with the Kraata while they went to find and stop the Rahkshi once and for all. Pohatu and Onua went to Onu-Koro.

Fil:Black Rahkshi MoL.PNG

Kurahk, Vorahk, and Turahk attacking Onu-Koro

In Onu-Koro, Pohatu was spreading the news of the Mask of Light. He was telling all the Onu-Matoran of Jaller's and Takua's search for the seventh Toa, when suddenly Takua arrived, riding Pewku. Pohatu asked Takua why he was alone and Takua told him about their encounter with the Rahkshi. All of Onu-Koro was shaken suddenly and one of the walls exploded. Three Rahkshi emerged: Turahk, Vorahk and Kurahk. Takua stated that these were different Rahkshi than the ones he had met, and Pohatu and Onua began fighting them off. Onua started with an earthquake that slowed the Rahkshi, giving the Matoran time to escape Onu-Koro.

However, the rocks that buried the Rahkshi did not hold them off for long; the Rahkshi brushed the rubble off, and Vorahk went to fight Onua. At first, Onua had the upper hand, but Vorahk's staff of hunger slowly drained the energy out of Onua, and weakened him to the extent that he lost consciousness. Pohatu came to his aid, but Turahk blasted him, leaving him in a state of fear and immobility.

Fil:MoL Kurahk and Takua.PNG

Kurahk screaming at Takua

As Takua was escaping, he came to realize that what he was doing was wrong; he grabbed a Kolhii staff nearby, and attempted to hit Kurahk with it, but Kurahk merely grabbed the staff and screamed at him. The other Rahkshi, hearing the scream, gathered around to finish off Takua. Tahu Nuva suddenly appeared, and tried to drive them off; but a blast from Kurahk left him lying on the ground.

Just as things were looking very grim for Takua, Lewa Nuva appeared and flew away with Takua and Pewku on his back. After they landed, he instructed Takua to warn Jaller, and they parted ways, with Takua escaping on Pewku, and Lewa Nuva flying back to the battle. Meanwhile, Gali, concerned about Tahu's condition, attempted to help him up. However, the combined effects of Lerahk's poison and Kurahk's anger had made Tahu unable to distinguish friend from foe, and he attempted to blast Gali with fire. Gali dodged out of the way, and saw that Tahu's mask was now fully poisoned.

At the same time, Takua was making his escape through an Onu-Koro shaft on Pewku. Turahk punched a hole through the shaft, and narrowly missed Takua. Turahk and the other Rahkshi started to climb along the outside of the chute in pursuit of Takua. However, Pohatu and Onua had regained their power, and Pohatu pinned Turahk on the chute with his claws. As the other two Rahkshi came running towards them, Onua unleashed a cave-in on them, destroying Onu-Koro in the process.

At the other side of Onu-Koro, the battle between Gali and Tahu raged on; Gali tried to remind Tahu that he was a Toa and a great hero, but she failed. Tahu slowly made his way through Gali's water blast, but was finally stopped by Kopaka Nuva, who froze him in place. Gali, Kopaka and Lewa moved Tahu out of Onu-Koro, to Le-Wahi. They decided to use their healing powers to save Tahu, who was still struggling against his bonds. Gali first told Kopaka and Lewa to use their powers to stop Tahu from struggling so much, and as Tahu writhed in pain under the combined powers of Lewa and Kopaka, Gali could not take it anymore and told them to stop. Then, Gali released a small pool of water, which covered Tahu's body; as it vanished, Tahu's eyes were no longer glowing green, and his mask was normal again. However, Gali was also completely exhausted, and Kopaka caught her just as she was falling to the ground. Afterwards, Gali was replenishing her elemental energy by a river, and she wondered aloud if the Toa Nuva had really lost their unity, just like the Turaga had said. Gali asked Kopaka for his opinion, only to find that he had already left.

