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"History will tell you that I am a monster, a slaver, someone who made a living capturing my fellow Agori and selling them to the Skrall. I'd be a fool to lie and pretend I did not do those things; of course I did. But there is more to the story than just that, and there is one thing you need to always remember about history: the winners write all the books."
— Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale

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Sahmad is an Agori outcast living on Spherus Magna.


Early life[]

Sahmad was a member of the Iron Tribe on Spherus Magna prior to the ShatteringSkabelon:OnlineCitation and was in love with a female Agori of his tribe.Skabelon:OnlineCitation He was involved with the commercial aspects of his tribe's business and once scouted Aqua Magna to examine trade routes, where he was struck by the beauty of the ocean.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Around 103,000 years ago, the Iron Tribe was decimated by a mysterious plague which caused its victims to stop dreaming and be driven to madness. Though his lover died of the plague,Skabelon:OnlineCitation Sahmad was one of the few unaffected, and banded together with other survivors to hide from their deranged tribesmen. After the affected had eventually perished, the survivors emerged from hiding and changed their armor color in an attempt to disguise themselves. Their ruse failed, and Sahmad and the other Iron Tribe survivors were shunned by the other tribes for fear of carrying the disease.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Bara Magna[]

Following the Shattering, Sahmad was left stranded on Bara Magna. He found a Baranus chariot and tamed a Spikit, creating the Baranus V7, with which he lived as a bandit in the wastelands.

A year ago, the Skrall moved into Roxtus, claiming the northern territories that Sahmad resided in. In order to avoid a total conflict with the Skrall, he became a slaver. The nature of his occupation frequently brought him in conflict with the Bone Hunter Fero. Sahmad was known to occasionally stay in Roxtus while the Skrall occupied it, doing business with the Rock Tribe by selling them captured Agori. Sahmad sometimes offered the villages a chance to reclaim the Agori he kidnapped from them by sending a Glatorian to defeat him in arena combat.[1]

Fil:Comic Sahmad on Baranus V7.png

Sahmad piloting the Baranus V7

In the wake of the Battle of Roxtus, Sahmad attempted an attack on the newly formed Mega-Village on his Baranus V7. Ackar and Kiina defended the city, using their new Elemental Powers, and defeated him. The two Glatorian warned the slaver that his ways would no longer be tolerated before letting him go.Skabelon:ComicCitation

Quest for answers[]

Sahmad saw the coming of Teridax and his fight with Mata Nui, but ignored it. Instead, he decided to finally seek out the cause of the plague, and began a journey north. He camped at the Skrall River and had a nightmare in which the Iron Tribe members disappeared one by one.

The next morning, Sahmad spotted Telluris, who was lamenting the destruction of his vehicle. Though Sahmad regarded the Skopio XV-1 with disdain, he convinced Telluris to accompany him on his journey. While traveling, the two came across a snake, which began speaking to them. Remembering something he had heard from Agori of the Rock Tribe, Sahmad identified the snake as Metus, a former Ice Agori. Metus told Sahmad that he could no longer dream, and Sahmad realized that the plague had resurfaced.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

After Teridax fell and Spherus Magna was restored, the three retraced Metus's path into the Black Spike Mountains, where Sahmad found an abnormal triangular marking in the ground. They began looking for more markings like it, but stopped when Telluris went missing. A large red tentacle then emerged from the soil and dragged Metus underground. Sahmad fired on the spot whence the tentacle came with his Thornax Launcher, but there was no response. He then bid the creature take him under like his companions. Three tentacles then emerged and pulled him into the earth.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Sahmad awoke in a healing chamber, where a female Water Agori informed him that he was in New Atero in Bota Magna, that Metus had died of the plague, and that Telluris had disappeared. Kiina approached him and revealed that he had been sleeping for 750 years. Sahmad refused to believe her, and left the healer's hut. In the marketplace, he spotted an Agori of the Iron Tribe, and began to chase them. Rounding a corner, he discovered the Agori to be his lover, who killed him with a Thornax Launcher.

Sahmad again awoke in a healing chamber, but this one was filled with Iron Agori. The Agori spoke to him in unison, and informed him that he had failed a test.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Sahmad angrily demanded that his host stop speaking through illusions, and the Iron Agori members were revealed to be Sisters of the Skrall. Annona manifested in the room and informed Sahmad of her origins, her relation to the Sisters of the Skrall, and her relation to the Dreaming Plague, which was caused by her feeding on the Iron Tribe's dreams. Telluris and Metus, now an Agori, arrived in the room, and Sahmad ran with them to escape Annona. The three ran through a tunnel, perceiving sunlight at its end.

