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"As I, Makuta Mutran, recline in my hive in Karda Nui, carving this record, I am gratified by the sight of Shadow Leeches taking form in their bubbling vats."
— Makuta Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

Skabelon:Location The Shadow Leech Hive was a location in Karda Nui.


The fallen stalactite on which the hive was carved was made of living rock, similar to that which made up the Mountain.[1] Large vats were stored here that contained the Shadow Leeches. Makuta Mutran and his Shadow Matoran assistant, Vican, were stationed here to protect it.

Unknowingly, Kirop led the Toa Nuva and their Matoran partners to the hive, where Toa Ignika found and joined them. Inside, Mutran used his illusion power to make the hive's interior appear to be larger and to make Toa Ignika appear like a gigantic Rahi, resulting in Photok, Pohatu, Tanma, and Lewa attacking him. Toa Ignika responded by beginning to drain the life out of their bodies. However, Pohatu realized Mutran's trick, and managed to distract Toa Ignika and end the assault.

Meanwhile, Kopaka battled Mutran and feigned being defeated by the Makuta scientist's mental assault. With Solek's help, he buried the Makuta under snow and ice. However, Vamprah, Chirox, and Antroz then arrived and defeated all of them. The Toa were taken prisoners and the Matoran held hostages. While Lewa was menaced by a Shadow Leech, Pohatu made the chains vibrate with his Kakama Nuva and all seven escaped. Toa Ignika then destroyed the hive by destroying its foundation and causing it to sink into the Swamp of Secrets.[2]


  • The Hive appeared to be larger on the inside than the outside, so Pohatu speculated that the interior was actually a pocket dimension.[3] Later Mutran told the Toa that he just used his illusion powers.[4]


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