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Skabelon:Location The Temple of Creation is the massive temple that dominates the City of the Mask Makers.


The Temple of Creation was built over the ancient Temple of Light.[JTO] It became the base of operations for the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta, who forged Masks of Power in its Great Forge.

Makuta forged the Mask of Ultimate Power here and used it to betray Ekimu. Both brothers were lost in the conflict, and the Temple of Creation fell into disrepair.[15A] The city was left frozen in time, and only by relighting the Great Forge within the Temple of Creation could it be restored to its original state.[1]

Thousands of years later, while the city was occupied by the Skull Army, Skull Basher was stationed to guard the entrance to the Temple of Creation. Makuta's spirit instructed Kulta to take Ekimu's Mask of Creation to the Great Forge and destroy it. Before Kulta could do so, he was interrupted by the Toa and the revived Ekimu, who defeated him. Ekimu then reactivated the Great Forge and began to restore the Temple of Creation.[2]


Fil:TAOLB Forge Interior.jpg

The interior of the Temple of Creation

The Temple of Creation sits on a hill at the edge of the City of the Mask Makers. A large stone staircase leads up to its entrance, which is flanked by statues of Ekimu and Makuta. The main building resembles an anvil.[15A]

Halls within the Temple of Creation host various artifacts, including Masks of Power.[JTO]

Fil:Webisodes Great Forge.jpeg

The Great Forge

Great Forge[]

The forge where Ekimu and Makuta created Masks of Power. Thousands of powerful masks were created in this forge, such as the Mask of Strength and the Mask of Speed. The forge fell cold after Makuta's betrayal, but relighting it restored the city to its original state.[1]

Temple of Light[]

A balcony on the Temple of Creation features a stone door carved with hieroglyphs that opens into the ancient Temple of Light.[JTO]


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