Fil:Matoran Jaller with Kanohi Avohkii.PNG

Jaller on a ledge

Meanwhile, Jaller was climbing up a tall mountain, questioning where his destiny lies. A sudden earthquake on the mountain knocked him off his feet, and he nearly lost the Mask of Light. As Jaller hung on the ledge, Takua, and his faithful Ussal crab, Pewku, approached him. Takua helped Jaller up with his Kolhii staff, and Jaller teased him about his last words before he left. Slightly embarrassed, Takua explained that there were more Rahkshi, and that they were after the herald, not the mask.

Meanwhile, Kopaka, Lewa, and Tahu encountered a part of Le-Wahi devastated by some unknown power. They soon found two Matoran whose masks had been infected. Kopaka temporarily trapped them in a wall of ice, then shortly afterwards the Toa encountered a shadow Kraata which had infected those two Matoran's masks. They captured it but realized that it must have been some other creature that had destroyed a part of Le-Wahi. They followed it and encountered both Rahkshi Kaita. The Toa eventually defeated them, but Lewa was almost killed because he had underestimated the enemy's power.

After traveling, Takua and Jaller found themselves at the temple of Kini-Nui. They knew that the seventh Toa must be there but Takua became frustrated and grabbed the Avohkii from Jaller and started to shake it in hope that it would show them where the seventh Toa would be. The mask started to glow brightly and suddenly it destroyed a part of a statue of a Toa head, revealing a part of a statue of Takua's mask (which Takanuva later reveals with his light powers). Then three Rahkshi attacked from behind of the statue. Turahk, Vorahk and Kurahk went after Jaller and Takua who ran to Amaja-Nui, only to find out that their only escape route was blocked by Lerahk, Guurahk and Panrahk, the rest of the six Rahkshi.

Fil:MoL Toa Nuva.PNG

Toa Nuva in a circle, protecting Jaller and Takua

Noting the danger, the two Matoran stood back to back with Jaller taking out his knife in attempt to protect himself. Just before the Rahkshi could attack them however, three spots of light appeared on a nearby mountain which revealed to be Tahu, Gali, and Lewa. The three Toa jumped into a ring position around the Matoran. Then, a fist broke through the ground and the rest of the Toa Nuva, Onua, Pohatu, and Kopaka appear, completing the circle of six. The Toa united and formed a shield around them and the Matoran, deflecting the attacks of the Rahkshi. Afterwards, the shield was lowered and then Toa began their attack on the Rahkshi.

Lewa started by creating a hurricane of sand which took Guurahk, Panrahk and Lerahk with it. Meanwhile Gali jumped out of the circle and dodged the Rahkshi's blows. Then Kurahk accidentally slammed its staff into Turahk, knocking him over, leaving him temporarily out of the fight. Meanwhile Tahu had arrived next to Lewa and blasted fire at the sand tornado, trapping the three Rahkshi inside in a frozen vortex of glass. The Toa removed the Kraata from the defenseless Rahkshi.

Kopaka, meanwhile, distracted the two remaining Rahkshi, Kurahk and Vorahk, as Pohatu bound their hands together with his claws. The Rahkshi were bound to each other now and Onua used his power to send a large piece of earth towards the Rahkshi. Before it hit them, Tahu used his fire powers to turn it into hot, molten lava, and it landed on the Rahkshi. Gali blasted water at the two Rahkshi which enabled Kopaka to freeze them. Their Kraata were also removed.

Fil:Jaller dying.PNG

Jaller sacrificing himself for Takua, taking all Turahk's fear powers to himself

Takua and Jaller, who had watched the battle, soon saw the Turahk climbing to the Amaja-Nui. They tried to run away, but Turahk blasted Takua, who carried the mask, stopping him as fear deprived his ability to move. Jaller then saw his friend in danger and quickly jumped on the Turahk's staff, absorbing all the fear energy himself. This overwhelmed Jaller and he collapsed, his heart light flashing rapidly. Takua ran to his friend, in time to realize he was witnessing his friend's death. Jaller gave the Mask of Light to Takua, and then he died. Takua realized his destiny and placed the Mask of Light over his Pakari. A bright light shone as Takua transformed into the Toa of Light. He renamed himself Takanuva, froze the Rahkshi Turahk suit, and blasted the Toa head statue with his light powers, illuminating his past mask. Takanuva picked up Jaller's lifeless body, and silently walked away.