After running for miles, they finally made it to surface, only to discover that the light they had seen was Annona, who began scanning Spherus Magna for a new meal.Skabelon:OnlineCitation Sahmad, not wanting to let anyone else go the way of his tribe, tricked Telluris and convinced Metus into chasing down Annona. Annona teleported to the shores of Aqua Magna, and Sahmad, Telluris, and Metus were deposited in the ocean. Following Annona, they swam to the shore and scaled cliff walls to reach a fortress, where Annona had trapped many Skakdi in illusions. The Golden-Skinned Being arrived and confronted Annona. After exchanging words, the fusion conjured rock spikes from the ground that impaled Annona, and left her to die.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

In response, Annona consumed all the dreams of the Skakdi at once, gathering enough strength to free herself. The fusion's power automatically manifested the dreams of the maddened Skakdi, which initiated the destruction of the fortress. Telluris charged Annona, but was killed himself. Sahmad saw that the fusion was weakened, and decided to act. He convinced Metus to help him break off a rock spike, which he hurled at Annona, impaling her. While Annona was distracted, the fusion telepathically communicated a plan to Sahmad. Sahmad wished for a world where nobody could dream, and the fusion's power made it real. Now bereft of a food source, Annona struck a deal with the fusion: she would be sent to an entirely new world where she could feed, and Spherus Magna would be free of her interference. The fusion agreed, on the condition that Sahmad envision this world. Sahmad imagined a world populated by creatures exactly like Annona, so that they would feed on each other and eventually extinct themselves. The fusion made this world real and transported Annona there, where she would meet her doom.

The fusion and Sahmad worked together to restore the ability to dream to the people of Spherus Magna, and the fusion thanked Sahmad for his help. The fusion warned him that it would not remain at the fortress forever, and Sahmad offered to join the Skakdi army when the time came. Before then, however, Sahmad began walking north to visit the former site of his people and to pay his respects.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Abilities and Traits[]

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Sahmad piloting the Baranus V7

Sahmad is feared by other Agori, and he holds a deep resentment for them as a result of their dislike. Sahmad's hatred for all non-Iron Agori is due to the fact that none of them helped him or his friends during the Dreaming Plague.Skabelon:OnlineCitation He is not afraid of the Glatorian, and is willing to fight them by himself.Skabelon:ComicCitation

Sahmad has also changed his armor color using minerals in an attempt to disguise himself as a member of a different tribe. He also feels some responsibility for the few surviving members of the Iron Tribe.Skabelon:OnlineCitation


Sahmad wields a bladed weapon with a Thornax Launcher attached to it. He also carries a whip, in order to keep the Spikit in line.


Sahmad rides the chariot Baranus V7, which is pulled by a Spikit. Stats[]

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Set Information[]

Sahmad was released as the driver of the 8994 Baranus V7 set in mid-2009, using 31 of the set's 263 pieces. He wields a sword with an attached Thornax Launcher in his right hand and a whip in his left. He also has a Life Counter attached to his back, for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game.


"I like to sleep. I like to sleep because I like to dream. Dreaming reminds me that I'm still alive."
— Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale

"I always thought the Skopio was a gaudy waste of time and materials. No matter how big your weapon, someone else can always build a bigger one. You don't conquer your enemies with something they can see coming ten miles away. You do it by working your way inside like the larva of a spiked worm, making yourself a part of their society, and then blotting them out from the inside."
— Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale

"You know what comes next. After the celebration is over, the Agori will start wanting to clean up the mess. Anyone who doesn't fit into their well-ordered little social structure will get shoved aside or trampled over. I don't intend to be either."
— Sahmad to Telluris and Metus, Sahmad's Tale

"As I looked around at everyone wavering together for the greater good, I kept thinking, Whose dream is this? It certainly wasn't mine. My people were dead. They couldn't enjoy all this peace and good feeling, and if they couldn't benefit from it, I didn't want to either. I would just have seen New Atero go the way of old Atero."
— Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale

"Was I afraid? Sure. But just like you could take a Thornax fruit and turn it into a weapon, you can take fear and turn it into anger. Fear is a rock you can hide under. Anger is a rock you can throw at someone else."
— Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale


Books Comics Online



  • Comic 5: Valley of Fear (FA)

Story Serials

  • Sahmad's Tale


  • On his Bios page, Sahmad was mistakenly listed as a member of the Jungle Tribe who lived in Tesara.[2]

See also[]

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