Fil:Takua Transforming.PNG

Takua transforming into Takanuva

Later, Takanuva stood in front of Jaller's mask, which was floating in a beam of light. Vakama walked up to him, and they talked about his destiny. Takanuva, full of resolution after the conversation, turned back to the beam of light and vowed that Jaller's sacrifice would not be in vain.

At the Kini Nui, the Toa Nuva built the Ussanui. Takanuva placed the Shadow Kraata inside a special compartment in the Ussanui, stating that it would lead him to Teridax's lair. Hahli walked towards the Ussanui, placing Jaller's mask on it, and wished Takanuva good luck. Pohatu asked Takanuva about where they were going to sit on the Ussanui, and Takanuva told the Toa Nuva that he was going alone, and told them to gather the Matoran and wait for his return.

Fil:Ussanui Fly MoL.PNG

Takanuva riding the Ussanui to Mangaia

Takanuva activated the Ussanui, and sped down Kini-Nui to the entrance of the Mangaia. He crashed the Ussanui into the door, breaking it to pieces. Hahli emerged from the debris, and said that she would record the chronicle for Takanuva. Takanuva had no choice but to let her come along, and he grabbed the Shadow Kraata as they went in. It was dark in the lair and green mist floated everywhere. The pillars where the Rahkshi had been stored earlier lined the sides of the dark chamber. Takanuva placed the shadow Kraata on the floor and it slithered away into the darkness, screeching. Takanuva then heard Teridax's voice. The Makuta slowly emerged from the darkness, revealing himself to Takanuva and Hahli. Takanuva ordered Hahli to go back to the surface, and summon all the Matoran to the lair. Hahli left before Teridax challenged Takanuva to a game of Kolhii.

At the surface, Onewa was unsure about going down. Hahli, however, gave a motivating speech and the Matoran, Toa, and the Turaga all went down to Teridax's lair. There they saw Teridax launching the Kolhii balls towards Takanuva, trying to strike him with them. When Teridax saw the Matoran, he quickly threw a ball to the entrance, bringing it down. The Matoran were trapped inside Teridax's lair with Takanuva. Then Takanuva caught a Protodermis ball and flung it towards Teridax. It hit him and sent him flying and smashing into a wall. Teridax arose soon after, but Takanuva jumped on Teridax, and after a short struggle, Takanuva pulled off Teridax's mask, the Kanohi Kraahkan. Both fell into the pool of Energized Protodermis in the center of the lair. After a moment, Takutanuva arose from the pool. Light and shadow had become one. Takutanuva opened the heavy gate to Metru Nui and the Matoran along with Toa Nuva and Turaga ran through it. However, Takutanuva stopped Hahli, who carried Jaller's mask. He sacrificed some of his own life energy to bring Jaller back to life; but this loss of energy weakened Takutanuva, and the gate crashed on top him. However, the Avohkii slid beneath the door over to the Matoran. Turaga Vakama took the mask and went to the symbol of the three virtues. He placed Hahli on the one for Unity, Jaller on the spot for Duty, and the Avohkii on the one for Destiny. A light started to shine from the mask and Takanuva was revived, alive and well. Vakama then revealed Metru Nui, his island home, which was seen far away in the Silver Sea.

Later, everybody returned to the surface and Nokama officially gave Hahli the title Chronicler. Vakama then began to tell the Legends of Metru Nui to the Toa Nuva while the Matoran constructed Boats to cross the Silver Sea. These stories were meant to strengthen the Toa's hearts. After many weeks, the Matoran departed from Mata Nui, never to return. Just before they arrived on the shores of Metru Nui, Hahli questioned Vakama if any more tales of the Toa Metru remained to be told. Vakama denied the fact that there were any, deciding to keep the last story to himself. The group was greeted by the Rahaga and Turaga Dume.

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